Day 35: Breathtaking, Gnarly, and Wondrous

Today was a day of true variety! Arrivals and departures, surfing and hiking, Venice and Lac Blanc, Icelandic ice caves and presenting final essays…our Apogee teams are doing everything under the sun today. Different types of awesome sprinkled all over the world and across a plethora of activities! Read on for some highlights from the field!


Alps Explorer (AX)

The Alps Team took on Lac Blanc today! The rain and soggy socks that came with it were no match for the squad who persevered and were rewarded with some truly breathtaking views! The refugio then provided some much needed relaxation after the hike and they had a delicious dinner that was not made on portable camp stoves! Woohoo, Alps-ers!



Caribbean Service (CS)

Arrival Day! Name games galore! Icebreakers galore! For example: “What’s your most useless talent?” “If each of your fingers could shoot out a liquid, what would you choose?” “If you could live a day as an animal, what animal would it be?” “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?” This afternoon, the squad arrived at what will be their humble abode for the next couple of days: did someone say beachfront living?!



Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)

A new trip, new friends, new places, a new beginning! The team met at the airport and, amidst a myriad of introductions and icebreakers, drove to the town of Quepos where they will be staying for the next couple of nights. Oh, did we mention that it’s within a five minute proximity of a number of picturesque beaches and Manuel Antonio National Park? The excitement is brewing and the foundation has been laid for an exceptional trip!

Europe Coast to Coast (ECC)

Venice is a city suspended in time, with winding canals, captivating architecture, and pervasive historical nuance that took ECC off its feet as they journeyed through its mesmerizing beauty. A day in Venice’s storied streets and a night of its world-renowned cuisine put an exclamation point on this already awesome trip. If we must say goodbye, let it be a Venetian goodbye! Farewell, ECC3, and thanks for all the fabulous photos and great stories from the past month!


Golden State Adventure (GSA)

Surf’s up, bro! Radical barrels incoming! We’re shredding the gnar! It was a day of Santa Cruz surfing for the GSA team. The rhythmic sound of crashing waves, the salt-kissed breeze, and the allure of the ocean create an irresistible call for adventure. For a group of young thrill-seekers, surfing presents an opportunity to embrace the power of the sea, learn to ride the waves, and forge unbreakable bonds with fellow surf enthusiasts. After their surf lesson, the group had a fantastic lunch on the beach, before grabbing some much-needed popsicles for their transit to tonight’s campsite. ‘Twas a busy day, indeed, for these adventurers!


Iceland Mountains & Coast (IMC)

There aren’t very many ways to make exploring Icelandic ice caves any cooler than it already is. That’s what IMC did today, however, when they piled in what the outfitters have coined a “Super Jeep”: a behemoth military-style jeep that took them through the cascading mountains and into the otherworldly ice caves. The photos speak for themselves – this looks like such an amazing experience! After the ice cave exploration, a short afternoon hike and big dinner at the campsite capped off an exciting day for the group!




Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE)

What do you do when you are making the final edits on your paper and preparing to present it to the rest of your close-knit group? You eat a massive amount of French toast, of course! Aside from sharing essays, MCCE went on a tour of Bowdoin and visited the art and arctic museums. They head into Bean Village for final dinner this evening, and are hoping to make a Thee Sacred Souls concert tonight! A fitting end to an amazing trip!



Maine Coast Junior (MCJ)

Solidifying lifelong relationships, tear jerking goodbyes, writing down phone numbers …it must be departure day! There was an a cappella performance of Fight Song by Rachel Platten and hugs going all around. Kumbaya! So long, MCJ!

New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC)

Morning: Life jackets donned and oars in hand, the water a canvas of serenity, the rocking of the kayak soothes their souls, bald eagles fly in the air above and seals swim in the sea below. The salty breeze and rhythmic paddling only enhance the wonder in the kid’s eyes and pureness of their spirits. 

Afternoon: In the heart of Portland’s vibrant food scene, the group dined at a charming restaurant where they recalled their favorite trip moments and relished in the lifelong memories they have made together. 

Night: Don’t make me leave! Please!



Northwest Explorer (NWX)

The train keeps rolling on! Seagulls soar overhead, the salty breeze carries stories of far-off lands, the ferry glides through gentle waves, and the groups becomes one with the rhythm of the ocean tides. The NWX team engages in friendly chatter and carries an infectious excitement on the ferry from Port Townsend to Coupeville. Tonight they will eat a big meal and get to bed early to prepare for the action-packed days of rafting and hiking that are ahead of them!

Pacific Coast (PC)

Shredding gnarly waves today, brah! The PC team spent their day off their bikes and in the ocean taking on a surfing lesson! They paddled, they fell, they learned from the water, they conquered their fears, and they learned from their mistakes. For one day, they gave up their wheels and gained a sense of freedom that can only come from surrendering to the embrace of the deep blue. After their morning in the water, the crew escaped some afternoon clouds by checking out a movie in a local theater. They’re excited to get back on the bikes tomorrow after a busy “rest” day today!



Pyrenees Mountains and Coast (PMC)

¡Día uno para este grupo! Trip starts in the Barcelona airport mean greetings, introductions, and Apogee’s world-famous icebreakers! (If you could have one condiment in your belly button, what would it be? You can tell a lot about a person by their response to that one…) They sported speedos, soaked in the sun, and wiggled their toes in the sand in Sitges and had a scrumptious pasta dinner! The group hits the hay early tonight in preparation for sea kayaking tomorrow! Hurrah!