Day 40: Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Boy oh boy, how is it already day 40? It seems like just yesterday ACC was in South Carolina and we were saying hello to our first round of trips. But today ACC is in California and we said hello to some of our round four trips — how time flies! Here’s to forty days of… Read more »

Day 39: Everyone’s Having a Great Time

Sometimes Tuesdays feel like the forgotten day of the week. We all know (and sometimes dread) Mondays for being the start of the school and work week, Wednesday is hump day, Thursday is almost Friday, Friday is almost the weekend, and Saturday and Sunday get their fair share of love. When you’re on an Apogee… Read more »

Day 38: We’re Feelin’ Great!

With surprise rain storms and ominous clouds looming over us here in Brunswick, we hope that each trip (local or otherwise) enjoyed the sunny moments on this warm Monday! We unfortunately had to say goodbye to some of our delightful students today, but we also said hello to some new groups as they began their… Read more »

Day 37: Sunday Sunny Days!

It was a gorgeous day today, full of sunbeams and smiles, in Brunswick and for all of our amazing Apogee trips! So many opportunities to try something new while grinning radiantly from ear to ear. Whether they were paddling on Pacific waves, or hovering in kayaks on the Atlantic, heaving their packs while trekking through… Read more »