Day 3: Let the Games Begin!

By: Gracie Wright

After two days of trip starts, today is another day of firsts: first full day of hiking, biking, snacking, bonding, Quakering, cheer-leading, rodeo-ing, and first day of school for some groups, to name a few! Let’s check it out!

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ1): After a scrumptious dinner at camp, our youngest Apogee adventurers slept soundly (through a little bit of rain – although that’s hard to believe because we all know that it never rains on Apogee trips….) and awoke to a day of beautiful weather here in Maine! These guys made their way down the coast from Freeport to Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park.

MCJ 7-2 (2)
Mmm tomato soup and grilled cheese-but not before the well-known Apogee mealtime tradition of “Quakering!”
MCJ 7-2
A sunny van selfie before heading to hike in Acadia!
First hike in Acadia – to the top!

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI1): These adventurers had the best of both worlds today-a ride on water and on the road! A ferry ride brought everyone over to Martha’s Vineyard where they got to bike around and enjoy some (moderate) calm before the big Fourth of July holiday weekend rush.

Ferry time!

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA1): Another day in the dirt for the Puerto Rico Service Samaritans! Today their guide Miguel showed the group more about digging irrigation trenches. What better way to learn about conserving the land then to get right down and dirty with it?!

CSA 7-2
The service around here looks great-no diggity!

Vermont to Montreal A (VM1A): This crew was all about the B’s today- they Biked from Bomoseen to Branbury! They also crossed one of Vermont’s fabled covered Bridges today, too!

What a good-looking bunch!
Hard to miss this crew with those flags and happy, hardworking faces!
Bonus points for the blog’s first covered bridge pic of 2016!

Vermont to Montreal B (VM1B): This Vermont crew is venturing from lake to lake today! They left Lake St. Catherine with loaded panniers and open eyes for the beauties of the Green Mountains as they bike their way to Lake Bomoseen. Maybe they can go for a celebratory splash once they make it to camp!

Saying goodbye to Lake St. Catherine and headed towards new beginnings!
Some serious funny business going on here!
Looks like this group is grooving together already!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer A (DEX1A): This DEXterous group started off with a hike in the Camden hills! Rhett and Lizzie briefed them well with safety tips and whistles for the hiking trail, which they’re sporting well at the summit together!

Thumbs up for these views and this crew!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer B (DEX1B): Despite the rainy night for these explorers, the group took full advantage of today’s gorgeous weather with a hike up Megunticook Mountain above Camden. It’s hard to blame them for stopping at this beautiful outlook. They’re off to Acadia NP for the next few days!

DEX B 7-2
What an incredible view! Hard to tell where the water ends and the sky begins..
IMG_7009 (1)
A postcard worthy pic!

Costa Rica Language & Service (CRLS1): These Spanish scholars have been hitting the books and enjoying the looks in Costa Rica! Today was their first day of classes – beginning with Spanish placement conversations with Ingrid. They had to abandon their outdoor classrooms to avoid the tropical rains but are keeping themselves busy with practicing conjugations, acting out different kinds of birds, and learning how to say “sloth” in Spanish (el perezoso, if anyone is curious). Tomorrow they trade their pencils for paddles with a morning of white water kayaking!

CRLS 7-2
Acing the Spanish placement exam no problemo!
CRLS 7-2 (2)
First day of school pic!

Coast to Quebec A (CQ1A): This crew definitely got their fill of the coast today!! Their stopping point is near a lighthouse with a beautiful view of the ocean-a very picturesque Maine spot!

Raising those flags high!
Taking in the views along the coast of Maine.

Coast to Quebec B (CQ1B): This biking gang crushed their morning miles and arrived into camp by lunchtime-not many people can say they finished almost 30 miles before noon! Way to go!! Their route passed right through Brunswick – where they got a nice group shot with director Kevin Cashman. All in all a great day!

CQB 7-2
Revved and ready to go this morning!

California Mountains & Coast A (CMC1A): What better way to cruise into Cali living than with a sea kayaking trip! Dave and Isa dressed their group to the nines in waterproof gear so that they’re all ready to rumble. They certainly bring some style to those life jackets!

Bet they can’t wait to test the waters!

California Mountains & Coast B (CMC1B): These California coasters got to explore the wonders of the Seqouias before heading into the backcountry of Yosemite! That said, they’ve entered a zone of limited cell reception – we should definitely get several pics from them tomorrow.

Montana Service Adventure (MSA1): It looks like the folks in Montana have been motoring! We can only imagine the sights and sounds they must be passing while on those well-equipped bikes. Maybe a moo or two? This afternoon they got a taste of an authentic Montana rodeo – yeehaw!!

MSA 7-2
Satisfied smiles from a GORP break in Manhatten, Montana!
MSA 7-2 (2)
Leaders Freddie and Anna demonstrating the best way to protect their noggins-with helmets!
At the rodeo!

Northwest Explorer (NWX1): Not to be confused with the site of the Summer Olympics in Rio, these explorers geared up for the back country with a day hike in Washington’s Olympic National Park! We can’t wait to see the pictures from Lake Angeles, and wonder if anyone will be bold enough to make the polar plunge??

These Olympians are off to an incredible start!

Pacific Coast A (PC1A): First day of biking = ca-ruising into Coooos Bay (we spelled it that way so that it would rhyme – how’d we do?). Bonnie and Mike’s SuperRollers are loving that cool Pacific breeze!

Who likes Oregon? We like Oregon!
Apogee and Noah’s Ark Fish-n-Pets – Together at Last!
Could be worse…

Pacific Coast B (PC1B): Who got a once in a lifetime bike tour along the gorgeous Oregon coast today?? This crew! With rolling hills and sweaty, happy faces galore!

Those are some great grins!

Scottish Highland Explorers (SHX1): These highlanders got a taste for the Scottish mountains with a day hike near Milarrochy! Do we think there’s any chance of a Loch Lomond monster?? Judging by the amount of smiles in this pic, I think not!

We wonder if Midge and Matt kept track of everyone using their melodious bagpipe piece?

Alps Explorer (AX1): This crew wasted no time during their first full day in Zermatt and started off with a hike up Riffelalp for lunch. Who knew you could use hiking poles for more than just that extra boost uphill-these gals and guys get major creativity points for expressing their Apo-G love! Today there was a marathon in town and around the mountains, so the group got to cheer on some of the runners.

AX 7-2
Gee whiz, what a clever way to rep Apo-G! Too bad the views aren’t any good.
As connoisseurs of Swiss architecture, the AX crew believes the buildings are a bit too “modern” for their liking 🙂

America Coast to Coast 1 (ACC1): These coast to coasters must have been fueled well from their evening dessert of “cookie face” (the pictures definitely sum it up for those that are unfamiliar with the game/treat). They crossed the border into Georgia today and became instant celebrities-they were featured on one of the Georgia Welcome Center’s Facebook pages! Get your autographs now!

West making the crew work for their cookies!
Cookie face or cookie monsters?? I’d say both!
The first of many state border crossings!

 America Coast to Coast 2 (ACC2): Today also marks the first ever send off of our SECOND America Coast to Coast trip!!! Lucy and Dixie led the charge in dipping those back wheels into the salty South Carolina ocean. They will pave their way through many a towns and cities, and already left their mark on the sandy beach!

And they’re off! (Right after the missing biker arrives!)
Will it look different in 6 weeks written in west coast sand??