It’s Holiday Hoodie & Hat Time!

If you have always wanted the gear we issue to our staff in advance of each summer, now is your chance! We’re offering this summer’s staff hoodie for your stocking-stuffer pleasure – they have been evaluated by our staff as “very snuggly,” “great for around the campfire,” and “wicked sharp” – so you know they’re… Read more »

The (Good-Old-Not-Quite-as-Early) Early Bird is Back!

Ladies and gentlemen – it’s October, and that can mean only one thing – it’s time to mess around with lyrics to get this year’s Early Bird Tuition Discount up and running! We know you’ve been waiting all year, so without further ado (and with many apologies to the immortal Bob Marley): Rise up this… Read more »

Day 46: See you in 2020!

Hello? Hello? Is this thing on…? Anyone out there? Considering that all students are back home, odds are slim that we’ve got our usual million+ blog viewers tuning tonight, but for the fair few who have made it to the very end, welcome! We couldn’t leave you hanging, so enjoy the final few photos of… Read more »

Day 45: Celebrations and Bittersweet Farewells!

Today was filled with two things: celebrations and heartfelt goodbyes. With all but two groups wrapping up today, there were a lot of hugs, shared contact info, and bittersweet tears. However, two of our groups are putting the finishing touches on Apogee 2019 in style, enjoy their final day together with a celebratory meal and… Read more »