Fly With the 2019 Early Bird!

In the immortal words of The Trashmen: “Bird, bird – bird is the word.” Indeed, Trashmen. Indeed. Because, friends near and far, the Apogee early bird tuition discount is soaring from now through Sunday, November 11! Here’s the scoop – if you apply for any 2019 Apogee program and pay the $795 trip deposit by the… Read more »

Day 33: You learn something new every day

By Chandler Smith After a thorough deliberation, you have determined that you are in need of a beverage from your local coffee shop and head on over. After being slightly confused by the push-pull situation of the front door, you enter, order your favorite drink, and wait patiently. You turn to take a seat in your… Read more »

Day 28: Smell the Roses

By Chandler Smith While meandering through the scented candle section of your local Bed, Bath & Beyond, you receive a text message canceling your next engagement that you weren’t really looking forward to anyway. Suddenly realizing that you are truly “just browsing”, you take the time to smell the Roses (a BB&B best selling candle… Read more »

Day 25: A Rhyme a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

The wait is over, the photos are here! Hold onto your hats and don’t fall on your rear! It is Day 25 of Apogee tripping, our kids are around the world and we want to see what we’re missing! From Katahdin to the Pyrenees there is fun to be had, not seeing pictures would just… Read more »