Day 25: Kayaks and Bikes and Hikes, Oh My!

It’s still a quiet weekend here at HQ, and despite big smiles and great news from all of our trips, it’s going to be a bit of a sparse day for photos–mostly because so many of our leaders are between trips. We’re happy to report that the heat has broken here in New England, and I (Susie) saw a very cheerful CQB cruising through town on their way up the coast. Both of our New England hiking groups are paddling today, and our bike trips in Vermont and the Cape have both reached their destination cities! Meanwhile, CMC is trekking, ACC is cruising, and ECC is taking on the alps!

What we don’t have in photos we will provide in updates; read on! 

CI: Kirk and Laura are currently without smartphones (and without Garrett!), but they are spending the day enjoying Boston and just loving it. From the North End to Newbury Street, Boston is a wonderful city; we can’t wait to hear all about it when they come home tomorrow!

NEMC: Paddle time! On their last day of adventuring, Phil and Emma’s crew is paddling around off the coast of Maine. It’s a perfect day to be out on the water and build up a big appetite for a dinner out in Portland. Yippee!


DEX: Also in Kayaks off the coast of Maine–albeit much further downeast/north–are our DEXters! They are also loving the weather in Maine. What could be more perfect than a day on the water in Acadia? Here’s a shot of the crew in their boats:


VMA&B: Our Vermonters have arrived in Montreal! Wahoo!! They can’t use their data plans up there so we’ll have to wait on photos, but they said they are so excited to check out the city and maybe try out some poutine… I know french fries with cheese curds and gravy sounds odd, but I can vouch for its deliciousness!

CQA: CQA is absolutely cruising along up the coast. Chris saw them briefly today in Damariscotta and said the group was doing great. They will check out the lighthouse at Pemaquid Point today as they continue crushing their miles on the way to Quebec. Looking good!


CQB: I took some pictures of CQB as they blasted through Brunswick this morning–Posie had the idea of doing a “attitude” shot in addition to big smiles below. Note excellent apple and pepper-packing skills.


CMC: CC, Jack, and friends are in the backcountry of Yosemite still–we know they’re doing great but will just have to be patient for pictures… 

ACC1: Oh dear, watch out folks. Alexis and Nick’s crew has arrived in Roswell, New Mexico, and strange things are happening… While attempting to stay cool in the grocery store, our intrepid riders seem to be overcome with alien powers! Oh well, maybe this will help with the biking!


ACC2: Ahhh, the open road. Mike and McKayla’s crew is blasting through Texas, and with only one night left in the Lone Star State, they are feeling great and riding strong. Here’s a shot from the road–look at that nice big shoulder! Perfect day for bicycling.


ECC: This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for–the Alps! And yes, I know you want pictures, dear reader, but the technologies still aren’t working. David and Anna can only send us pictures when they have wi-fi, so we’ll just have to be patient. But we’ve spoken on the phone and they are doing just fine as they climb up and over the mountains. They will have a day off the bikes on Tuesday to do service. Bis dann, weiter fahren!