Day 32: The Road Goes Ever On And On

Lo! On this day, our valiant Apogee explorers doth carry on and toil with might on their quests in the far flung corners of the world. They have undertaken great journeys, from the breadth of epic odysseys of over a thousand miles to behold the shimmering shores of the Adriatic, to traversing the span of… Read more »

Day 31: Did you know?!

Did you know? It’s Day 31 of our Apogee summer, and we have some fascinating facts to share. We had to say goodbye to three wonderful trips today, and they are headed home filled with new memories and knowledge. Every day is exciting on an Apogee trip, and you know what they say –  you… Read more »

Day 30: Apo-GEE WHIZ! Dad’s in town!

When does a dad joke become a dad joke? When it is fully groan… LOL! Welcome back to the Apo-verse for another day of action and thrill, complimented by some truly groan-worthy dad jokes. Read on to hear about the adventures of July 24th, 2023, from Iceland to Alaska, and everywhere in between! Skip to… Read more »

Day 28: Apogee Haikus!

Apogee Haikus One for me, thirteen for you Adventure milieu! Skip to a Specific Trip: AKMCA, AKMCB, AX, CCM, CRMC, CS, DEX, ECC1, ECC2, ECC3, NEMC, PMC, VMA, VMB Alaska Mountains & Coast A (AKMCA) Gliding through Alaska Mountains and camping we love Kayak, stars above. After a lovely and tranquil rest day, our AKMCA crew geared… Read more »