Day 40: The G.O.A.T

By Willard “Shem Dixon” Vietze Ah, it feels good to be back. After answering the call of the field once again, I am back for a final week of blog heaven. Expect: dry humor, obscure facts, mildly sarcastic captions, whimsy, a childlike sense of wonder, puns, exquisite vocabulary, and inexplicably weird jokes. This past week,… Read more »

Day 38: Facts are Fun

By Jack Messerly With so many Apogee trips in so many different amazing places in the world, writing the blog can provide a fantastic opportunity to learn more about some of the National Parks, small towns, mountain ranges, and community service programs that our groups explore and work with. So, to further educate myself, and… Read more »

Day 37: Good Vibes All Around

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