Day 20: There and Back Again, Or, An Apogee Tale

by Ezra Ward-Packard Hello everybody! My name is Ezra Ward-Packard and I have the privilege to be guest writing today’s blog (for the first time) while your regular word jockey, Will Vietze, is scampering around Acadia National Park with MCJ2. Today, like all days, is a big day in Apo-world! Two of our Maine-based trips… Read more »

Day 19: Destination Driven

by Olivia Box Every trip we have is in the field today except Coast to Quebec and Maine Coast Photo – so needless to say it’s a busy one! Many of our trips have made it to final destinations such as Geneva, San Francisco, Edinburgh, and Seattle. Regardless of where our trips are in their… Read more »

Day 18: Adventure is Out There!

Skip to a Specific Trip: CI, NEMC, CRM, CSA, MCCE, DEXA, DEXB, VM, CRLS, CMCA, CMCB, MSA, NWXA, NWXB, PCA, PCB, SHX, AXA, AXB, ECCA, ECCB, ACC1, ACC2 Energy levels are high in the Apogee world today! Along with your standard mix of epic service projects, hikes, and rides, we have a few other milestones… Read more »

Day 17: H.A.G.S

By Willard Vietze Howdy, friends! Today is a bittersweet day at Apogee – I will be relinquishing my blog duties for the week to enter the field! In the meantime, enjoy the wordsmithery of Ezra and H.A.G.S (have a great summer). I will surely miss updating you on our trips whereabouts and all the fun… Read more »