Hot and Fresh! Newly Designed Apogee Bike Jerseys!

Happy Spring to all!   Flowers and trees are slowly starting to bloom here in Maine and warmer weather is on the rise – by George, we should get close to fifty degrees today!   It considerably understates things to say that we are looking forward to summer. We’re happy to announce some exciting news… Read more »

Apogee: Gear Shopping Made Easy (Mostly)

Way back in the late Triassic Period, when Apogee’s directors were but lads and participating in their own adventures, getting the equipment list for our adventure always felt a bit like Christmas:  “look at all the loot I get, and I get to go on this cool trip to see the pterodactyls, too!”  We never… Read more »

Sign-Up Gifts – You Glow You Want One…

Up here in Maine, we have a foot of snow on the ground and woke up to negative temperatures today. Even our scarves are wearing scarves on a day like today. Admittedly, summer seems like a long, long way down the road – but it sure is nice to think about! As some of you… Read more »