Day 41 – Sign-Off

Dear Reader, of our four trips in the field, everyone is enjoying their last full day together today exploring big, beautiful cities on the West Coast.

Of our Pacific Coasters, now firmly ensconced on the south side of the Golden Gate, Alex and Lidia’s gang is, as I type, urging the driver of their double-decker tour bus to take on Lombard Street’s tight turns. Rachel and Sam’s group is just across the city in Haight-Ashbury (under very, very close supervision, I promise). Apologies in advance for the patchouli and tie-dye products parents are likely to see tomorrow night…

To the north, amid the pines and very bad baseball in Seattle, Mike, Annie, and their Explorers are at the foot of the Space Needle, contemplating a trip to the Public Market to check out the guys flinging the 20-pound salmon across their shop. They’ll be taking in a huge dinner tonight before one more short night in their beloved (?) tents.

And all the way down the coast in San Diego, our ACC-ers are still in disbelief that they didn’t have to wake up this morning and ride 100 miles through the heat. They’re beaching it and just enjoying spending some non-saddle time with each other before tomorrow’s very sad flights home.

And with that, your humble scribe signs off. We’ll be posting some pictures and news, but our regular broadcast will resume next June. Wishing you all the very best for the rest of the summer – and for those to whom it applies – the school year!