Peak News: Springing Forward

With warmer weather around the corner, we’re gearing up for another great summer. Check out what’s new with our alumni families, staff, and around this office in this installment of Apogee Peak News!

Also, if your Apogee Alum has done something cool or exciting recently (and we know you have!), please send a blurb and photo to We love hearing from you!

Apogee Alum Feature

The Oliver Family

Here at Apogee, there’s nothing quite like the joy of hearing from our alumni families. It truly fills our sails to hear how our students’ Apogee experiences continue to resonate for them in ways small and large.

This past month we received one of those messages from the Oliver family of beautiful Austin, Texas. Learn more about the impact Apogee has had on them in a few words from Apogee alums Paige and Maggie, along with mom, Clara!


Paige on Maine Coast Photo in 2017 (left) and visiting the Colosseum while studying abroad in 2022 (right).

“Apogee made me realize not only how fun but how possible and accessible the outdoors can be.” – Paige Oliver

It all started a decade ago when we sent a catalog to the Oliver family. Thanks to Paige’s persistence, a spark was lit as the catalog was dog-eared and pored over at the breakfast table, and the Oliver family’s journey with Apogee began!



Maggie on Maine Coast Junior in 2017 (top left) and performing with her high school's Winter Guard team this year (right).

Over the years Paige joined us on three trips (all three of which are on pause for the time being – but, you never know, they may come back!) –California Mountains and CoastMaine Coast Photo, and Scottish Highlands. Paige’s enthusiasm for travel was contagious, spreading to her sister Maggie who also joined us for three trips.

Both girls have continued traveling all over the world, through study abroad and other academic programs (destinations have included Mexico, Italy, Hawaii, Australia, and Japan!). They share this love of adventure with their parents and we are so excited to see what is next for the Oliver family!

“I think I am a more experienced and independent individual because of these trips and I think they’ve prepared me for so much in life, while also being so much fun.” – Maggie Oliver


Apogee Staff Feature

Summit Society Banners

Looking to spruce up your space with some new decor? Check out Apogee leader Frances Kirk’s new project, Summit Society Banners! Francis has been hard at work handmaking these beautiful felt banners and she hooked us up with one of her very first (see below). You will see it hanging proudly the next time you stop by Apogee’s Intergalactic Headquarters in beautiful Brunswick.

Office Happenings

Apogee’s Gelato Flavor

If you find yourself in Brunswick this summer, stop by Gelato Fiasco for a scoop of our very own flavor, “Apogee Trail Mix.” Thank you to Mitch and the whole team at Gelato Fiasco (and the whole Apogee family for accumulating 10,000 (!!) points to earn the right to develop and name a new flavor – and breath the rarified air of the “Red Spoon Society Hall of Fame”) for making this happen! For the curious, Apogee Trail Mix is a delicious mix of sweet cream, mini M&Ms, coconut flakes, Craisins, and, of course, a bit of granola. Our full-time team very much enjoyed sampling our own gelato last week!