Where Will This Summer Take You?: Cycling Through Vermont!

Where will this summer take you? Perhaps on a cycle tour over verdant green hills and across an international border – pedaling your way into historic Montréal ready to sample the French-Canadian cuisine!  Enjoy the third edition of our series highlighting this summer’s teen adventure programs: our Vermont to Montréal cycling trip!

Teen adventure camp cycling trip camping in Vermont camping on a lake, biking through countryside, bonding, playing games, camp for teens, group trips.
One of our VM groups making their way past a farm in the Vermont countryside!

This program is perfect for:

  • Students interested in the idea of traveling by bicycle who are looking for an introductory bike trip;
  • Students who like to celebrate a day of riding by jumping into a lake or a pool at the campground in the afternoon;
  • Students excited about the idea of exploring a different country’s culture without having to fly internationally;
  • Alumni who loved our Maine Coast Junior or Cape Cod & the Islands programs and are looking for the next step;
  • Alumni of Apogee hiking programs who loved the Apogee community and traditions, but are looking to try a biking-based program instead.
Teen adventure camp cycling trip camping in Vermont on a lake, kayaking on lake Champlain, bonding, playing games, camp for teens
Kayaking on Lake Champlain is a trip highlight!

Fast, Fun Facts about VM:

  • No bike, no problem! As an introductory bike program, we know that most of the students who come on the program don’t have a bike that would work for a cycle tour. We offer rental bikes that are perfect for beginners!
  • A really great lake (even if it’s not one of the “Great Lakes”): You’ll spend a few days riding right along the shore of beautiful Lake Champlain, and will even take a day off the bikes to paddle around on the lake! Lake Champlain is truly special, as you can catch views from the lake of New York’s Adirondacks rising to the west and Vermont’s Green Mountains rising to the east.
  • Do we really ride all the way from Vermont to Montréal with all our stuff on our bikes?: Yes! And as long as you know how to ride a bike, you can definitely do it. We’ll tackle about 20-25 miles a day and we’ll feel so accomplished when we ride into Montreal, having covered 200 miles over the course of 10 days of riding. We’ll feel self-sufficient and empowered after reaching our goal together!
  • Bonjour, tu veux de la poutine?: You’ll spend a day at the end of your trip exploring the old historic city of Montréal, experiencing firsthand how the French influence combines with the Canadian culture.
Teen adventure camp cycling trip camping in Vermont on a lake, sitting around a fire, bonding, playing games, camp for teens.
Getting to know each other and playing games while sitting fireside.

Have other questions or want to check trip availability for this summer teen cycling trip? Call us at 207-725-7025 or email the VM trip specialist, Miles Bent, at miles@apogeeadventures.com