Day 41: Thesaurus Tuesday

By: Annika Nygren

Day 41: It’s a gorgeous, chirpy (the informal form of ‘merry’) summer day up here in Brunswick! Sunny and 85 degrees – perfect weather to write a blog post jam-packed with adjectives! I cracked open my thesaurus (and by cracked open, I mean opened an extra tab on my computer internet screen… do people even use the hard copies anymore? Sorry, Mom…) and am ready to write a stupendous, awe-inspiring, tremendous blog post! Out into the pastureland (AKA field) we go!

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ A): Biking in Acadia! These kiddos (instead of children, suggested “whippersnappers,” so I spared you all that one…) crushed 16.3 miles of gorgeous terrain today and enjoyed a picnic lunch. We didn’t have pictures by press-time, but we’ll be sure to post a veritable cornucopia tomorrow!

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ B): These little nuggets crushed their first jaunts in Acadia today! Up and down BOTH North and South Bubble Mountains AND lunch at the top of Cadillac Mountain.

IMG_9702-1#Summitselfie (my apologies, those of us in the office can’t stop hash tagging after yesterday’s post…)

IMG_9521 IMG_7570

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 12.40.43 PMHi, Garebear! Photographer extraordinaire! (top left)

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 12.40.33 PM

Vermont to Montreal (VM): One more day until Montreal! Today’s ride was nice and flat (or “mild” and “uniform,” if you will) and the campground has two pools and a water slide! Score!

photo 2 (13) photo 1 (12) photo 3 (10)

photo 4 (4)From yesterday’s border crossing!

California Mountains and Coast (CMC): And into the backcountry they go! This is Emma and Dylan’s third go-around in these Yosemite woods, so we know they have beautiful, aesthetically pleasing spots to show the team and we are looking forward to hearing from them in two days!

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA): Another beautiful day in Cabo Rojo, and transitioning to Vieques mañanaToday Will and Lucy’s group completed more service at the wildlife refuge by potting and sifting dirt as well as weeding potted plants before an afternoon hike in the refuge!

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 2.35.03 PM

Montana Service Adventure (MSA): Service today, rafting tomorrow! Goooorgeous, sensational, and dazzling views were seen yesterday during their ride on the Going to the Sun road and their helping hands are back at work today!Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 9.29.19 AM



(“Insta” refers to Instagram!)



IMG_8814Service today!


Northwest Explorer (NWX): Out on the ocean waters sea kayaking! Three days, the open sea, a plethora of snacks and bottles of sunscreen… sounds lovely! Looking forward to pictures when this team strikes land again. 20140805_120258


Pacific Coast (PCA): Hilly and slightly steep riding today for Matt and Jeanne’s crew! But all the climbing was rewarded with impressive and stunning scenery (if not cell service to send us pictures…).

Pacific Coast (PCB): Trevor and Kate’s group had a looonng day of riding today after a lovely rest day yesterday! Today’s coastal ride passed through some jaw-dropping sights (but suffered a similar paucity of cell service).

Alps Explorer (AX): Border crossing back into Switzerland today! Jack and CC’s crew are crushing the Tour du Mont Blanc hikes and only have two more days on trail! Can you believe it?! Must be nice hiking in a postcard all the time… WOW! Those views.IMG_7776



America Coast to Coast (ACC1): Peace out, bikes! Beach, here we come! This morning Josh and Laura whipped up pancakes, went to the bike shop to get their bikes boxed up to be sent home, and then it was off to the beach to relax and talk about what they have just accomplished! And check it out! From East Coast to West Coast Apogee is making it’s name across the country.IMG_5484This eponymously-named shop is less than a block from the spot where our groups hit the beach in San Diego!

IMG_0701 IMG_9085

America Coast to Coast (ACC2): ONE MORE DAY! ONE MORE DAY! Sam and Ally’s group are just about 60 miles short of reaching their final destination and dipping those tires into the Pacific Ocean! We are so proud of this group and can’t wait to see them complete their journey in just about 24 hours. Our own man Kevin and ACC 1 will be at the beach to cheer them in! It is going to be a serendipitous day!IMG_5282

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 12.10.22 PMGuest rider!


IMG_4406.JPGSpotted: first sign to San Diego!!

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE:) More writing today, of course! Mia and Nick’s group spent a portion of their morning working on their essays and then hit up the H2Ocean for a mental break to sea kayak and hopefully find some inspiration at sea for more essay topics.Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 10.54.15 AM

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 10.54.04 AM

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 10.53.54 AM



What a day filled with a smorgasbord (going back to my Swedish roots here) of adjectives and obscure nouns! I am off the next two days, sneaking away to Acadia to get in some adventures of my own, and then I will be back to finish up the Apogee summer season with just two or three more blog posts. WHAT?! Where did the time go?! If I think about it anymore, I’m going to start crying. And I know Chad does not want to see that… See ya later folks, I’ll be back soon!