Day 40: Only one week to go? Say it ain’t so!

Ahhhh, good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to all! It was yet another glorious day here at Apogee HQ.  Whether a trip just began or has been going for quite sometime now, it is a bittersweet realization that the final week of the Apogee summer is here! However, the friendships, the bonding, the challenges,… Read more »

Day 39: Sunday Punday

It’s the moment you have been waiting for. The blog to rule all other blogs. We are very excited to announce that today is…Sunday Pun-day! It just felt like the write thing to do today…  Like our journals in the field, wheel work hard to make this blog summit all up- all of the fun… Read more »

Day 38: Food is FUEL!

That’s right folks – today, we’re taking you on a journey of all the delicious foods that Apogee families experience on trip. We’re talking 6 glorious meals every day, from breakfast to first snack to lunch and second snack all the way to dinner and dessert. Food is a critical part of any good adventure… Read more »

Day 37: A Paws-itively Woof-tastic Day!

Well hello there, intrepid readers! We’ve got a special author for today’s blog, brought to you from our Headquarters in Maine. Our very own Apogee Mascot, Monty (the Golden Retriever), asked us if she could write the blog for today. So, without further ado… Monty, take it away! Woof woof! Hello readers! I am very… Read more »