Day 9: Staying Cool

Susie here! It’s a hot one in at headquarters, folks, but with all our trips cruising along (and staying hydrated!), it’s a beautiful day in Apo-land. After all the rain here in New England, everyone is happy to see a little sun, even if it means a bit of sweat, too! It’s an especially exciting day for several trips–Vermonters will cross the border into Canada, California Mountains and Coast will finish their backcountry hike, ACC 2 has their first day off the bikes to rest, and ECC has crossed their first national border! That’s not all, though; we have great news coming in from all over the place! So turn on those fans, jump in the pool, or grab some watermelon–but not before checking out today’s pictures! Here we go:

CI1:  Last night our Cape Codders had an awesome 4th of July celebration on the cape! Today they will take a day off the bikes to get their surf on–hang tight, dudes! Here’s a shot of the group at the beach, plus a few from their (slightly messy) dessert yesterday. Tomorrow they’ll be Boston bound!


NEMC1A & 1B:  Both of our NEMC crews went rafting today on the Kennebec River in Maine, and stopped to pose for these two combined group images.  Gotta love jumping pictures!

photo 2 photo 1

DEX1:  Our Downeast Explorers are on Mount Desert Island at Acadia National Park.  Just received this image from Izzy.  Sorry parents that you can’t see your kids faces, but you can at least see their heads silhouetted by the evening Maine sky on top of Cadillac Mountain.  Not a bad view!


CQ1A:  Ben and Lizzie’s Coast to Quebec departed the coast today, crossed the Camden hills and entered into central Maine. It’s a beautiful ride, and the group is crushing their miles, despite the heat. Here’s a shot of the crew on a well-deserved hilltop popsicle break and another on the road. Stayin’ cool is the name of the game! 


CQ1B:  Posie and Postyn’s crew had their community service day in Camden today, and boy, was it beautiful. They were up at Beech Hill Preserve in Rockport helping out with some trail maintenance, and the views up there are just superb. Plus, there was ice cream afterward! Postyn sent us several great shots:



VM1:  Our Vermonters have crossed into Canada!  But…we’re still waiting on a photo. Now that they’re in Canada, Laura texted to say that the international cell phone towers weren’t cooperating with her data cell phone package.  We’re hoping she’ll be able to get on Wifi  this evening and send something our way.  We’ll keep you posted!


Out in Montana, Kelly and Garth’s crew is just traveling north under the beautiful Big Sky! Here are some shots from the road–it looks like they are getting into a “prairie” (dog) state of mind. The group is doing great and can’t wait to get to their service project on the Blackfeet reservation. Roll on!


Not too shabby for a lunch break…

CSA1:  I just got off the phone with Hannah and it sounds like the crew down in Puerto Rico is just loving life! They are still at a hacienda on a farm where they’ve been staying and working for the last few days. With the farm’s permission, they decided to put up an impromptu food stand with produce from the farm. They made several traditional Puerto Rican dishes, and are passing out food for free, only asking for donations that will go to the farm.  Here’s a great shot of the crew with their homemade sign (and food!):


PC1A:  We just heard from Ally that PC A has crossed into the Redwoods! They have a beautiful ride ahead of them after a great fourth featuring burgers, chicken, and a flag cake! Today is their big climb and everyone is in great spirits. Here’s a shot of the boys in their “tent city” and another at the entrance of Redwood Park. Lookin’ good!


PC1B:  Mia and Jeremy’s crew went surfing today and had a ball. Rocking the wet suits under a clear blue sky, the PC1B group is all smiles. Next up, Redwoods!


CMC1:  California Mountains and Coast is still in the backcountry, trekking through beautiful Yosemite National Park. Once they are finished I’m sure we’ll have some great pictures from the hike. Then they will be on to their service project and final days in San Francisco!  7:15 PM EST – Jack just checked in with Chad 1/2 hour ago.  They are out of the backcountry but still out of range to send cell phone pictures.  Tomorrow we’ll be sure to post some.  But from Jack’s initial report to Chad, it sounds like they had an amazing time on their backcountry hike!

ACC1:  Nick reported that the group has safely arrived into their destination for the night! They are just hammering through their mileage and feeling great. Only a few more days until Mississippi!


ACC2:  After absolutely crushing their miles over the past few days, Mike and McKayla’s group gets their first well-deserved day off in Georgia. What to do on a day off, you ask? Pancake breakfast, of course! Here’s a food shot of the plentiful pancakes, plus a picture of the hungry bikers. Tomorrow they cross into Alabama!

ACC2(2) ACC2

ECC:  Thanks to a six-hour time difference, we’ve already (at around noon) heard that the European Coast to Coasters have long been into camp for the day–and have crossed their first border from the Netherlands into Belgium! WOOHOO! The weather doesn’t look quite as hot over there as here in New England, but it’s sure to be great for riding. Here’s a shot of the crew overlooking the town of Vlissingen in the Netherlands shortly before crossing into Belgium.