Introducing Apogee’s Two Newest Assistant Directors

We have two fresh faces in the Apogee office, and we’re thrilled to introduce them to the wider Apogee world. While both Massachusetts natives, Isa Caliandro and Marie Abrahams join the crew as Assistant Directors coming, most recently, from much further away: Isa from (way) upstate New York and Marie from Boulder, CO. Despite taking… Read more »

Meet Our Maine Coast College Essay Master Writing Instructor

By: Will Robertson Ever wondered what it takes to be a Master Writing Instructor on our Maine Coast College Essay Trip? I can tell you it takes much more than just owning a decidedly-cooler-than-average beard and a classy collection of stylish hats (although our instructor does happen to meet those “requirements”). It takes years of… Read more »

Holiday Hoodie Hoopla!

Holiday Hoodies are baaaaack! We imagine that your holiday season was all-too cold and bare last year without our annual Holiday Hoodie sale. Indeed, you may find yourself looking ahead on your calendar thinking, how ever can I go through such a dreary winter again? Fear not! This holiday season will be filled with style,… Read more »