Day 20 – Back in the Saddle!

Alright, alright, Dear Blog Reader — for better or worse, I am back in the saddle again after spending several very eventful days away from the computer screen.   With many, many thanks to Guest Blogger Mia, I’m happy to be back reporting the news like your very own, if less informed, Walter Cronkite!

Perhaps it’s because we have only seven trips in the field tonight, but I’m delighted to report that we have a zero FAIL rate tonight (i.e., we have no Fotos In Limbo…) — we have shots from every trip in the field.   Well, now that I think about it, we have no picture from the newest iteration of our Vermont to Montreal trip, but it’s their first day and they are enjoying the long van ride over to their trip start in Dorset as I type, so we’ll forgive them.

Without further ado:

CI2: Here are several of Peter and Julie’s young charges enjoying a picture-perfect day on the Cape, making their way up the Rail Trail.   They’re back on the road tomorrow before a morning on the long boards on Saturday.

NEMC1: Here are our NEMCers soaking up the view in the Whites this afternoon.   There are celebratory cupcakes tonight in honor of leader Jillian’s birthday!

PC1A: Andy and Danika’s group are getting into the spirit of things on their last full day in San Francisco.   Not too into the spirit of things, we promise…

PC1B: Here is a lovely shot of Lucas and Anna’s crew enjoying the sunset last night at Fisherman’s Wharf.   Both groups are enjoying a great final night together before saying goodbye early tomorrow (and I mean early — the first van shuttle is leaving at 3:45…)

MSA: Also enjoying their last day together are Anna and David’s Montanans.   This is kind of a cheater picture, as it is from the ride into Whitefish yesterday, but it sure gives you an idea of just how gorgeous it is out there!  After many miles, quads bigger than ever, and a last, big dinner out in Whitefish tonight, it’s sad goodbyes at the airport tomorrow morning!

ACC: Our Coast-to-Coasters pushed thirty miles this morning to pull into Jacksboro, Texas where they are enjoying a very quiet afternoon of nothing much at all aside from the hum of the air conditioner providing a soothing background for cool naps.   Pete sent along this great shot from yesterday afternoon with the title — “Onwards … To America!”   Yes, Pete, onwards — ever onwards.