At Apogee, we pride ourselves on attracting the very best leaders in the business. Through years of experience, we’ve found that applicants who are responsible, compassionate, adaptable, and – of course – fun-loving, make the best trip leaders and staff members. Our leaders thrive on challenge, enjoy living in the outdoors, and love working with young people. Working with Apogee presents an outstanding opportunity to see the world, inspire young people, and realize your own leadership potential.

Click here to watch our 2020-21 Online Information Session.

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  •  Age
    • Trip Leaders: Age 20 or older by mid-June, 2021
    • Office Interns & Support Staff: Age 21 or older by mid-June, 2021
  • Responsible, motivated, adaptable, and hard-working
  • Excellent decision-making and risk management skills
  • Prior positive leadership experience
  • Prior positive experience working with young people
  • Eager to work and live simply in the outdoors
  • Fit and healthy
  • Dynamic, adventurous, and an outstanding role model
  • Current, valid driver’s license is required for all Office Interns & Support Staff
  • Minimum certification requirements
    • Before the summer, you must be certified in CPR and either in Wilderness First Aid or as a Wilderness First Responder, depending on which trips you are leading. Additionally, we will ask some staff to be certified as Lifeguards before our leader training begins. Please note that if we ask you to obtain a certification you don’t already have, we offer full or partial reimbursements (depending on the type of course) for the course tuition.
  • Working with Apogee is a full summer commitment, beginning in mid-June and concluding in mid-August.

We work hard to take great care of our leaders before, during, and after the trip season. Your compensation will be in the top range of other teen-oriented outdoor adventure companies. We will cover all of your food and lodging costs while you are working with us. You will also be able to take advantage of Apogee’s negotiated pro-deals with outstanding outdoor gear companies.

Apogee is an equal-opportunity employer.


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We have concluded our hiring for our 2021 summer season. Thank you for your interest and please check back in the fall for our 2022 leader application!

If you’d like to get a better idea of what leading with Apogee looks like in the meantime, you are welcome to watch our 2020-21 Online Information Session.

Questions? Please email us anytime at or call 207.725.7025.


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Michelle Mouw – Northeastern ’21

“Working for Apogee feels like living life to its fullest. You are constantly surrounded by fellow leaders, staff, and students who inspire and challenge you to be the best version of yourself. On top of all of this, you get to facilitate a trip for kids where they experience that magical sense of wonder and excitement about the world that only a trip like Apogee can bring. My summer with Apogee brought so much joy and so many new friends into my life that I am forever changed!”


Elliot Wilson – Bates ’21

“Working with Apogee is an honor. It is all at once challenging, rewarding, exciting, and dynamic – every day presents a new adventure with a group of students. I came away from the summer feeling like I had grown alongside my students, gaining hard skills in bike touring and all areas of camp life, along with countless soft skills in leadership. An Apogee summer is as wonderful for leaders as it is for students, and it provided me with a breadth of skill sets and experiences that will shape my life and perspectives for years to come.”


Daryl Konstandt – University of North Carolina ’20

“My summer with Apogee was truly the summer of a lifetime. Apogee provides an experience full of self-discovery, exploration, and vibrant people and places. It is difficult to articulate the immense gratitude I have for Apogee, Kevin, and Chad. After a single summer as an Apogee leader, I can emphatically say that I am a more confident, resilient, independent, self-aware, and intentional person. Not only did I grow as an individual, but I also gained outdoor skills that I will practice and broaden for life. Apogee uniquely renders a remarkable environment in which you can grow alongside the Directors, other leaders, and your students. I consistently felt heard and supported. Undoubtedly, throughout the ups and downs of life, I will always be able to draw on the lessons and experiences gained from Apogee.”

