Day 43: Wait, What Day Is It?

While we’re as surprised as you are to already be 43 days into our summer, there’s so many other great things that make this day special! For example, did you know that today is National Mustard Day? Who knew! Around the Apogee office, though, we know one thing for sure that makes today important… It’s Director (and Founder!) Kevin’s birthday today! Happy birthday, Kevin, and thank you for making all these dreams of outdoor adventures come true.


Maine Coast Junior (MCJ)

Let’s go, MCJ! Today was arrival day for this MCJ trip, which I personally think should count as a national holiday. After the team met up in Massachusetts for the first time, they piled into the van for a good old fashioned bonding roadtrip as they made their way up north to midcoast Maine. Once they were settled in at camp, the crew played some more name games, cooked a delicious dinner, and snuggled into their sleeping bags to be well-rested for tomorrow’s sea kayaking adventure.

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI)

After savoring the feeling of waking up on beautiful Martha’s Vineyard this morning, our unstoppable CI crew hopped on their bikes early for a quick ride over to the local Island Grown Initiative. There, they spent the first half of their day doing community service on the farm! And guess what – it just so happens to be National Farmworker Appreciation Day! It was the perfect day for our CI students to get their hands dirty and find a new appreciation for all that farmworkers do for their communities. After a tasty lunch (with some fresh greens, no less!), they headed into town to spend the afternoon exploring Martha’s Vineyard. Tomorrow, they’ll broaden their horizons even more as they head out for an exploration ride on Nantucket!


New England Mountains & Coast A (NEMCA)

Our intrepid NEMCA crew grabbed their first full day in the Whites by its horns! Reports from the field said the trip knew their day was off to a great start when they began their hearty breakfast with a perfectly executed Quaker (an Apogee tradition that helps ensure everyone eats together). After fueling up for the morning, the crew hit the trails to tackle the Imp Ledges trail, which they did with incredible efficiency and fun! Tomorrow, the group will take off on their next adventure: a day of whitewater rafting!

New England Mountains & Coast B (NEMCB)

Ready, set, hike! Today was NEMCB’s first day of hiking in New Hampshire’s stunning White Mountains, and this newly-formed team conquered it with smiles on their faces and lots of games on the trail. Today was far from their last day hike in the Whites though, and this crew can’t wait to lace up their hiking boots again. But first, they’ve got a date with the whitewaters of New Hampshire tomorrow when they hit the rafts!

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains (CRM)

Rise and shine, CRM! The gang woke up early today to squeeze in a morning hike before they loaded up the van to head over to their next campsite in Estes Park. While on their journey to the other side of Rocky Mountain National Park, this rockin’ (get it?) crew got to see the heart of the park as they trundled along the highest continuous paved road in the country. While today may be National Disc Golf Day, our CRMers have a different outdoor activity on their minds: the rock climbing they’ll be doing tomorrow!

Caribbean Service (CS)

What better way to spend the dog days of summer than with actual dogs? Our CS crew rolled out early this morning to scoot on over to the Vieques Humane Society, where they spent the first half of their day helping to build better lives for Vieques’s furry friends. After their morning on land, the gang cooled off in the afternoon by hitting the water for a snorkeling session! Tomorrow, they’ll kick off the day with more community service on Vieques before having an epic evening kayaking session in the island’s famous bioluminescent bay.

Maine Coast Photo (MCP)

Welcome to Maine (Coast Photo): the way life should be. This awesome MCP crew met up for the first time today, pushing past the semi-awkward introductions and making fast friends. Once everyone was accounted for, the gang made their way up the coast to the lovely town of Boothbay, where they settled in at the cottage that they’ll call home for the next week. Tomorrow, they’ll get right down to business with their first workshop and photoshoot with their instructor, Jamie. Perhaps they’ll go the modern route and channel Andy Warhol, whose birthday happens to be today!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEX)

Welcome back, DEX! This rugged crew finally emerged from their backcountry stint on the Appalachian Trail today with the grit and pictures to prove it! After hiking back to their van this morning, the gang treated themselves to some celebratory ice cream before hitting the road. Maybe there were even celebratory root beer floats involved – it is National Root Beer Float Day, after all! Back in civilization, the group got the chance to resupply, do some laundry, and make phone calls home while in the quaint town of Millinocket. Tonight, they’ll head into Baxter State Park for a good night’s sleep before taking on Mount Katahdin tomorrow – the highest peak in Maine!

Vermont to Montreal A (VMA)

It was back on bikes today for VMA! After their day of paddling and exploring in Burlington yesterday, these seasoned cyclists hit the road again this morning to continue their journey north. They cruised 17 miles to Grand Isle, VT, today, stopping along the way to take an awesome bike ferry (see below)! Tomorrow, they’ll hit a major milestone in their trip when they cross the border into Canada! Allons-y, VMA!

