Shopping in a Winter Wonderland

By The Apogee Elves Happy Holidays from your friends at Apogee! Here in Maine, we have a perfect winter day – snow on the ground and the air is delightfully crisp and clear! We had our first big snow on Monday and are still enjoying its beauty. As the holiday season approaches, we’re making our… Read more »

Why Does Apogee Work? Evaluating the Magic

By: Izzy Janzen Back in the day, one of my favorite things about being an Apogee leader was seeing the transition groups experienced over the course of a trip. My favorite example is the first day of one of my Northwest Explorer trips. We encountered flight delays and a temporarily misplaced bag that led to… Read more »

Holy Holiday Hoodies, Batman!

Like the tip-tap of reindeer feet on the roof, the Apogee Holiday Hoodie sale is one of the most anticipated events of the holiday season! This year’s Holiday Hoodie is the very same American Apparel 100%-cotton pullover fleece hoodie issued to our field staff in advance of the summer season. Our hoodies are certainly comfortable, but stylish and… Read more »