Our 2024 application is now live! Please join us!

Once you’re ready, our application should take no more than five to ten minutes to complete. We recommend reading through our Terms and Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions beforehand to familiarize yourself with Apogee’s rules and expectations. We also suggest keeping our Trips page open in a separate tab to reference session availability and dates.

Program Deposit: We require a $799 deposit in order to reserve a spot on any Apogee program. This deposit is payable online by Visa, Mastercard, or Discover as part of the application process. If you prefer to pay the deposit over the phone, please call us at 207.725.7025.

Applicant References: For each new applicant, Apogee requires the name and email of two teachers, coaches, or advisers who see the applicant interact with their peers.* References should not be family members, family friends, or parents of fellow Apogee students. You may submit your application without reference contact information. If, however, you do not list references with your online application, they must be provided to us within one week of the application’s submission. Returning students do not need to list references.

Friends Policy: A maximum of two friends or family members may attend the same Apogee trip together. If you would like to attend a program with someone, please indicate their name on your application. Additionally, we limit the number of friend pairs on an individual Apogee program to three. Please call our office to check availability for friend pairs on a specific trip. The only exception we make to our Friends Policy is that we allow a maximum of three students, who met for the first time on a previous Apogee trip, to attend another program together.

Questions? Please write or call us at info@apogeeadventures.com or 207.725.7025.

*Please note that, in order to encourage forthright and complete responses, Apogee will not make information provided by references available to applicant families.

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