Iceland Mountains and Coast – Trip Scout Report

From right outside of the rental van, I could hear Connor excitedly shouting, “Quick, quick Grab your jacket! It’s happening!” Peering out the back window, I could see long-time Apogee leader, Connor Chess flailing his arms and pointing to the sky. Still unsure of what he could be referring to, I climbed into my puffy… Read more »

Day 50: The Quinquagenary

“Quinquagenary” [ kwin-kwah-juh-ner-ee ] – noun: a 50th anniversary. Today marks day 50 (five – oh!) of the 2022 Apogee summer making today a quinquagenary of sorts.  That’s a monumental milestone!  Looking back at the past 50 days, I can’t help but celebrate everything that our students have accomplished.  This summer was stuffed with more… Read more »

Day 48: One for the Books!

Hello, dearest readers! Welcome to the 48th edition of the Apogee Adventures Summer Blog™. You all are surely reading our words on screens of various shapes and sizes— and there’s no getting around the fact that in 2022, almost all of the reading we do, whether for pleasure or out of necessity, happens on one… Read more »

2023 Early Enrollment is Live!

It’s Superman!  It’s a plane!  No, no – it’s Apogee’s Early Bird Special!  Donald Duck, Hedwig, the entire cast of the 2011 hit film Rio, and all other birds everywhere can’t stop talking about Apogee’s phenomenal Early Bird! We are very excited to open our 2023 enrollment and announce the return of Apogee’s extraordinary Early… Read more »