“Maxxe’s leaders were competent, interesting and fun. They made a great effort to connect with everyone in the group and create a wonderful sense of community. Truly could not have asked for more for her first experience. All she wants is more Apogee now – that says it best!”

– Terri Rice, Pennington, NJ

“Nora’s experience in the Alps has left a life-long impression that will propel her into new future adventures – thanks to everyone at Apogee for helping to create that!”

– Matt Wootten, Cornwall, VT

“Awesome management of the trip – great coordination – educated and dynamic leaders — an A +++++++++ experience!”

– Stacy Berman, Chevy Chase, MD

“Eloise had the most outstanding time on her trip! She has not stopped gushing about how much fun she had, how kind everyone was, and how wonderful her leaders were! We are so, so grateful to have found Apogee!”

– Megan Aquilina, Tokyo, Japan

“The growth we see in Eden from her two week Apogee trip cannot be overstated. The whole experience was just incredible and we can’t thank you enough!” 

– Maria Baldo, New York, NY

“Susannah’s trip leaders fostered a wonderful sense of community that enabled her to succeed. Working as a team to tackle the physical challenges of the trip pushed her out of her comfort zone in the best way possible!”

– Charlotte Berkes, Melrose, MA

“The trip was an amazing experience for my daughter, and the friends she made during her time with Apogee are still some of her closest friends now.”

– Alice Chen, Weston, CT

“Michael had a fabulous experience – he called it the highlight of his year!”

– Allison Downey, Kalamazoo, MI

“Kat had the most amazing experience and we are thrilled with Apogee on every front!”

– Jackie Wolfe, Pittsburgh, PA

“You did a wonderful job! Our daughter truly enjoyed the friends she made and immediately felt a sense of community with the leaders and other students.”

– Tracy Stalzer, Sandy Springs, GA

“We are so appreciative of everyone at Apogee for creating such an amazing experience for our daughter. Her trip leaders were nurturing, fun, and wonderful role models!”

– Jane Devron, Winnetka, IL

“An amazing adventure for Zachary, but an amazing growth experience, too!”

– Margot Schmolka, Portsmouth, NH

“Emma had an incredible trip – she loved the leaders and the tight knit camaraderie of her group!”

– Kathryn Moore, Westfield, NJ

“Apogee is just the best! Nine collective trips over five summers, and our kids always come back a better version of themselves.”

– Mindy Swagel, San Francisco, CA

“Tess absolutely loved her trip and thought her leaders were amazing!”

– Cristina DeNezza, Denver, CO

“I loved the bond that our group created. It felt like I was part of a really special family. It made it so hard to leave!”

– Emily Busby, Salisbury, NC

“Apogee’s leaders are solid gold! Not only did they keep everyone safe, but they also kept the group dynamic fun and supportive. I cannot speak highly enough of Annabel’s experience and their leadership!”

– Kristen Bayler, Richmond, VA

“I would rate James’s experience as a 10 out of 10. He developed a sense of community, and felt both challenged and very supported throughout his trip!”

– Jennifer Hamilton, New York, NY

“We were blown away by the essay our son crafted – his leaders created a wonderful safe zone for him to express his passions. The program was a great investment on our part for this important next chapter in his life”

– Elizabeth Phares, Charlotte, NC

“Malina’s Apogee trip can only be described as one of the highlights of her 13 years on this planet. We could not be more thrilled about this formative experience for her!

– Marianne Santee, Chappaqua, NY

“I picked up Taylor last night and her smile was priceless! She had an amazing trip and raved about her trip mates, her leaders, the places they stayed, the food they ate, and all the activities!”

– Jennifer Fogle, North Salem, NY

“Thank you for another amazing Apogee trip for Mia! She returned home once again full of hilarious and exciting stories of new friendships and adventures!”

– Tracey Schactman, St. Louis, MO

“Tristan got more out of a week with Apogee than he has gotten from any other summer program. Thank you for helping Tristan find his voice, his confidence, and a great new set of friends!”

– Tracy Hardel, Yarmouth, ME

“Kate was bursting with fun tales of her leaders. They nurtured an incredible bond among the diverse group of kids. We are so appreciative of their competence, hard work and positivity!”

– Julia Ball, Hastings-On-Hudson, NY

“We keep reliving what a fantastic experience Conley had on his adventure. He was able to be his true, authentic self during his time with Apogee. What a gift!”

– Camille Blundell, College Station, TX

“Michael bonded with both of the leaders and came out of the trip ‘with friends for life’ – his own words.”

– Michael Pontecorvo, Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ

“We really appreciate the family-like feel of your program. Everyone that we communicated with at Apogee made us feel so welcome and taken care of!”

– Jennifer Golden, Arlington, VA

“Apogee gave Nora enough structure to feel safe while allowing her to test her independence. She a great time meeting new friends and pushing herself to try new things!”

– Paula Ito, Waban, MA

“Our daughter had another fantastic trip. She met so many amazing people and absolutely loved her leaders!”

– Jennifer Wolpaw, West Hartford, CT

“Joe made new friends, ignited his love for hiking and camping, and learned he could do hard things. He came back much more confident and happy than we’ve seen since the pandemic began. It was truly transformative, and we are so grateful.”

– Elizabeth Markovits, Amherst, MA

“I liked my leaders so much and thought they worked really well with everyone in the group. They were funny and fun but also well prepared and professional. Just fantastic in every way!”

– Thomas Klemens, San Carlos, CA

“Apogee is top notch! You had excellent communication, photos, leadership, and my son came back with some pretty terrific experiences under his belt. Thanks!”

– Ashley Thompson, Austin, TX

“Rachel had a fantastic experience, and I can tell you unequivocally that her trip is something she will carry with her forever! “

– Anna Sachs, Kensington, MD

“Sam is so complimentary of Maeve and Finnegan and the leadership they provided for the group. Thank you again for such a well executed trip.”

– Mike Spanier, Tulsa, OK

“Thank you for creating such a special program, finding the best leaders, and providing life changing opportunities for so many kids.”

– Alanna Levine, Nyack, NY

“We can’t express enough how much we appreciate you running such a wonderful program. Shane is over the moon about his experience with Apogee and can’t wait for next summer!”

– Robyn Churilla, Bethesda, MD

“A big, heartfelt thank you from our family for creating a tech free environment of kindness, independence and love of nature.”

– Jennifer Marsh, Larchmont, NY

“I loved both of my Apogee experiences! It is so meaningful to be able to meet new friends without the pressures of technology, explore a beautiful new location, and give back to a community.”

– Olivia McMullan, Sewickley, PA

“What a formative trip for Jack! It greatly contributed to his confidence, self-sufficiency, and physical and mental health. And he certainly loved the other kids and leaders!”

– Sarah Calatayud, Avon, CT

“I think your program is just great and so well-administered. I highly recommend Apogee to anyone who will listen!”

– Carrie Berenson, Arlington, VA

“Just an amazing experience for our daughter in every way!”

– Barbie Huber, Bozeman, MT