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Why Choose Apogee? What Sets Us Apart?

Exceptional People.

  • Our Passionate Directors:  With over 40 years of combined experience running adventure trips for kids, Kevin Cashman and Chad Olcott are the backbone of Apogee. You will come to personally know and trust them to run outstanding programs.
  • Superb Trip Leaders:  Bright, enthusiastic, responsible, fun-loving, engaging… We hand-select each trip leader through a rigorous screening process and train them ourselves. Our students overwhelmingly love and look up to their leaders as role models.
  • Dedicated, Experienced Office Staff: Always available, our staff expertly communicate information before and during your child’s trip to ensure a smooth planning process and a worry-free experience.

Smaller Groups, Super Kids.

  • Small Group Size: Apogee groups never have more than 15 participants (most have 10-12), balanced by gender and age, and they have two to three leaders. This small group size allows us to create tight-knit groups that we refer to as “Apogee families” – where each member is an integral part of the group dynamic.
  • Great Mix of Kids: Some kids have lots of outdoor experience; some have none.  What they all bring are open minds and adventurous spirits. Every year, we hear how our students finish their trip with terrific new friends – friends they feel they have known forever.
  • Carefully Crafted Groups: We make sure the fit is right by personally connecting with two references for each student applicant. We want to create an experience where every student is able to find their niche and shine within a small group.

Giving Back to the Community.

  • We incorporate community service and engagement projects into all of our domestic, Caribbean, and Costa Rican itineraries. We feel that giving back makes our trips more well-rounded and better for everyone – better for the communities we serve and better for our students. Apogee strives to partner with organizations that offer our groups a hands-on experience while building a sense of generosity and community-mindedness in our students.