Apogee begins accepting applications for Apogee trips and programs (referred to herein as “Trips” or “Programs” interchangeably) in October. MANY TRIP DEPARTURES WILL BE FULL BY FEBRUARY. To apply, complete the application (available here) and submit it with a $795 deposit. We attempt to notify applicants of their enrollment status within two weeks of receiving the completed application (note that applications are considered complete only after Apogee has received the trip deposit and the names and contact information for a new applicant’s two references). However, this process could take longer if we have difficulty contacting an applicant’s references.


A deposit of $795 must be included with the completed application. Apogee will fully refund the deposit if an applicant is not accepted. Apogee will send an invoice for the balance in March to the parent(s)/guardian(s) (referred to collectively herein as “Parents”) of enrolled students. Parents with a student enrolled subsequent to this first round of invoicing will be invoiced within 10 days of enrollment. Parents must pay the balance of their tuition by check within 21 days of the invoice date, unless indicated otherwise on Apogee’s invoice. For withdrawals prior to March 1st, Apogee will refund all tuition payments less $400. Notice of withdrawal must be made in writing and received by Apogee prior to March 1stAfter March 1st, and except as provided herein, Apogee will make no refunds for any reason whatsoever, including accident or illness, before or during the Trip.

Should a student leave an Apogee Program after it begins for any reason (including, but not limited to, reasons of medical or psychological exigency, dismissal for disciplinary reasons, personal equipment failure, and/or physical inability), even temporarily, the Parents are responsible for, and agree to reimburse Apogee for, any and all costs associated with the departure, including airfare, additional supervisory and transportation costs, and any other costs incurred by Apogee.

To insure yourself against unforeseen circumstances or emergencies, we strongly urge families to purchase camp/trip insurance. Please click here to view the insurance policy Apogee recommends (if asked for an organization code when completing the insurance policy application, Apogee’s code is apog11).


From time to time, Apogee may provide occasional discounts from a Program’s tuition cost. These discounts may be in the form of a sibling discount, an early enrollment discount, or a presentation-host discount, among others. In the event a student appears to be eligible for more than one tuition discount, Apogee limits Parents to the largest of the tuition discounts for which they are eligible. For example, a pair of siblings applying during a $250 early enrollment tuition discount period would each be eligible for the $250 early enrollment tuition discount only. They would not also be eligible for a $100 sibling discount.


A student’s acceptance is contingent upon Apogee’s review of, and satisfaction with, the student’s application materials, in Apogee’s sole discretion. Apogee Programs are selective and may not be appropriate for all applicants. Apogee requires Parents and applicants to disclose any and all medical or psychological conditions that may affect an applicant’s ability to participate in an Apogee program. In the event a medical or psychological condition disclosed on Apogee’s trip application or health history forms requires Apogee to rescind a student’s admission, Apogee will refund all tuition paid. Parents agree to report to Apogee any medical or psychological condition that arises after admission that may affect a Student’s ability to participate in his or her Apogee program. Failure to disclose a relevant medical or psychological condition that subsequently affects the student’s ability to participate may result in a student’s dismissal or the rescission of admission without refund.

In advance of the trip, each student will receive general trip information – including an equipment and clothing list, and a schedule of pre-trip preparation and training – as well as a number of forms to return to Apogee, including a detailed health form, travel information, standard waiver and release forms, third-party outfitter releases, and a physician’s form. The physician’s form confirms that the student is in good physical and mental health and must be completed and signed by a licensed physician. Parents agree to return required forms in a timely manner and pursuant to Apogee’s published schedule. Apogee may rescind a student’s admission in the event of failure to return required forms within Apogee’s time frames.


Apogee reserves the right to cancel a Trip for any reason prior to its start or after it has begun. In the case of a Trip cancellation that occurs prior to its start, we will do our best to place the student on another Trip of the family’s choice, or, if that is not possible, refund all tuition received. In the unlikely event it becomes necessary to terminate a Trip in progress, Apogee will refund the cost of the Trip on a daily-prorated basis.

Apogee makes reasonable efforts to follow the itineraries described on our website and in our printed materials as closely as possible. However, Trip itineraries can change without notice due to weather, routing issues, mechanical difficulties, or unforeseen circumstances. In the event of an itinerary change, Apogee will make no full or partial refunds.


