Day 45: Jokes are Live

When I was a kid I used to get so excited to eat popsicles. Not only were they my favorite summertime treat, there were always great jokes on the sticks. Tonight, the blog will act like these popsicles. You get the sweet treat of seeing awesome pictures, and I’ll throw in some of my favorite… Read more »

Day 44: Need We Say More?

Yes, it turns out, we do need to say a bit more. For as much as a blog photo (or three) can say about what our groups are up to in the field, there is always more helpful context to give! For example, today is the only day of the summer where every single one… Read more »

Day 42: Hitchhiker’s Guide to Apogee

There’s a story that says one day on a small planet in a small galaxy within a ginormous universe, a supercomputer decided the answer to life’s biggest questions was 42. So today, on Apogee’s 42nd day of summer adventuring, we’ve brought you a showcase of all the natural wonders that this very small planet has… Read more »