Day 34: Tales of Treks and Trails

Welcome, dear readers, to another blog post full of tales of adventures from the Apo-world!  Many of our groups hit the trails today (whether the trails were well-trodden paths or paved roads), while others gave their bikes and hiking boots a break and gave back to the community with service projects.  No matter what they’re… Read more »

Day 33: Monday Fun-day

It’s day 33 of trips in the Apogee world, but for many of our students it’s day one!  We say hello (in many different languages) to eight (that’s right… EIGHT) trips today and we say a bittersweet goodbye to three incredible groups. One thing is for sure though: whether they’re just at the beginning, in… Read more »

Day 32: No Sunday Scaries Here!

As the weekend comes to a close, we know it can be tough to return to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, we hope that your daily dose of the Apo-blog helps you conquer your Sunday scaries and get excited for all that lies ahead this week. Take a look at all of… Read more »

Day 31: Another one for the books!

Has a whole month really passed since Summer 2019 began? Say it ain’t so! The days are flying by, yet we’re relishing all that lies ahead. From goodbyes to good times, rock climbing to rafting, and Arizona to the Alps, this was yet another busy day in Apo-land. Peep the amazing photos below!! Skip to… Read more »