“You do a fantastic job in meeting your goals for students. My boys came home feeling incredibly connected with their leaders and trip mates, and so proud of their accomplishments!”

– Jenna McClintock, Chatham, NJ

“Emily’s leaders were kind, supportive and upbeat. She said they continually checked on everyone, were always up for fun, and made all the kids feel like an essential part of the group!”

– Marcia Gaven, Bellingham, WA

“Emily had a fabulous time on her trip! Her leaders were awesome, the hiking was spectacular as were the other members of her group. Thanks for everything all of you do in the office and out in the field to make it such a special experience!”

– Dave Muenzer, Washington, DC

“Another excellent experience for my daughter. The group bonded and forged a sense of community while meeting the trip’s challenge together as a team.”

– Nam Tsou, Hong Kong

“Thanks for providing such an incredible experience for Blake and the other young people on the trip. We can see that you think carefully about how trips will run and pay a lot of attention to the details in planning.”

– Kate Campbell, West Footscray, Victoria, Australia

“I can’t say enough about our experience with Apogee. My daughter has learned a lot about hiking, biking, and camping – but, more importantly, she’s learned a lot about herself!”

– Kathleen Sander, Newton, MA

“Our son had a wonderful experience and we so appreciate the individual attention you give every student. This is our second child to participate and both had fantastic trips that they will remember forever.”

– Kirsten Davis, Barrington, RI

“Everything about this experience was fantastic – Parker cannot wait for his next trip!”

– Emily Levin, Birmingham, MI

“My daughter had the highest of praise for her leaders – how they interacted with their students, led the group in the outdoors, and made it a super fun trip for all!”

– Kim Corso, Warrington, PA

“You did a wonderful job! Our daughter truly enjoyed the friends she made and immediately felt a sense of community with the leaders and other students.”

– Tracy Stalzer, Sandy Springs, GA

“Beyond my expectations on this one! HOME RUN! Amazing leaders! Tess had a blast!”

– Kathy Ivinjack, Lake Forest, IL

“An amazing adventure for Zachary, but an amazing growth experience, too!”

– Margot Schmolka, Portsmouth, NH

“I am so impressed by Apogee’s professionalism, thoroughness, and attention to detail. It’s evident that a lot of care and effort is placed on providing a superior group experience!”

– Beth Russell, Memphis, TN

“Fantastic experience! Joey came back a confident young man. When I saw him on the beach in San Diego I was blown away by the joy, confidence and contentment that literally radiated from him.”

– Kris Zigman, Sammamish, WA

“Every time Owen comes back from an Apogee trip, he always has a stronger sense of self.”

– Mindy Swagel, San Francisco, CA

“I grew so much over the course of my trip. When I returned home, I found that I was more mentally tough and ready to take on my school year!”

– Annie Politi, Bexley, OH

“I loved the bond that our group created. It felt like I was part of a really special family. It made it so hard to leave!”

– Emily Busby, Salisbury, NC

“Elizabeth had the time of her life! She formed meaningful bonds with the other kids on the trip and was in awe of the leadership that Cole and Malcolm provided.”

– Kristen Bayler, Richmond, VA

“Best leaders I’ve ever had in my life! They got to know everyone in the group and made the trip so special for all of us.”

– Ignacio Uria, Vizcaya, Spain

“I would rate Henry and Catie’s experience as a 10 out of 10. They developed a sense of community, they felt both challenged and very supported throughout their trips!”

– Jennifer Hamilton, New York, NY

“Charlotte had an another amazing experience and returned home confident & happy. She has done trips with other companies and our experiences with Apogee are the best to date!”

– Dori Charlson, Pittsburgh, PA

“This is our fourth trip – we love Apogee and everything you do. Change absolutely nothing!”

– Richela Morgan, Larchmont, NY

“Ellis finished his trip happy, full of confidence and so proud of himself and his accomplishment. I could see it in his eyes right away how much the experience affected him!”

– Marisa McDonald, Westport, CT

“My daughter gained wonderful friends, she was challenged, and had the most amazing time!”

– Jen Kaslow, St. Louis, MO

“When she returned home, we were blown away by the deep, lasting connections Sophia and her cohort made on the trip. It was a special, transformative experience for her, and apparently for the other kids as well. We couldn’t be happier with how much she grew in two short weeks!”

– Lawrence Kovacs, Bath, ME

“Kate was bursting with fun tales of her leaders. They nurtured an incredible bond among the diverse group of kids. We are so appreciative of their competence, hard work and positivity!”

– Julia Ball, Hastings-On-Hudson, NY

“The leaders were wonderful and made my son feel very welcomed and special. It was truly a great experience for our entire family!”

– Kenya Brooks, New Orleans, LA

“Michael bonded with both of the leaders and came out of the trip ‘with friends for life’ – his own words.”

– Michael Pontecorvo, Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ

“Another amazing summer for our kiddo! Thanks once again to everyone at Apogee for making it great!”

– Emily Abedon, Sullivans Island, SC

“Apogee gave Nora enough structure to feel safe while allowing her to test her independence. She a great time meeting new friends and pushing herself to try new things!”

– Paula Ito, Waban, MA

“Our daughter had another fantastic trip. She met so many amazing people and absolutely loved her leaders!”

– Jennifer Wolpaw, West Hartford, CT

“Four years running – the experience and opportunity has been great for our daughter!”

– Rebecca Champey, Lincoln, MA

“Thank you for having given Eli the most extraordinary experiences the past four summers. Apogee has been a huge part of his life, and we are so grateful!”

– Gisela Friedman, Santa Monica, CA

“Apogee is top notch! You had excellent communication, photos, leadership, and my son came back with some pretty terrific experiences under his belt. Thanks!”

– Ashley Thompson, Austin, TX

“Fantastic! Apogee is outstanding on setting goals, encouraging self-sufficiency, and fostering a great group spirit.”

– Timothy Voit, Jenkintown, PA

“An excellent trip! The first thing Talia told me when she arrived home was about the phenomenal chemistry between the leaders and how that set a wonderful tone for the group.”

– Sara Benjamin, Columbia, MD

“Sam is so complimentary of Olivia and Garth and the leadership they provided for the group. Thank you again for such a well executed trip.”

– Mike Spanier, Tulsa, OK

“Thank you for creating such a special program, finding the best leaders, and providing life changing opportunities for so many kids.

– Alanna Levine, Nyack, NY

“Anna had a marvelous, transformative time and is already asking about next summer. We are so proud of her, but more importantly, she is proud of herself!”

– Suzanne Crane, Lexington, MA

“Sofie could not stop raving about her trip leaders, Jordan and Eddie. She felt they related to everyone, made them all feel like equals, were inclusive, and fun. She could not have been happier!”

– Stefanie Fu, Rye, NY

“I loved both of my Apogee experiences! It is so meaningful to be able to meet new friends without the pressures of technology, explore a beautiful new location, and give back to a community.”

– Olivia McMullan, Sewickley, PA

“What a formative trip for Jack! It greatly contributed to his confidence, self-sufficiency, and physical and mental health. And he certainly loved the other kids and leaders!”

– Sarah Calatayud, Avon, CT

“This was a total win! Evan loved his group, adored his leaders, and enjoyed the entire Apogee experience immensely.”

– Rebecca Tompkins, Westfield, NJ

“I think your program is just great and so well-administered. I highly recommend Apogee to anyone who will listen!”

– Carrie Berenson, Arlington, VA

“I loved the people, the views, the experience, the leaders – basically everything!”

– Julia Funderburk, Bozeman, MT