Inclusivity is at the heart of Apogee; we are committed to removing financial barriers and connecting more young people to the outdoors. To do this, our work is focused on increasing access for both participating students and staff.

Our Work with the To the Top Foundation (T3)

In an effort to increase access to Apogee programs, we have developed a terrific partnership with the To The Top Foundation – a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to getting students outside by providing financial support to families in need.

Financial aid amounts granted by T3 range depending on funds available year to year. These funds largely come from donations by Apogee alumni families, and Apogee, itself, will match every To the Top contribution with a grant of its own. Apogee also works hard to ease financial burdens in other ways, like providing outdoor equipment such as backpacks or sleeping bags, when possible.

To apply for financial aid with T3, please complete their application here. T3 applicants will also need to complete an Apogee application once their T3 application has been submitted.

If you are interested in helping get more students outside, please consider donating directly to T3. With an all-volunteer board, every contribution goes directly towards helping to get students outside. Click here to donate. 

COOP РCreating Outdoor Opportunities Program 

In line with our commitment to inclusivity and expanding access to our programs, Apogee proudly introduced COOP (Creating Outdoor Opportunities Program) in the spring of 2023. The goal of COOP is to identify and support students from historically and traditionally marginalized communities by partnering with schools and organizations nationwide to find incredible students who would benefit from an Apogee trip.

Partnering with institutions like Beacon Academy, the Wildflower Foundation, Eastside College Prepatory School, and others, COOP identifies exceptional students and ensures they have full support leading up to and during their Apogee trip. By teaming up with the To the Top Foundation and Maine Gear Share, students can participate in our program at little or no cost to them. 

Know of organizations interested in joining COOP or want to support the program? Reach out to us at We are always looking to find more pathways to get our students into the outdoors!


On the staffing side, we now offer an Additional Financial Support program. This brand-new program is intended for any qualified applicant who might not otherwise be able to work with Apogee. This program came out of a recognition that many fantastic, fully-qualified applicants may not be able to afford to work with Apogee due to other commitments, such as education costs, and the cost of travel to and from Apogee. While we specifically encourage applicants from marginalized backgrounds and communities, all Apogee staff members are welcome to apply for this additional financial support.