Holiday Hoodies and Water Bottles

In our humble opinions here at Apogee, nothing quite captures the spirit and magic of the holidays like our very own 100% cotton Apogee hoodies. And you know what? Spiced apple cider and eggnog (not usually at the same time, however) just taste better when quaffed from the finest Apogee water bottle we’ve been able to offer in years. Read on to find out how you and yours can be snuggled up by the fire this holiday season with Apogee’s finest accoutrements! (Pictures of both are below…)

HOLIDAY HOODIE:  This year’s Holiday Hoodie is the very same American Apparel pullover cotton fleece hoodie issued to our leaders in advance of the summer season. Our staff loved the rich Navy color emblazoned with Apogee’s logo in a contemporary hi-viz green. It is no exaggeration to say that you’ll find an Apogee sweatshirt on at least two members of our office staff on any given day – they’re that comfortable.

Hoodies are available for $50, shipping included. Sizes run from XS to XXL. Note that the hoodies are unisex.


Yes, yes, they’re gorgeous in their own right, but don’t you think Shem and Hannah look just a bit better in their Apo hoodies?

WATER BOTTLE:  Like other organizations, we may be guilty of saying “this year’s x” is the best “x” we’ve ever offered a bit too often… Well, this time – when it comes to the water bottles, at least – it’s really true!  These are in fact the best water bottles we’ve ever offered. We are delighted with the way these puppies came out, they’re 32-ounce, wide-mouth Nalgene bottles (BPA-free, of course) – they’re crystal clear and they light up with that gorgeous Apogee Red coloring.  We know you’ll find they’re perfect for Apogee trips – but they’re great sitting next to your computer or in the lunchroom.

The bottles are yours for $18 each, shipping included.


Crystal clear and ready for you – the Apogee Water Bottle…

HOW TO ORDER:  To order your hoodies and water bottles – just let us know sizing and number info by sending Chad an email at or calling us at 207.725.7025.  Very important note:  To get yours for the start of Hannukah, we need your order by noon on Wednesday, November 26 (just before you put that pumpkin pie in the oven for the next day…).  All other orders must be received by noon on Monday, December 8.

FullSizeRender (3)

Ain’t no party like an Apogee hoodie party!

Catch the Early Bird!

Look – look – up there! What is it? It’s…It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Superman!

Nope – it’s even better! It’s Apogee’s once-a-year Early Bird a-flyin’! The Early Bird – more popular than Pharrell’s “Happy;” more useful than duct tape; more fun than a party with Jon Stewart, Bill Clinton, and Tigger (of Winnie the Pooh fame); and almost as short-lived than a fruit fly in seventh-grade science class – is in the air only through November 16.

The Early Bird: We know – you’re chomping at the bit for the details. Wait no more, friends! Here’s the deal: if you apply for a 2015 Apogee program before the end of the day on Sunday, November 16, we will discount your tuition by $250. That’s it – and here’s the fine print: [cricket, cricket…]. There is no fine print! But – as long as we have room, you are welcome to switch programs at any point; and if, after applying, you decide that a trip just isn’t right in 2015, you’re welcome to a full refund anytime before December 31. (OK – I suppose there was a little fine print…)

Application: When the sweet siren song of the Early Bird proves irresistible, our application is here:

Trip Updates: We’re coming off of our most successful season ever in 2014 – and we’re looking forward to even more in 2015. You can read about our two newest programs and updates to our classics here.

Contact: Please be in touch anytime with questions about our hiking, biking, service and writing trips; our outstanding leaders and staff; or the decision tree that led to using “Happy” instead of “All About That Bass” in the paragraph above – we’re easy to reach at or 207.725.7025.

Early Bird Photo

Some of our distinguished early birds.

America Coast to Coast Videos

This past summer, Apogee staffer Tim Murphy supported our two America Coast to Coast (ACC) trips by car as they pedaled from Folly Beach, SC to San Diego, CA. Along the way he and ACC1 leader, Josh Cutler, documented both groups’ progress west with the help of a couple of GoPro cameras, and in Tim’s case, a skateboard.

Below Tim’s video is another ACC video, this one created by four-time leader, Nick Smith, after our inaugural ACC trip in 2009.

