Day 29: It’s Apo Rhyme Time

It’s a big day today! Why’s that, you say? We have so many new groups heading on their way! It’s a delectable day to be part of Apogee – read on to see why our students are filled with glee! This blog writer is also having a great time, for each trip today includes a… Read more »

Day 28: Apogee Haikus!

Apogee Haikus One for me, thirteen for you Adventure milieu! Skip to a Specific Trip: AKMCA, AKMCB, AX, CCM, CRMC, CS, DEX, ECC1, ECC2, ECC3, NEMC, PMC, VMA, VMB Alaska Mountains & Coast A (AKMCA) Gliding through Alaska Mountains and camping we love Kayak, stars above. After a lovely and tranquil rest day, our AKMCA crew geared… Read more »

Day 27: Apogee Alliteration Edition

The heart of the Apogee summer continues, and it sounds like it might just be the best one yet! Backcountry adventure, alpine riding, kayak explorations, and new countries fill today’s blog. All across the world, we are hearing similar sounds of excitement and adventure from all the groups. Read on to find more about the… Read more »

Day 26: Apogees All Around

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the tradition, each night before bed Apogee groups go over the Apogees (highs) and Perigee (lows) of their days. The members of our 13 trips currently in the field have worked hard this summer, and have compiled a lot of A’s and P’s over the course of… Read more »