Day 16: The All-Star Break

It’s Day 16 of the Apogee summer, and our MVPs are knocking their trips out of the park. It seems that in preparation for the MLB All-Star Game tomorrow, our teams have brought their A-game today – rain or shine, rest or ride! Here’s today’s scouting report: Skip to a Specific Trip: AXA, AXB, CI, CRM, CRMC, CS, ECC1,… Read more »

Day 15: Apogee A to Z!

It’s a big day in the Apo-sphere. Today, Sunday, July 9, is one of two days of the entire Apogee summer where we have all 23 trips in the field. Of those 23 active trips, seven are saying their goodbyes and four are saying their hellos, which leaves 12 trips that are in the full… Read more »

Day 14: Some Goodbyes, but Some Hellos!

It was another big day out there, folks! While it’s the grand finale for some of our Apogee adventures, others are just starting their journeys! Our incredible trips are squeezing every last drop of adventure out of their days – from dance parties while doing service, to eating gelato in the high mountains, we know… Read more »

Day 12: What do you call a Thursday without sunshine?

Thursday night! Which is good, because this was an especially sunny day for most Apogeers! From us folk in the office, to our kayakers in Northern Maine, to our bikers in Belgium, to our hikers in the Alps, we’ve been making good use out of our investment in sunscreen. We’ve been up to so many… Read more »