We think Tim’s video does an outstanding job capturing the beauty and challenge of riding across the United States while working together as a team.  Nick’s video does a wonderful job displaying the strong friendships and bonds that are created among the kids and leaders during their 6-week journey together.  Many thanks to both Tim and Nick for their work putting these together!

2015 Adventure Trip Updates!

We’ve got 16 fantastic itineraries on tap for 2015 – more trips than we’ve ever had. We’ll be running trips across twelve (!!) time zones this coming summer as we add two new trips . Please check out 2015’s Trips at a Glance page for details. Here’s info on our two newest offerings and updates we’ve made to four of our classic programs.

MCCE_Master_Trip_Image_2014 (2)Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE) – We ran a hugely successful MCCE pilot program last summer and we’re very excited to open it up to the whole Apogee family in 2015. Over the course of one week, students will spend more than 20 hours honing their college admissions essays. Like all of our programs, MCCE will have two fantastic Apogee leaders who will facilitate the week’s activities. Unique to MCCE, however, will be our partnership with professional writing instructors and the unbelievable resources of the Bowdoin College Admissions Department. The itinerary is structured to include individual writing time, peer review workshops, and significant faculty involvement.  We will also, of course, explore Maine’s beautiful outdoors – hike local trails, swim and sea-kayak, perform community service, and close each day with the Apogee & Perigee Circle that defines each Apogee day all over the world.

HSA_Master_Trip_Image_2014Hawaii Service Adventure (HSA) –  Year after year, post-trip evaluations come back with “please, please, please run a trip in Hawaii!!” Well, I’m delighted to say that we finally heard you. We are very excited to announce our biking and community service hybrid trip. Over the course of HSA’s twenty days, students will ride a full loop around the Big Island, camp under swaying palms in tropical settings, and perform between 20-25 hours of community service working on three substantive projects, surf on Hawaii’s world-famous waves, and generally enjoy Hawaii’s aloha culture.

Our website folks are building full pages for both of these trips, but you’ll see critical details on our Trips-at-a-Glance page for the time being.  We do have a lot more information to share about both trips – so please call us or send an email anytime for more information.

Other Trip Updates:  We make changes large and small to existing itineraries every year in response to feedback from Apogee students, parents and leaders.

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI): For years, students have been saying that they love this trip, but wish it was a bit longer. Wish no more, friends!  Our CI trip was just promoted from 11 to 13 days. It’s still a perfect introductory bike trip for students between the ages of 12 and 14, but they’ll now have another day to explore Martha’s Vineyard as well as a day to more fully enjoy the ride up to Provincetown and camp in the famous dunes at the tip of the Cape.

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEX):  We’ve flip-flopped the Challenge Level of our DEX and CMC trips in recognition of the fact that a lot of our East Coast families wanted another moderate hiking trip over here in Maine. DEX will be going from 15 days to 13 in 2015. The trip is a smidge easier now, and we’ve tightened up the logistics. We’ll still be sea-kayaking, exploring Acadia National Park, and summiting Mount Katahdin, but we’ve cut a night in the backcountry and dropped a transit day from our kayaking location to Acadia.

California Mountains & Coast (CMC):  At the same time we’ve made DEX a bit easier, we’ve upped the ante by just a little bit on our CMC trip. For the last few summers, our groups have come back raving about their time in Yosemite – so we’ve given 2015’s groups a lot more. They’ll be in Yosemite’s front-country for an additional day and will also spend another night in Yosemite’s backcountry. CMC will still be a moderate-level hiking trip, but it will now be more natural for DEX alumni to follow up the next summer with CMC before tackling our more advanced hiking itineraries.

Europe Coast to Coast (ECC):  While we designed ECC to be challenging, we didn’t want the first week or so to be quite as tough as it has proved to be over the last two summers. To that end, we’ve added an earlier day off of the bikes (in stunning Bruges, Belgium, no less), and re-routed so that we’re able to drop the total number of kilometers by about 350 km, bringing the average daily mileage down by almost 10 km/day. We’ve also added another day off in Merano, Italy and added more time in Paris (we’ll now be staying overnight in a hostel in the middle of Paris). In addition to reducing the daily mileage, these changes are going to allow for more cultural exploration of the many amazing towns we go through along the way.

Please call us at 207.725.7025 or write us at directors@apogeeadventures anytime for more information about these trips or any of our other trips.  And be sure to take advantage of our Early Bird Special – discounting every 2015 application received by November 16 by $250!