Jonathon Haist – University of Florida ’20

“After working with Apogee for a summer, I felt incredibly filled. Filled with experiences, stories, happiness, and lasting connections to truly beautiful people and places. This, without a doubt, stems from Apogee’s focus on creating an intentional community. The Directors are so genuine, caring, and supportive that it makes working for them an absolute joy. Not to mention the other leaders are – hands down – some of the most remarkable people I have ever met! Not only do you get to be a part of this community, but you also get to share it with students while leading them through some insanely beautiful places. Seeing the students grow together, develop a love for the outdoors, and discover a passion for adventure is infinitely rewarding. This job gives you an amazing opportunity to bring joy and excitement into other people’s lives, and it will surely do the same for you!”

Jordan Mullens – Wake Forest ’19

“Leading for Apogee was transformative and invaluable. Joining a welcoming community of intelligent, kind, hard-working, and down to Earth individuals was the perfect transition for me after my college graduation; leading others was easier knowing that I had an astounding support system and family in Brunswick. Kevin, Chad, and the Assistant Directors are some of the most empathetic people that I may ever have the chance to work for. They are truly passionate about enriching the lives of others, and their love of serving others transcends their entire organization. Witnessing them pour every ounce of their being into Apogee on a daily basis inspired me to do the same. Aiding in the growth of the next generation was beyond rewarding and made me feel fulfilled at the end of every day. I am thankful for the opportunities Apogee gave me to challenge myself (and others), overcome adversity, and grow as a person. Working for Apogee has made me a happier human!”

Liana Margolese – Cornell ’19

“Leading for Apogee is hands down the most rewarding way to spend your summer. As a leader you have the rare opportunity to empower students to do things they never thought possible, whether that be biking across state borders or cooking up a delicious stir-fry in the mountains of Spain. Chad, Kevin and the amazing Assistant Directors have built a one-of-a-kind support system that allows you to be challenged and make mistakes, while enabling you to be the best and most successful leader you can be. Skills gained through Apogee are lifelong, and are readily transferable to any post-college venture. The Apogee family is truly unique in its warmth and inclusivity, and I cannot think of a better way I could have spent my summers than as an Apogee leader. Empowering students in beautiful places alongside incredible individuals who quickly become lifelong friends… What more can you ask for?”


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Staff Application Process

I’m not an outing club type – in fact, I don’t even know whether my school has an outing club – but this looks great. Should I even bother applying?

Absolutely! While we love our outing club friends, we find that some of our very best leaders come from all corners of campus. As long as you demonstrate great decision-making and leadership skills and you love working with kids, we’d love to talk to you.

How challenging are Apogee trips to lead? Are there any eligibility requirements?

We believe in the concept of “achievable challenge.” While every Apogee program provides a measure of both physical and mental challenge, our trip itineraries are carefully designed to be within the reach of motivated staff members and students who are able to fulfill the “essential eligibility criteria” (please see below for more about essential eligibility criteria) of an Apogee participant.

Essential eligibility criteria for Apogee staff members may vary by trip, but will include at a minimum:

  • The staff member must be ambulatory and able to propel themselves over varied terrain, and ride a bicycle (as applicable), without assistance. As appropriate for the specific trip and physical frame of the staff member, the staff member must be able to carry weight, appropriate to the staff member’s frame and the program, either in a backpack or in panniers attached to a bicycle.
  • The staff member must be able to see clearly, whether with or without glasses or contacts.
  • The staff member must be able to self-toilet and provide for their own self-care.
  • The staff member must be verbal and able to clearly communicate their own needs.
  • The staff member must be able to follow verbal directions and clearly communicate directions and information to students with oral dialogue.
  • The staff member must be able to follow a structured schedule.
  • The staff member must be able to self-manage frustrations or emotional outbursts. Additionally, the staff member must be able to self-calm following an event that causes frustration, sadness, or anger.
  • The staff member must be able to sleep in a small tent (if applicable) without sleep aids (such as lights, music, screens, etc.).

What is the application process like? Does everyone who applies get an interview?

