Day 21: Work Hard, Play Hard!

At Apogee, we’re all about the balance between work and play. These groups have been working SO hard– biking, hiking, kayaking, taking photos, doing service, and more. But the best part about a day of hard work is that it makes dinner that much tastier, and your rest days even more rewarding! Tune into today’s… Read more »

Day 20: Adventure is Out There!

We’ve reached the 20-day mark of the Apogee summer, and trips are swell! There’s no shortage of adventure, that’s for sure. Our groups across the globe are biking, hiking, and volunteering with smiles on their faces. Read on to learn more about the adventures happening in the Apo-sphere today! Skip to a Specific Trip: AKMCA,… Read more »

Day 19: Hiking, Biking, and (sometimes!) Ice Cream!

It was another terrific summer day in the Apogee world! Many of our groups beat the heat with delicious ice cream – or gelato, for our friends across the pond. Check out the details of our many active groups below! Skip to a Specific Trip: AXA, AXB, CI, CRM, ECC1, ECC2, ECC3, IMC, MCCE, MCJ, MCP, NEMCA,… Read more »

Day 18: Artificial Apogee?

When you hear the word Apogee, you probably (hopefully) think about beautiful landscapes, laughs around a campfire, vibrant sunsets, and tasty meals. Especially given our no-technology policy for students on trip, you probably are not thinking about artificial intelligence and ChatGPT. Well, it’s not something we think about a whole lot either, to be honest,… Read more »