Day 26: They’re Out There

They’re out there indeed! Today is a very exciting day as we have EVERY SINGLE one of trips accounted for in the field today. This has to be some sort of record! Our America Coast to Coast group also happens to find themselves in Roswell, NM, today. Read into that and our title whatever you… Read more »

Day 25: The Weekend Will Never End!

Today is a fabulous day. Not only is it Sunday, the universal day of relaxation and fun, but we also had SIX trip starts! Six groups of awesome, fun loving people met up today around the world and started their journey to becoming to best of friends. Our 15 other trips did some pretty amazing… Read more »

Day 24: Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

Every day there is a lot that goes on in the world which can sometimes feel overwhelming! But settle in, and leave your worries behind, because this blog has the happiest news from around the globe. We have students all over the United States and the world doing simply marvelous things that deserve to be… Read more »

Day 23: Everyday is Friday with Apogee

Friday is, indeed, the door to the weekend… but on Apogee trips, every single DAY is the weekend! It is very common to lose track of which day of the week it is on Apogee trips — quite frequently, this blogger thinks it is a Saturday when it’s actually a Tuesday. The excitement in the… Read more »