Whoo-hoo – Incentives & Updates!

Well, hello Wide World of Apogee!   A very Happy New Year to new and returning blog readers!

I wanted to update you all on several incentives we have launched during this winter’s application season.   As many of you know, we will be on the road through much of the next month doing slide presentations throughout the country.   We certainly hope you will be able to join us — you can see the schedule  here.

And perhaps it’s just because we like company, but we are offering a cold, hard cash incentive to new families this year.    Any new family who attends a slide show and then applies for a 2011 trip will receive a $100 tuition discount for that trip. Applying for two trips?   Shoot, we’ll take $100 off of each of them.

Returning families aren’t left out in the cold, either.    Returning families will receive $100 off of this summer’s tuition for every new family who lets us know that they were referred to Apogee by the returning family (up to $300).

Also,  every student who applies between now and January 28 will receive a deluxe, super-snazzy long-sleeve American Apparel t-shirt, handsomely emblazoned with the powerful Apogee mountain symbol.   Hannah, Kadin, and Josiah, three of our local super-stars, are doing an excellent job modeling the shirt in the picture below.  So — all of that said, we’ll look forward to seeing you out across this great land this January!

Finally, I am delighted to tell you that we have entered the 21st century and are now taking applications online — you can check it out  here.   And, I never thought I would say this, but we are also accepting deposits by credit card!

Questions about any of the above?   Call us at 207.725.7025 or shoot us an email atinfo@apogeeadventures.com.   To the regular readers of the blog:   I apologize for the overly business-y nature of this particular post, I will do my best to get back to my generally inane form in short order!