Apogee’s 2016 Early Bird is Taking Flight!

Heavens to Betsy, look up! It’s baaaack – flying in on the wings of a dove, heralded by sweet trumpets, and crowned with scented flowers – it is the Apogee Early Bird! Children worldwide have undoubtedly anticipated this day more hotly than their own birthday – for they know that the Early Bird bears many… Read more »

And We’re Back!

By: Hannah Gensheimer It was another amazing summer here at Apogee, and while it may be hard to believe, we’re already putting together our 2016 summer schedule. You might be sitting at home reading this blog post saying to yourself, “Man! Do those guys ever take a break?!” And while we truly work around the clock… Read more »

Day 46: Here’s Lookin’ at You, Kid

Edited by Shem Dixon Unbelievably, we’ve come to the end of another Apogee summer. Our very last trip, NEMC3, called it a wrap this morning with hugs and misty eyes in a Wakefield parking lot after one last night under the stars filled with good food, friendship, and an epic “Apogee & Perigee” session. And with the… Read more »