Day 45: ApoGeology!

It’s time to ROCK n’ roll, people – ApoGeology is here to bring you the latest scoop on all of our trips happening on the face of the Earth! Currently, Apogee leaders and students are on four out of seven of earth’s major tectonic plates – wowie! Read on to learn more about the rockin’… Read more »

Day 44: Extra, Extra! Read All About It!

Hey you! Yeah, you! Looking for tales of excitement and adventure? Look no further than Apogee Times. Since 2001, Apogee Times has beguiled its readers with stories of young people doing really cool stuff. Fresh off the printer, this paper can be yours for the low low price of your time. Read on and discover… Read more »

Day 43: One For The Ages

What a day to be part of the Apo-verse! So many amazing things are taking place on our trips all around the world, it’s hard to even know where to begin. So, we may as well start with the beginning – Apogee’s beginning. None of us – our students, leaders, staff, or families – would… Read more »

Day 42: Trail Tunes of the Day!

Every day on trip has a special sort of energy. Some days can only be matched by a the beat of a Queen verse, while others move to the rhythm of a peaceful, soft 1979 Simon and Garfunkel tune. Today, we have hand-picked songs that beautifully illustrate the magic of each trip’s day. While these… Read more »