Day 47: The Wilderness Must be Explored!

Another big day in the field for our Apogee family today! Some groups are saying goodbyes, some are exploring cities, and others are summiting mountains. No matter where their feet or tires have taken them, these dedicated Apogee students and Trip Leaders had a good day today! And to leave you with the wise words… Read more »

Day 46: Glaciers, Rivers and Mountains, oh my!

Wow, 20 trips to write about today! While some groups’ adventures are coming to a close, others are still in the midst of their journeys via bike, boat, or boot. Whether it’s sea kayaking off the coast of Maine, climbing a glacier in Alaska, or backpacking in Spain, there’s nothing an Apogee student can’t do.… Read more »

Day 45: Quality Content Ahead

Here in the Apogee Universe (Apoverse, if you will), each day is full of absolute quality.  Quality time spent with new friends, quality views of stunning landscapes, quality meals shared at a picnic table for all, and quality memories that will last a lifetime.  If you’re looking for a little quality content in your life… Read more »

Day 44: The Last First Day

The Last First Day Well folks, we’re leading off today’s blog with some big(ish) news. Today, with the start of MCCE4, was the last Trip Start of the entire Apogee Summer! It’s hard to believe, but we are quickly approaching the end of the summer, and from here on out, there will officially be no… Read more »