Day 32: The Road Goes Ever On And On

Lo! On this day, our valiant Apogee explorers doth carry on and toil with might on their quests in the far flung corners of the world. They have undertaken great journeys, from the breadth of epic odysseys of over a thousand miles to behold the shimmering shores of the Adriatic, to traversing the span of the land of Vermont on two-wheeled steeds, and from dwelling amidst towering redwoods in a wild Washington rainforest to cycling hundreds of miles along the verdant paths of the Pacific coast. Behold! All our Apogee compatriots toil in harmony, toward a most resolute end — a true testament to their mettle and the bonds between their hearts. Anon, read on to discover the incredible deeds and ceaseless achievements of these illustrious explorers!


Alaska Mountains & Coast A (AKMCA)

The day hath finally arrived for AKMCA to return to their homeland, bedight with laurels! They boarded their early flights and, whilst gazing out the plane windows, did reminisce about the newly-made friendships and cherished memories they hath forged. They were then blessed with an aerial view of all the beauteous sights they had been privileged to behold over the course of the past few weeks.

Alaska Mountains & Coast B (AKMCB)

Though many of us yearned to tarry in Alaska forevermore, all wondrous things must come to a close, and therein lies their profound sweetness. The valiant crew of AKMC2B shall be embarking on their homeward journeys today, their spirits rekindled by newfound comrades, vistas grandiose, savory repast, and rekindled confidence!

Alps Explorer (AX)

And on the final day of their journey in Brig, AX ventured forth on a wondrous hike towards the awe-inspiring Aletsch Glacier! With cable cars as their trusty steeds, they ventured deep into the mountains and proceeded on foot for 12 (!) miles until they stood before the formidable Aletsch Glacier, beholding its majesty up close. With a dozen miles trekked, they emerged victorious, and are surely deserving of a well-earned day of rest and peace ahead.

California’s Coastal Mountains (CCM)

With hearts full of both joy and despair, CCM bade farewell to their noble, loyal comrades. The last fortnight had been a journey beyond measure, with cherished memories, unbreakable bonds, and a rekindling of their spirits for brave exploration into the sprawling vastness of this world. Though every cherished adventure must have its end, each step taken must lead to another, like the footfalls of a wizened traveler upon the long road ahead.

Europe Coast to Coast 1 (ECC1)

THEY HATH DONE IT!!! Upon a most arduous journey of over one thousand miles, our awe-inspiring ECC1 fellowship hath, at last, arrived upon their final day of riding — with sixty miles to traverse through the Italian foothills to encounter the shimmering Adriatic Sea. Mounted upon their indomitable two-wheeled steeds, they flowed like the swift winds along the banks of the Brenta River, until their eyes beheld their wondrous destination just outside the grand city of Venice, with its fabled canals that gleamed amidst the shimmering heavens like a star-studded sky. As they slumber under peaceful stars tonight, their hearts be filled with great satisfaction, for they hath accomplished a task of great awe. This night, they long for the days to come where they will explore the great city of Venice at yonder dawn, as they persist on their prodigious odyssey!

Europe Coast to Coast 2 (ECC2)

Behold! ECC2 hath reached their penultimate day of riding on their epic odyssey throughout the lands of Europe, and they now approach the fabled city of Venice! On this day, they descended from the lofty Italian Alps and into the verdant foothills below, allowing the steeps to carry them towards their awaited destination with the swiftness of an eagle. As the afternoon sun began to wane, they took respite, for their hearts were pulsating with wild nerves and anticipation for the final day to come — when they will mount their glorious steeds once more and take them forth on their daring endeavor through the winding paths of Venice!

Europe Coast to Coast 3 (ECC3)

Indeed, they had thought that day would never arrive, yet behold! ECC3 hath, at last, arrived upon the final challenge day of their valiant quest! On this day, they rode along a smooth, placid path that led to a comically steep hill, which seemed naught but a mere jest to the weary bikers. They worked with all their might — their steeds toiling through the vineyard-strewn countryside — until they had finally reached the pinnacle. There, they beheld a wondrous, golden scene before their eyes, and from atop they descended like carefree swallows, with chill breezes caressing their cheeks, until they arrived at their camp with welcome shade and refreshing, cold water. With the grandest of expectations, they await the morrow; where they shall descend from the lofty heights of the great Italian Alps, and with great humility, continue their journey towards the city of Venice, in an adventure that will be told in songs for generations to come!

Golden State Adventure (GSA)

GSA today embarked on their final journey at Point Reyes, tracing the rugged cliff lines and soft sands that caress the beautiful coastline of Tomales Point. And lo, they found sweet repose at a stunning vista, feasting their eyes upon the surging waves below. They also made the briefest of visit to the famed Point Reyes Lighthouse (for a stunning view of fog as thick as mud). Thus, a fitting farewell to Point Reyes, and a fitting prelude to their upcoming challenge day in Big Sur. Forth, and fear no darkness!

