Day 9: Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

You heard it here first, folks! The latest and greatest updates from our adventurers around the world are hot off the press and ready for the public!

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Alaska Mountains & Coast (AKMC)

Alaskan Adventure Unfolds: Kayaking Expedition 

Today, amidst the rugged majesty of Alaska’s untamed wilderness, our group of intrepid explorers embarked on a daring kayaking expedition. With paddles poised and spirits high, the adventurers set forth into the Alaskan waters, their sleek vessels cut through the mist like silent harbingers of exploration.


Alps Explorer A (AXA)

Alpine Adventure Continues: TMB Day 2

In the heart of the Alps, our brave group tackled their second day on the Tour du Mont Blanc. Amidst their beautiful hike, the group enjoyed a live look at some mountain ibex on trail! As night fell, they found themselves in a cozy refuge, enjoying a hearty French meal amidst breathtaking surroundings. In the evening, stories of triumph mingled with the crisp mountain air, forging memories as enduring as the towering peaks above.



Alps Explorer B (AXB)

Alpine Trekking Delights: Tour du Mont Blanc Day 4

After picking up fresh bread from the local bakery, our Alpine trekkers set out on their hike for the day. Today’s leg of the Tour du Mont Blanc included panoramic views of the Aiguille de Bionnassay and its glacier and winding paths through picturesque meadows. Our travelers wove back and forth below ski lifts, next to grazing cows, and alongside a mountain river. With that, their switchback count is now over an impressive 100! Felicitations! They resupplied in Les Contamines and had time to explore the quaint small town, finishing off in the central plaza before catching their bus to the campground. Early bed is in sight for the crew as they gear up for a challenge day tomorrow! Bon courage, AXB!




Cape Cod & the Islands (CI)

Epic Ride from Wellfleet to Provincetown: CI tackles their biggest day yet!

Today’s journey from Wellfleet to Provincetown was the perfect challenge for our riders. They bid farewell to their favorite bike path (aka the Cape Cod Rail Trail) and saw some beautiful sights! From scenic vistas to seaside breezes, each pedal stroke brought them closer to Provincetown, where the thrill of accomplishment awaited. Whether it was conquering distances or soaking in coastal beauty, the happy campers earned a DELICIOUS dinner at their destination.




Caribbean Service Puerto Rico (CSPR)

Explorers Embrace Island Life: Service and Adventure Abound

In yet another awesome Puerto Rico day filled with service and enjoyment, our explorers seized every opportunity beneath the warm island sun. They continued painting a community center and ate an authentic Puerto Rican lunch! Yum! As the day drew to a close, the echoes of laughter and the satisfaction of a day well spent lingered in the salty air. Tomorrow promises new adventures and further opportunities for our adventurers to leave their mark on this idyllic island paradise.


Caribbean Service Virgin Islands (CSVI)

CSVIsland Service Day: Ruff Start and Island Delights

There was nothing rough about these island explorers’ time today with Ruff Start! Our CSVI crew spent the morning cleaning and preparing Ruff Start’s new facility. They cleared brush, carried loads, and ended the morning sweaty and content. These hard-working youth recharged with a delicious lunch. They were then rewarded for their work by an afternoon spent swimming and snorkeling in tropical aquamarine waters– and by the knowledge that they were instrumental in advancing the important work of Ruff Start. Way to go, CSVI!

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains (CRM)

Rocky Mountain Adventure: Kayaking in Fort Collins

Today, amidst the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains, our group took to the water on an exhilarating kayaking expedition in Fort Collins. As the day unfolded, laughter and camaraderie echoed across the water, a testament to the bonds forged amidst the beauty of the day. With memories of today’s adventure etched into their hearts, our group gears up to savor their final days in the wild splendor of the Rocky Mountains.

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Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)

Tropical Paradise: Service and Adventure in Costa Rica!

The Costa Rica Mountains & Coast crew woke up this morning to the tranquil sounds of waterfalls and rivers, setting the stage for another great day of adventure. After a tasty breakfast, the gang dove into their service project for the day: building wooden boxes for hydroponic gardens at the Adventure Center! After fulfilling hours of work, the afternoon bursts with exploration. After a nice hike, pulley crossing, and waterfall dip, the explorers learned about medicinal plants (including cocolmeca, pictured below) and how to make chocolate. But wait! There’s more! After dinner, they ventured on a hike through a frog sanctuary!

