Where Will This Summer Take You?: Alaska Mountains & Coast!

Where will this summer take you? Perhaps to a babbling brook running through the mountains in Chugach State Park, where you’ll stop for a snack break, maybe spot a moose, and look at the beautiful green peaks rising all around. Please enjoy the next feature in this series highlighting our summer teen adventure program way… Read more »

Where Will This Summer Take You?: The Spanish Pyrenees

Here at Apogee, we challenge you to think about where this summer could take you: the summit of Mount Washington, the impeccable network of bicycle paths in the Netherlands, or around a campfire – laughing so hard with your new friends that you give yourself a side-stitch. Over the next ten weeks or so, we’ll… Read more »

Peak News: New Year, New Updates!

As we step into the new year, new events and fresh updates are unfolding within the Apogee community! Roadshow and Webinar Season! January always means Roadshow season here at Apogee! We are on the road for in-person presentations across the country this week and next – please¬†join us! We also have live webinars scheduled periodically¬†–… Read more »

Fly through Travel Bookings for Unaccompanied Minors with this Airtight Guide!

*Last substantive update, 1/19/2024. As students enroll and the excitement builds, the preparation for summer begins! And preparation looks different for every trip, from bicycle training rides to breaking in boots. Preparation also may include major items like booking airfare. Our hope is that this blog post will help inform our families about important things… Read more »