Iceland Mountains & Coast (IMC)

Amidst the frigid waters of Faxafloi Bay, the company of IMC was graced with a wondrous day of sea kayaking around the towering Mount Kirkjufell, followed by a trek in the sprawling hills of Grunðafjörður. With sturdy oars in hand, they tapped into their inner mariners, navigating the treacherous waves and, somehow, even upon solid ground!

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE)

On this day of great import, the illustrious MCCE company convened for a workshop, intent on honing their masterful writings and purging their minds of extraneous clutter. As twilight descended, they took respite from their scribblings and ventured forth to perform deeds of charity in the realm, a testament to their noble spirits. Thereafter, their fellowship retired to the seashore, hoping that the rhythm of waves and the salty breeze would kindle a dormant fire in their pens, ready to blaze anew on the morrow!

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ)

At long last, the anticipated day of cycling in Acadia hath arrived! MCJ ventured forth over a dozen miles through the rolling hills of Acadia along the storied carriage roads round the Lake of Eagles, long ago crafted to harmonize with the ancient landscape. They rode with grace and swiftness, melding into the verdant forests, feeling the wind upon their faces and inhaling the salty breeze that filled their lungs, as if they had become one with the valiant realm of nature.

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEX)

DEX returned from their perilous voyage, brimming with merriment and hearts full of hope, their eyes shining bright as glittering stars. For moons, they sailed with their steadfast kayaks, traversing from isle to isle ’til they returned to the fabled mainland. Alas, the fateful conclusion of their journey now lies before them, with the final Portland feast awaiting their victoriously-worn spirits; yet for every noble adventure, its ultimate end shall come and transmute into new found paths, awaiting the unrelenting feet of valiant travelers!

New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC)

Following an exciting day at the rapids, NEMC embarked upon a most daring and dissimilar journey — to scale the lofty heights of the mountain closest to the sky of all east coast peaks, Mount Washington! They ascended valiantly through the mighty mountain range – accompanied by song, stories, paint on both faces and nails, and braids in hair – where even the verdant trees dared not flourish, pushing ever closer to the pinnacle of our regally-enthroned peak. Upon descending to camp (and a surprise dinner of a certain Italian circular bread delicacy complete with cheese and tomato sauce), they rested in peace to prepare for their next prodigious challenge — the dauntless art of rock climbing that awaits them upon the morrow!

A photo of our fearless leaders – a rarity! Gabe, Sophie, and Masha living their best lives.
Behind the scenes on how to get the perfect summit photo

Northwest Explorer (NWX)

NWX today undertook a courageous journey to the great Hoh Rainforest, traversing through the lush, emerald ferns and the coursing rivers, amid towering redwoods that sought to kiss the sky above. Leaving behind their intrepid van, they ventured forth to sleep beneath the starry night, in a peaceful refuge, away from the bustling and meddlesome civilization, embraced by the harmonious melody of nature’s singing birds and tranquil whispers of the wilderness.

Pacific Coast (PC)

Upon an incredible thirty-seven mile journey, the valiant PC crew feasted their eyes on an enchanting Oregonian escapade. Mounted upon their steadfast bikes, they ebbed and flowed along the verdant hills that hugged the shoreline, mesmerized by the prodigious waves that thunderously crashed against the towering cliffs below them. All the while, they rode beneath the lofty conifers, their proud arms outstretched, swaying to the gentle breeze, ever reaching towards the lofty skies. At their resting place, a beautiful beach sunset greeted them, offering a majestic panorama to distract them from their ever-aching limbs and finalizing a wondrous day of emboldened feats. Unfortunately, such a wondrous locale sometimes means cellular service that leaves a bit to be desired [sorry, not enough service for blog photos today!].

Vermont to Montreal A (VMA)

Following their arduous journey of nearly two hundred miles through the splendid forests of Vermont, the unyielding VMA crew hath come to a day of great rejoice – for they shall journey back to their homeland. Yet as they part from their newfound comrades, their hearts and minds shall be overflowing with memoirs of the kindred spirits they’ve encountered, the wondrous sights that had astonished them on their odyssey, and their dauntless yearning to persist on evermore adventures!

Vermont to Montreal B (VMB)

Enduring a wearisome expedition of over two hundred miles, through the gentle undulations of the Vermontian hills and the resplendent, green forests that embraced them, the indomitable VMB folk are now bestowed with the chance to adjourn to their homelands. But as they each wander through disparate paths of the world, their hearts shall fast be bound by the ties of noble camaraderie that hath blossomed in their midst, the tales of their heroic exploits earnt on their quest, and a rekindled passion for untrodden paths amongst the bounteous wonders of nature!