Day 23: Apogee Limericks for You!

Oh, how we miss our lovely Apogee leaders! Out in the world, hiking and biking meters and meters. We love hearing what they do, And passing it on to you! Shout outs and kudos to all of our friends and family readers! Be sure to check out our Instagram for more! Skip to a Specific… Read more »

Day 22: Apogee’s Adventures in Alliteration!

Day 22: Apogee’s Adventures in Alliteration Another day arrives at Apogee, and we awoke with an alliterative attitude this morning. Enjoy our silly summaries as you read on about today’s adventures! Be sure to check out our Instagram for more! Skip to a Specific Trip: AKMC, CI, CRM, CRMC, CSPR, CSVI, DEX, ECC1, ECC2, GSA, IMC, PMC, VM… Read more »

Day 21: Emojis for Every Trip!

Did you know today is a big day in the Apogee office? We’re finally celebrating the much-anticipated World Emoji Day! And what better way to mark this special occasion than by following our adventurous campers as they trail-blaze across the 🌎 with big 😄s on their faces? Be sure to check out our Instagram for… Read more »


We are very excited to open our 2025 enrollment and announce the return of Apogee’s extraordinary Early Bird Tuition Discount!  If you enroll in a 2025 Apogee program and submit the $799 trip deposit by the end of the day on Sunday, September 15th, we will discount your 2025 tuition by $300 per trip. Yes,… Read more »