Day 43: So long, farewell, auf auf wiedersehen, goodbye! Adieu, adieu, to you, and you, and you

By Squilliam Vietze Good evening, colleagues. Today was a day of marvelous trip finishes/final destination reaches in the Apogee world. Our groups crossed bridges, belly flopped oceans, conquered (entered) cities, and drove homeward after some truly epic odysseys. ACC2 finally crossed the country after absolutely devouring miles all summer long and were rewarded with a… Read more »

Day 42: Six Weeks In and An Answer for Everything

By Wilson Vietze It was a beautiful day in the Apogee world. Monty, office dog, made an adorable noise while itching her ear and I enjoyed a cup of sorbetto with my lunch. On this very day, seven years ago, a beloved Jetblue flight attendant quit his job via the escape slide, so, to follow… Read more »

Day 41: F is for Fun

By Wilbur Vietze Ah, another beautiful day in the Apogee office. Sun is shining (maybe), birds are chirping (quietly), and the blog machine is rolling (definitely, maybe). Today is a momentous day in the Apogee summer, as the first of our America Coast to Coast trips rolled to the Pacific after a grueling summer. They… Read more »

Day 40: The G.O.A.T

By Willard “Shem Dixon” Vietze Ah, it feels good to be back. After answering the call of the field once again, I am back for a final week of blog heaven. Expect: dry humor, obscure facts, mildly sarcastic captions, whimsy, a childlike sense of wonder, puns, exquisite vocabulary, and inexplicably weird jokes. This past week,… Read more »