Day 36: Smiles for Miles!

It’s hard to believe that August is already here! June and July have been great – filled with beautiful weather, gorgeous views, and awesome adventures. We can’t wait to see what the last month of summer has in store for our students and staff in the field! Skip to a Specific Trip: CI, NEMCA, NEMCB, CS,… Read more »

Day 35: In-it-to-Win-it Wednesday

“Who are we: Apogee! Where are we going? To the top!” This chant is one of many classic Apogee phrases our groups use to boost team morale before a big challenge – whether that’s summiting a peak, biking to the top of a big hill, or finishing that last bit of leftover mac n’ cheese.… Read more »

Day 34: Tales of Treks and Trails

Welcome, dear readers, to another blog post full of tales of adventures from the Apo-world!  Many of our groups hit the trails today (whether the trails were well-trodden paths or paved roads), while others gave their bikes and hiking boots a break and gave back to the community with service projects.  No matter what they’re… Read more »

Day 33: Monday Fun-day

It’s day 33 of trips in the Apogee world, but for many of our students it’s day one!  We say hello (in many different languages) to eight (that’s right… EIGHT) trips today and we say a bittersweet goodbye to three incredible groups. One thing is for sure though: whether they’re just at the beginning, in… Read more »