Day 36: August Anthem?

Skip to a Specific Trip: MCJ, CI, NEMCA, NEMCB, CRMA, CRMB, CS, MCCE, MCP, MFT, DEXA, DEXB, VMA, VMB, CRLS, CRMC, CMCA, CMCB, NWXA, NWXB, PCA, PCB, PMC, SH, AXA, AXB, ECC, ACC1, ACC2 By: Red Giuliano Today’s blog post is titled “August Anthem?” because this morning we asked all our trips to submit a song that was keeping them going. Some sent me pictures but ignored my… Read more »

Day 35: An August Day

August. Called by many the last month of the summer. Named after a Roman emperor considered by some historians its greatest. Represented in the Zodiac by the signs of Leo and Virgo. Celebrated in the Apogee annual cycle for its successful conclusions, newfound friendships and confidences, and joyous reunions. Today marks seven days remaining for… Read more »

Day 34: Overheard at Camp

As you all know at this point, every summer, after two weeks of intense training, we send our Apogee leaders out into the world and across the globe to lead their trips – bye bye, adios, au revoir, arrivederci, see ya! In co-leader pairs, they embark on their journeys, far and away. They meet their… Read more »

Day 33: You learn something new every day

By Chandler Smith After a thorough deliberation, you have determined that you are in need of a beverage from your local coffee shop and head on over. After being slightly confused by the push-pull situation of the front door, you enter, order your favorite drink, and wait patiently. You turn to take a seat in your… Read more »