Our application process has gone through a significant overhaul this year, partially due to COVID-19, partially due to our desire to continue to improve our systems! You may have heard from past applicants that an interview was a required part of the application process and could be done before submitting a written application. This is no longer true – applicants must submit a written application first, and we will then follow-up with a select number of qualified candidates with interview offers. Please see the “Application Materials” section above for more information.

I’ve been selected for an interview – what should I expect?

First of all, congratulations! We have a multi-round interview process that becomes increasingly selective with each round. In first-round interviews, you can expect to be asked questions about your leadership style, past leadership experiences, and experience working with kids. If you advance to later rounds of the interview process, you can expect questions about risk management and team building. We will also ask you to talk us through how you would respond to a few different scenarios that could come up on an Apogee trip. As we use these interviews to help determine your ability to think quickly and critically, we do not provide a list of questions in advance.

I’m not certified in First Aid, much less Wilderness First Aid… can I still apply? How do I get certified if I’m hired?

You can absolutely still apply! If you are offered a position with Apogee, we’ll tell you what certifications we need you to obtain. Most Wilderness First Aid (WFA) courses can be completed in two days, and Wilderness First Responder (WFR) courses range from 5-10 days in length. We can help point you in the right direction to find courses near you. Additionally, if we ask you to obtain a certification you don’t already have, we offer reimbursements up to a certain dollar amount for the course tuition.

Can I apply to lead a specific trip?

You are more than welcome to request a specific trip in your application, but there is no guarantee that you will be hired to lead that trip.

Leading with Apogee

So where am I going to be working, anyway?

That depends on what trip you’re hired for! In most cases, we offer a specific trip position with every job offer so that you know where you’ll be leading before you accept your offer. Regardless of the trip you’re leading, you’ll spend two-plus weeks in Brunswick, Maine at the beginning of the summer for leader training and a few days back in Brunswick at the end of the summer for your gear de-issue and final debrief (and final celebration!). For our New England-based trips, you’ll spend your time in between trip sessions in Brunswick, Maine, and for most non-New England-based trips, you’ll spend your time in between trip sessions in a hub city near where your trip runs (e.g. our California Mountains & Coast leaders spend their off days near San Francisco). In both cases, Apogee provides lodging and food in-between trip sessions.

When does the summer end?

After a celebratory dinner on Saturday, August 14th, the Apogee summer will wrap up on Sunday, August 15th, 2021.

Where is Leader Training?

In and around fabulous Brunswick, Maine!

When does Leader Training start?

Due to the disruption to many school schedules caused by COVID-19, we are in the process of determining the exact dates of Leader Training. Generally speaking, 2021 Leader Training will begin in mid-June.

What does Leader Training entail?

Leader Training is an intense, focused combination of hard-skill and soft-skill training. You’ll learn how to deal with common problems on trip; learn how to cook tasty, nutritious meals; become certified as a Lifeguard; and depending on what you are leading, get great mechanical training from biking professionals and/or re-visit the fundamentals of safe hiking and backcountry living. After the “classroom” portion of your training is complete, you’ll hit the road or the trails with your peers for a multi-day training trip in the field. While it’s fast-paced, most leaders would agree that Leader Training is a highlight of the summer!

Does Apogee provide food and housing during staff training, between trips, and after trips?

Yes. And the food is good, too!

Is transportation provided to Brunswick, Maine?

No. However, we will very likely be able to pick you up at the airport or bus station if you’re not driving.

What equipment do I need, and what does Apogee provide?

You will bring your personal gear with you (clothing, sleeping bag, etc.), and we’ll send you a detailed list of what you’ll need before the summer. Leaders also have access to Pro Deal discounts with some great gear companies ahead of time. Apogee provides tents for all trip leaders, bikes and panniers (bike saddlebags) for bike trip leaders, and all group gear (e.g. cookware and stoves, med kits, etc.). Additionally, Apogee has a limited supply of other personal gear (backpacks, sleeping bags, etc.) available to be borrowed on a first-come-first-served basis.