Day 25: Merry Apogee Eve!

By Grace Wright & the Hardworking Apo HQ ‘Twas the night before Apo Christmas, when all across the world Apogee-ans were preparing for another (or first!) day out in the field. Their gear was securely packed tight the night before with great care, In hopes that dropped bags of bagels wouldn’t leave their bellies bare. These… Read more »

Day 24: Moving and Grooving Along

By: Tim “Grubes” Gruber, Gracie “G Muny” Wright, & Hannah “Hans Olo” Gensheimer Oh the wheel on my bike keeps on turning! Oh the 80s, how we miss them. As our office reveled in the sounds of the 80s today, our APO trips near and far were laying down the fresh new beats of today.… Read more »

Day 23: Feel Good Friday

By Grace Wright, Tim Gruber & Ghost Writers 5am waking up in the morning, gotta pack my pack, bagel with schmear, seeing everything, summer is flying! Cranking, hiking with everybody, I see my friends! Kicking in the 2nd pod, hiking up a mountain, everybody’s got a smile on, should I eat a blueberry or raspberry… Read more »

Day 22: Halfway Happenings

By Grace Wright & the Hardworking Apo HQ Today will mark the unofficial halfway mark of Apogee trips being released ’round the world, which is hard to believe. Someone must be tampering with our clocks, because time is flying by this summer! Speaking of moving fast, we have many trips that continued to scoot along in… Read more »