Meet Our Maine Coast College Essay Master Writing Instructor

By: Will Robertson Ever wondered what it takes to be a Master Writing Instructor on our Maine Coast College Essay Trip? I can tell you it takes much more than just owning a decidedly-cooler-than-average beard and a classy collection of stylish hats (although our instructor does happen to meet those “requirements”). It takes years of… Read more »

Holiday Hoodie Hoopla!

Holiday Hoodies are baaaaack! We imagine that your holiday season was all-too cold and bare last year without our annual Holiday Hoodie sale. Indeed, you may find yourself looking ahead on your calendar thinking, how ever can I go through such a dreary winter again? Fear not! This holiday season will be filled with style,… Read more »

Fly With the 2019 Early Bird!

In the immortal words of The Trashmen: “Bird, bird – bird is the word.” Indeed, Trashmen. Indeed. Because, friends near and far, the Apogee early bird tuition discount is soaring from now through Sunday, November 11! Here’s the scoop – if you apply for any 2019 Apogee program and pay the $795 trip deposit by the… Read more »

Day 33: You learn something new every day

By Chandler Smith After a thorough deliberation, you have determined that you are in need of a beverage from your local coffee shop and head on over. After being slightly confused by the push-pull situation of the front door, you enter, order your favorite drink, and wait patiently. You turn to take a seat in your… Read more »