Day 46: That’s a Wrap!

Though it might feel like the Apogee summer started just last week, somehow we now find ourselves saying final goodbyes to students in New England and Costa Rica, capping-off Day 46 and the 2018 Apogee season. We can’t even begin to thank all of the wonderful folks – parents, leaders, and, of course, students –… Read more »

Day 45: Celebrations and Fond Farewells

As the end of the Apogee summer approaches, it is with heavy hearts that we write one of our final blog posts. Tomorrow our last kiddos will take off around the globe, and we had many say their goodbyes today. We would like to take this time to sincerely thank you, our readers, for your… Read more »

Day 44: Fri-dab?

By Red Giuliano Today is my last day writing the blog for all of you avid readers. It’s been an amazing job – getting to tell the stories of every Apogee trip this summer for curious friends and family members. I wanted to end my blog writing responsibilities on a high note today, so I… Read more »

Day 43: Theme-less Thursday

Today, our blog does not have a theme. I am embracing a post-modern blog style and letting go of the traditional notion of an overarching theme. Rather than uniting every Apogee trip in the universe with a common blog theme, we should embrace the fact that the individual notions and ideologies participants carry shape the… Read more »