Day 17: Spotify Roulette, But The Blog Version

Time for a take on a classic Apogee pastime…Spotify Roulette. For those unfamiliar with this activity, everybody in the van adds a song to a Spotify playlist. Leaders then shuffle the playlist, play a song, and it is up to everyone to guess who added that particular song. We are going to tweak this round… Read more »

Day 16: Sweet 16! Sweet Connection!

“We are most comfortable when we’re connected, sharing strong emotions and stories, and led by strong, charismatic leaders who keep us safe and together” ( Sounds like an Apogee adventure to me but I might be a bit biased. Apogee aspires to encourage a love of exploration, foster individual accomplishment and cultivate an inclusive, supportive… Read more »

Day 15: Apogroups & their State Animals

Another bustling day in the Aposphere! The 10,000 foot view includes the excited hum of a number of trip starts, some fond farewells, and a healthy dose of our longer trips continuing to cruise right along. As a way of exploring the wildlife our groups may be seeing and giving recognition to the natural spaces… Read more »

Day 14: Some Goodbyes, Some Hellos… Some Ziplining! A Classic Apogee Summer Day!

As we reach the two week point of the 2021 Apogee summer, we thought an overly corny acrostic poem was appropriate: Adventures all over Plenty of friendship Overwhelmingly good times Great laughs Endless fun Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end (thanks, Semisonic) Skip to a Specific Trip: CS, MCCE, DEXA, DEXB, VLCA, VLCB, CRLC, CMC, AKMCA,… Read more »