Day 24: Never a Bore!

Helllllllo to all! Boy oh boy have we had a jam-packed day in the Apoverse today. From a visit to Showerworld, to befriending chickens and rabbits, to hoofing it into Espot, these adventurers are making memories near and far! Read on hear for the delicious deets of trips in the field today: Skip to a… Read more »

Day 23: The Quibbler – Apogee Edition

Apo-verse folks, it’s time. For Day 23 of the Apogee summer, we’re running back a tried and true tradition: the Harry Potter blog. Grab your broomsticks, study up on your Defense Against the Dark Arts, and practice your swish and flick, because it’s time to dive into the magical world of Apogee! Skip to a… Read more »

Day 22: We Gon’ Celebrate and Have a Good Time

Buckle your seatbelts folks, because do we have an update for you! It’s Day 22 of the Apogee summer, and let us be the first to say our trips are crushing it out there. From border and bridge crossings to final dinners and birthday celebrations, it has been a truly epic day in the Apo-verse.… Read more »

Day 21: Work Hard, Play Hard!

At Apogee, we’re all about the balance between work and play. These groups have been working SO hard– biking, hiking, kayaking, taking photos, doing service, and more. But the best part about a day of hard work is that it makes dinner that much tastier, and your rest days even more rewarding! Tune into today’s… Read more »