Staff Recruitment 2017 & Our Path to Great Leaders

Apogee is rooted in humble beginnings – we started with only two trips and a total of 15 students in 2002. Fifteen years later, Apogee’s roots are firmly planted, proudly welcoming nearly 600 students in 2016 and running 43 trips in stunning locations all over the world. While our growth can be contributed to numerous… Read more »

The 2017 Early Bird Tuition Discount is Flying!

Ahhhhh, sweet fall! Spiced cider, a little nip in the air, pumpkins just begging to be carved – and that autumnal classic … the Apogee Early Bird. That’s right – the Bird is a-flying once again! If you missed it last year, the Early Bird is a great, no-risk way to save $250 on Apogee’s… Read more »

Day 45: Closing Time

By Michael Kravitz and Gracie Wright Whether it be in Geneva, Quebec, or San Francisco, all over the world Apogee trips are coming to an end. This part of the summer is always bittersweet: while we are happy that all of our trips have run so smoothly and safely, we are saddened to say goodbye to… Read more »

Day 44: Cities, Surfing, and Service

By Michael Kravitz & Gracie Wright Even though there are only TWO (yes, I said it – TWO!) more days of adventures this summer, it doesn’t mean the fun has stopped. From sea kayaking, to summiting Mt. Katadhin, to exploring cities far and wide, the good times just keep on rolling! Maine Coast Junior (MCJ3): After… Read more »