Day 30: Smiles for Miles!

Oh the places we go! Whether it’s by van, foot, bike, or kayak, Apogee trips cover some serious mileage. Luckily, as you can see, this only makes our smiles even brighter! There’s no better feeling than crushing some distance with an amazing group of people by your side. Take a look at all the miles… Read more »

Day 29: …was mighty fine!

From sunrise to sunset, our students saw it all today – and we’ve got photographic evidence to back it up! Though sprinkled with goodbyes for many of our trips, the day was a great one, and we can’t wait to fill you in on all things Apo. Peek below for updates! Skip to a Specific… Read more »

Day 28: Feelin’ Great!

Well, hello there! Welcome to the latest (and greatest? We’ll let you decide…) edition of the blog. Whether you’ve stumbled upon this by happenstance, or have been refreshing the page for the last hour in hopes the post would be live, there’s something for you below – as long as you like one of three… Read more »