Day 40: Coleader Combos

As I’m sure all our cultured and knowledgeable readers know, leadership is very important. That’s why Apogee hires the very best, and why we spend so much time making sure that every leader is paired with their perfect co-leader. Today we asked all of our co-leaders out in the field to submit a “celebrity name”,… Read more »

Day 39: Sunday Sundae!

As you may be aware, the day of the week is relatively meaningless (and often forgotten!) when you’re on an Apogee trip, however our blog readers who are in the comfort of their homes certainly know that today is Sunday. As you enjoy your weekend, we’ve taken a voluntary poll of all Apogee trips and… Read more »

Day 38: Outside the Comfort Zone

Comfort zone: a place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress Sounds nice, right? A blissful state of contentedness. Sure, a comfort zone is, as the name would imply, comfortable. But we, here at Apogee, have found that the most rewarding and fulfilling growth takes place outside of this realm,… Read more »

Day 37: Over the River and Through the Woods

We, here in the Apogee office, can hardly believe that the days of August are already ticking by! Not only that, but our fourth round of trips have either begun or are just around the corner. While many memories have been made over the last month and a half – oceanic miles kayaked, essays written,… Read more »