Students who join an Apogee Program are expected to be positive, motivated, flexible, and cooperative. Students are expected to abide by Apogee’s rules as presented in pre-trip materials and by Apogee’s staff during the course of the Trip. Apogee reserves the right to dismiss any student who becomes a hazard to the safety of themselves or others, refuses to cooperate, commits an unlawful act, becomes a disciplinary problem, or does not abide by Apogee’s rules. While participating in an Apogee Program, no student may possess or use alcohol, tobacco products, marijuana, or illegal drugs, regardless of whether that student may otherwise be legally permitted to possess and use any such substances. Students found doing so may be immediately dismissed without a refund.

Apogee will contact Parents of students who engage in unsanctioned behavior that does not necessarily merit immediate dismissal (e.g., uncooperative behavior, inappropriate language, and/or repeated passive-aggressive behavior towards staff or fellow students) to discuss an appropriate course of action. Dismissal without refund may be appropriate for, and Apogee reserves the right to dismiss, students who continue to engage in this behavior.

Physical conditioning and pre-trip training are necessary pre-requisites for our advanced challenge level Programs (America Coast to CoastEurope Coast to CoastAlps Explorer, and Pyrenees Mountains & Coast) and are highly encouraged for all of our Programs. We will send students pre-trip training schedules and will expect that students will have completed that training prior to their Trip. Due to risk management concerns, dismissal may be appropriate for students not physically able to complete required daily biking and/or hiking mileage or who are otherwise unable to fully participate in the Program’s activities.

Additionally, Apogee supports an inclusive and affirming learning and living environment where diversity and individual differences are respected, appreciated, and recognized as a source of strength. Accordingly, Apogee prohibits discrimination against and harassment of any applicant or student because of race, color, national or ethnic origin, familial status, genetics, ancestry, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law. We expect that students, Parents, and Apogee’s staff will respect and accommodate perspectives and behaviors that may differ from their own.


All Apogee students must be covered by medical insurance that remains effective throughout the course of their Trip. The student’s health insurance must provide coverage in the geographic area(s) where they will be traveling with Apogee. A student who cannot demonstrate proof of medical insurance will not be permitted to participate on an Apogee Program.

In the event a student requires medical assistance during a Trip, Apogee staff will contact medical and emergency professionals as necessary, and administer first aid to the student to the best of their ability and within the bounds of their medical certification. Apogee will endeavor to notify parents of the situation at the first available opportunity. All medical and associated costs (including, but not limited to, additional supervisory and transportation costs) incurred for treatment of the illness or injury will be the responsibility of the Parents, and Parents agree to indemnify and hold Apogee harmless for any such treatment and the costs thereof.


While on Trip, all meal, accommodation, transportation, and activity costs are covered by the tuition. Please note that Apogee works to reasonably accommodate food allergies and restrictions. Due to the remote nature of many of our programs and the limited nature of outdoor cooking equipment, we may not be able to accommodate a vegan, Celiac, or Kosher diet on all programs. Please contact our office with questions about diet accommodations on specific Trips.

Apogee will supply all “group gear” such as tents, group cooking supplies, and first aid kits. Students must arrive with their personal gear – including items such as bicycles (see below regarding bicycle rentals), backpacks, sleeping bags, and hiking boots – in accordance with the equipment and clothing lists that Apogee provides in advance of the Trip.

Bicycle and pannier/saddlebag rentals are available for the Cape Cod & the IslandsVermont to Montréal, and Pacific Coast trips. Bicycle rental is included with the tuition for our Maine Coast Junior trip. Please call our office to inquire about availability and cost. Students must provide their own bicycles for Europe Coast to Coast and America Coast to Coast.

Additionally, trip tuition covers a student’s bicycle-shipment cost from trip-end locations for Pacific Coast and America Coast to Coast. Airfare and costs associated with transporting or shipping a bicycle to trip start locations are NOT included. The cost of bringing or shipping a bicycle to and from the Europe Coast to Coast trip is NOT included with trip tuition.


Apogee reserves the right to change its Terms and Conditions at any time without notice to any party. Additionally, Apogee publishes its Terms and Conditions in several places. In the case of any discrepancy between published versions, the Terms and Conditions published on the Apogee website shall control.