Vermont to Montreal B (VMB)

What a day for VMB! This all-star crew got a well-deserved day of rest and fun today as they traded their bikes for kayaks and hit the shores of Lake Champlain. After an awesome morning of paddling on the lake, the group spent their afternoon exploring the beautiful city of Burlington. Sounds like they had a ball of a day! Speaking of, did you know that today is Lucille Ball’s birthday? If she were still around, she’d be 111 today! After hopefully cracking some jokes in her honor, the gang treated themselves to an early bedtime to rest up before hitting the road again tomorrow.

Don’t ask me how they found snow in August… I don’t know either!

Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)

CRMC has exited the rainforest! After hiking out from RACE this morning, the crew was ready to get some downtime as they headed to their next destination. The gang arrived in the lovely beachside village of Bahia today, where they spent the afternoon settling in, exploring the town, and hitting the beach. I hope someone told them that today is National Sandcastle Day! Tomorrow, they’ll get to explore the beach from a whole new perspective when they dive into their day of snorkeling. They sent us a few extra photos today to make up for their limited cell service the last couple of days!

California Mountains & Coast (CMC)

Oh snap, they’re back! Our fearless young explorers in California emerged from their backcountry section in Point Reyes National Seashore today, marking an incredible accomplishment. Once they returned to civilization, the crew was treated to all the things they couldn’t quite get in the wilderness: a new supply of food, fresh laundry, hot showers, and phone calls home. You can take the trip out of the backcountry, but you can’t take the backcountry out of the trip – they’ll be hitting the trail again tomorrow for a day hike!

Alaska Mountains & Coast A (AKMCA)

Our AKMCAers traded their hiking boots for work gloves today as they got down to business doing community service in Seward. The crew spent the morning working with the Kenai Watershed Forum on local habitat protection work before heading into town to pick up some mail! While there, they also made sure everything was in order for their upcoming sea kayaking trip. They’ll start their two-day seafaring adventure tomorrow on Seward’s breathtakingly beautiful Resurrection Bay!

Alaska Mountains & Coast B (AKMCB)

We’ve got a major update coming to you from our AKMCB crew: They’ve completed their first backcountry section! Reports from the field say the group absolutely crushed the rest of Crow’s Pass this morning, winding their way back to Eagle River. The gang then spent the rest of their day replenishing their supplies and taking hot showers before heading to bed early to rest up to begin their next backcountry section on the Williwaw Lakes Loop tomorrow.

Per their leader Alex, “Not sure what to call the pose our crew is in but it was what they decided would be funny!”

Northwest Explorer (NWX)

Now that they’re back in civilization, our unstoppable NWX team is just itching to get back out into nature. They spent their day in the beautiful city of Bellingham as they prepared for their upcoming sea kayaking excursion on and around the San Juan islands. Their missions for the day were to restock their food supply, get some laundry done, make phone calls home, and relax, all of which they completed successfully! Tomorrow, they’ll make some waves as they paddle out to the islands – just like Gertrude Ederle did on this day in 1926 when she became the first woman to swim the English Channel!

Plus, some extra photos from their time in the backcountry!

Pacific Coast (PC)

No big surprises here – PC just keeps on keeping on! Today, these veteran cyclists crushed their nearly half-century ride down the California coast, ticking off 49 more miles on their legendary journey to San Francisco. They were treated to a lovely ride of rolling hills and eucalyptus groves today as they zoomed along. With a ride like that, you’d wish every day were National Cycle to Work Day – oh wait, today is!

Alps Explorer A (AXA)

Welcome back to Switzerland, AXA! While on their beautiful eight-mile hike along their Tour du Mont Blanc route today, the AXA crew crossed back into Switzerland, the place where it all began! The end of their marvelous journey is in sight, and they only have one last full day on the TMB before they get to celebrate their accomplishments in Fiesch. And while we’re on the topic of last days, did you know that Jon Stewart hosted his last episode of The Daily Show on this day in 2015?

Back in Switzerland! Woohoo!!


Alps Explorer B (AXB)

THEY DID IT!! These talented mountaineers completed the Tour du Mont Blanc with a ten-mile hike into Fiesch today, where they got reunited with their favorite pink church. After taking some time to bask in the glory of their accomplishment (see Kaia below), the crew headed to Martigny for a good night of rest before they tackle a day hike of Aletsch Glacier tomorrow. We’re so proud of you, AXB!

Looks like leader Kaia is happy to be back in Trient!

Pyrenees Mountains and Coast (PMC)

Woohoo for day two! Our PMCers conquered their second day on the Carros de Foc trail today, logging a lovely five-mile hike with killer views and some easier downhill sections. After their day on the trail, the crew landed at another wonderful Spanish refugi for the evening, just like the Curiosity rover landed on Mars on this day in 2012! Happy exploring, PMC!