Day 41 – Sign-Off

Dear Reader, of our four trips in the field, everyone is enjoying their last full day together today exploring big, beautiful cities on the West Coast.

Of our Pacific Coasters, now firmly ensconced on the south side of the Golden Gate, Alex and Lidia’s gang is, as I type, urging the driver of their double-decker tour bus to take on Lombard Street’s tight turns. Rachel and Sam’s group is just across the city in Haight-Ashbury (under very, very close supervision, I promise). Apologies in advance for the patchouli and tie-dye products parents are likely to see tomorrow night…

Day 40 – Almost There

It’s official, ladies and gentlemen. Our 2010 bicycle riding has concluded. With ACC now chowing down on fish tacos and working on their non-biker tans at the beach in San Diego, and (as of about ten minutes ago) both of our Pacific Coast groups over the Golden Gate, we are calling it a wrap! The ACC gang has already boxed up their bikes and shipped them home — then they were driving (??) over to the beach this afternoon. The PC groups will be, to borrow a bit of today’s vernacular, maxin’ and relaxin’ in San Francisco for the rest of their time together over the next couple of days. Kevin is in San Francisco right now — taking pictures of the groups with a very talented photographer buddy of his. He did send me one shot of Alex and Lidia’s group posing on the northern end of the Golden Gate (he also told me that it was 54 degrees on the bridge at noon today…)


Day 39 – Part II – They’re In

And – they made it! At 4:45 PM local time, and after a mere 2700 miles since June 25, our intrepid cross-country dynamos hit the water at Ocean Beach in San Diego! Two quick shots of several of the gang are below. We’ll put more up shortly when we’ve got some good non-cell phone shots to post!


Day 39 – Auspiciousness

Any regular reader of our humble little blog knows that today is the big day. As I type, our cross-country riders have seen the ocean, have felt the misty breeze blowing up from the coast and into Poway and Ramona, and are right now snaking down through El Cajon’s urban jungle. They’re likely overwhelmed by the sheer number of cars and traffic lights, but the euphoria and endorphins popping like popcorn on a hot griddle more than makes up for any urban angst they’re feeling. They should be at the beach within the next hour and a half or so! If someone is able to send me a shot from the beach we’ll be sure to get it posted