The Recipe for Apogee’s Team: Start with 75+ College Visits, Combine with 400+ Interviews, and Add a Dash of Pixie Dust

By Kelly McGinty If you’ve ever been to one of our Roadshow Presentations, you’re in on the secret of our success here at Apogee. You know that no matter the beautiful scenery, or the fun and challenge in a great Apogee program, creating magical experiences for each of our students depends primarily on one catalyst:… Read more »

Roadshow 2018!

By Kelly McGinty For many of us in the Apogee office, ringing in the New Year doesn’t just mean holding true to our this year’s batch of resolutions (eating a healthier diet poses a bit of a challenge when your office is located above a doughnut shop and a candy store…). Indeed, for the Apogee team, the… Read more »