Leader Bios! Meet Red, Ariel, Sean, and Isa!

We can’t believe that this year’s Apogee trip leaders will be rolling into Brunswick in less than three weeks! We’re looking forward to sharing our daily apogees, perigees, and kudos with each other (traditions that those new to the Apogee family will surely learn this summer). And while not everyone may be well-versed in A’s,… Read more »

Leader Bios! Meet Clark, Addie, Nicholas, and Emma!

clark and addie and nicholas and emma went up to the mountains(to solve a dilemma) * and clark discovered a marmot that chirped so loudly he couldn’t remember his name,and * addie befriended a silly sea otter whose pups amid the kelp frolicked; * and nicholas was chased by a slippery thing which raced sideways… Read more »

Leader Bios! Meet Carter, Jessie, Jack, and Grace!

Cycling and surfing and volunteering, oh my! What more could one want from a sunny summer on the Pacific Coast? This season, returning leaders and Apo-veterans unite to share traditions new and old with their Apogee students as they cycle-tour together from Eugene, OR to San Francisco, CA. There will be sweat, there will be… Read more »

Leader Bios! Meet Emma, Todd, Olivia, and Henry!

Did you know that the earliest redwoods appeared on Earth shortly after dinosaurs did? Or that while redwoods can grow to be 300 feet or taller, their root systems run only six to twelve feet deep? Did you know that the Sierra Nevada mountain range extends 400 miles in length? This summer, six groups of… Read more »