Day 40: On your Marks, Get Set, BAKE!

Welcome to the tent, Bakers… I mean – Bloggers. Today, we have a perfect baker’s dozen (that’s 13!) trips in the field, so we’re keeping it sweet by assigning a tasty treat to every trip.  While contestants on the Great British Bake Off wake up in their beds and head to the baking tent for… Read more »

2023 Early Enrollment is Live!

It’s Superman!  It’s a plane!  No, no – it’s Apogee’s Early Bird Special!  Donald Duck, Hedwig, the entire cast of the 2011 hit film Rio, and all other birds everywhere can’t stop talking about Apogee’s phenomenal Early Bird! We are very excited to open our 2023 enrollment and announce the return of Apogee’s extraordinary Early… Read more »

Day 39: Never Going to Let You Down

It’s that time again, folks! Today’s blog has another hidden message for our readers to decode, and we promise it’s never going to let you down. As you read about each of our awesome trips in the field, keep a lookout for a phrase that describes how we feel towards our new Apogee friends at… Read more »

Day 38: Good Day Sunshine!

While director Chad may not be a Beatles fan (crazy but true), this blog writer certainly is, and it seems like our trips are too with the way they’re paying homage to the absolute bop that is “Good Day Sunshine” – by having good days in the sunshine, of course! With great days and sun… Read more »