Day 32: With Our Olympic Crew!

Gold medal track and field athlete Sanya Richards Ross said, “Failure I can live with. Not trying is what I can’t handle.” For many of our students, Apogee trips consist of many firsts, whether it be rafting, sea kayaking, biking long distances, hiking for hours with loaded backpacks, or climbing the highest peaks in the… Read more »

Day 31: What A Home Run!

It is nearly impossible to sum up an Apogee day in just a few sentences. How do you say that we have trips on the water and biking through islands? Trips winding through valleys and trips summiting mountains? Trips volunteering with service partners while others raft down rivers? Perhaps our best hope is to focus… Read more »

Day 30: Self-Care Sunday!

It truly was a Sunday Fun-day for Apogee today! All across the map our students had a blast being outdoors and making new friendships & memories. While some trips came to a close today, others just began and we’re so excited! Safe travels to everybody heading home, and to our newcomers, welcome! And to our… Read more »

Day 29: And We’re Feelin’ Fine!

Whoooeee! I don’t know about you, but this sure has been a fantastic summer so far! From ice climbing to surfing, we’ve seen a whole lot of smiling faces. As a whole bunch of trips get started (and a few more wrap up) it’s a pretty darn exciting time here in the ApoBlogVerse, so why… Read more »