Maine Farm to Table: The Seeds of a Trip

After graduating from Hamilton College in 2014 and spending my last summer in the field with Apogee, fellow Assistant Director Jack Messerly and I started our first fall away from the comforts of a college campus by driving across the country. We ended our journey at a small community farm in the (aptly-named) town of… Read more »

The 2018 Early Bird is Soaring Majestically!

Winged majesty, Soar on, Fly thee homeward, Look down upon fair Verona, And spread happiness and tuition discounts in thy feathered wake. “Ode to the Early Bird,” Anonymous (attributed by some to Ovid) The poet’s words have never been more prescient – for, friends, Apogee’s Early Bird is a-flying once again! The Early Bird: Here’s the… Read more »

Day 46: Say it ain’t so!

Skip to a Specific Trip: MCJ, NEMC, DEXA, DEXB, CRLS, CMCA, CMCB Well, folks, thanks for tagging along with our blog for the last 6 weeks (because we know each and every one of you have been reading religiously for the last 45 days)! Without further adieu, enjoy the final entry of the Apogee Summer 2017… Read more »

Day 45: Homeward Bound!

Skip to a Specific Trip: MCJ, CI, NEMC, CRM, CSA, MCCE, MCP, DEXA, DEXB, VM, CRLS, CMCA, CMCB, CQA, CQB, MSA, NWXA, NWXB, PCA, PCB, SHX, AXA, AXB, ECCA, ECCB, ACC1, ACC2 By Olivia Box It’s a big day of departures for Apogee! Several traditions go along with an Apogee goodbye – final dinners, the… Read more »