Europe Coast to Coast 1 (ECC1)

Cycling, Canals, and Cobblestones: Conquering Challenges in France

Today’s cycling adventure began along tranquil canals leading to Valenciennes, though our riders weren’t fooled by the calm waters; the winds were no joke! The group prepared for everything this leg in France has to offer, specifically cobblestones. And they killed it! NBC determined that the Tour de France time trial was simply too boring today, and they asked to cover our sunshine-y adventurers’ journey today. Apogee politely declined and directed them to the photos below.

Apogee FC.

Europe Coast to Coast 2 (ECC2)

Scenic Cycling Along Belgian Canals

Today was another fantastic day of riding for ECC2 on great roads alongside picturesque Belgian canals. Our cyclists enjoyed the serene views and smooth paths, making the most of their beautiful surroundings. It was a day filled with leisurely pedaling and soaking in the charm of Belgium’s waterways, setting the stage for memorable adventures ahead, like tomorrow when they will cross into their THIRD country! Au revoir, Belgium, and bonne chance, ECC2!



Golden State Adventure (GSA)

Redwood Retreat: Joy and Merriment Thrive in the Northern California Forests

Under the towering redwoods, the Golden State Adventurers found moments of peace and quiet, though it was frequently interrupted by outbursts of excitement for the day’s main event: the union of Bubbles the Monkey and Douglas the Starfish, the two trip mascots. Apogee declined comment to TMZ and People Magazine about the marriage. The pictures of the happy guest speak for themselves.

Iceland Mountains & Coast (IMC)

Iceland Explorers Reach the Top of Reynisfjall Mountain

The Iceland explorers took advantage of today’s beautiful weather to ascend Reynisfjall Mountain. On a clear, crisp morning, the hikers left camp and began their winding journey across verdant fields, past friendly horses, and on to the summit above, enjoying scenic views of the town of Vik along the way. When they returned from their hike, the explorers took some time to bask in the sun before heading to the grocery store for a major shop for the next few days! Check back tomorrow to hear what these Icelandic adventurers will do next!



Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE)

Olympians of the Maine Coast: MCCE-ers Compete in Spikeball and Trivia

Last night after a celebratory Fourth of July cookout, the first annual Olympic games of the Maine coast commenced! Our writers-turned-olympians competed in spike ball and trivia as the sun set on another day of essay-writing and adventure. They rose this morning for one final writing session, fingers flying and brains whirring as they race to the finish line! In the afternoon, our writers took a much needed rest on the foggy beach. 

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEX)

Summit on the Horizon? Tune in Tomorrow

Our DEXers enjoyed a well-deserved rest day after exiting the backcountry yesterday! Although a possible summit loomed on the horizon today, so, too, did summer storms. Our hikers are hoping that tomorrow will bring clear weather and a shot at Katahdin! We’re looking forward to seeing pictures from their day of rest today in Baxter State Park when they get back into cell service! 

New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC)

New Hampshire Says Goodbye, Maine Says Hello: A Wonderful Day of Service for NEMC

The NEMC troop said goodbye to the White Mountains and hello to Maine today as they made their way back to Brunswick. The group got their hands dirty and hearts full while working with Growing 2 Give in their garden, followed by a well-deserved gelato treat. Another fulfilling day in the books, and it feels like the goodbyes are approaching too quickly. Good thing one awesome final day of adventure is in store for tomorrow!


Northwest Explorer (NWX)

Northwest Explorers Tackle North Cascades Backcountry

Today marked an exciting beginning for our intrepid Northwest Explorers as they ventured into the rugged North Cascades backcountry. Embarking on the longest backcountry loop of any Apogee trip, anticipation ran high for what promises to be a truly memorable leg of their journey. Navigating through pristine wilderness and breathtaking landscapes, the group immersed themselves in the raw beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Towering peaks and winding trails unfolded before them. We can’t wait to hear about the stories and unforgettable memories that they will bring out of the backcountry with them!



Pacific Coast (PC)

Redwood Adventure: Miles are No Match for PC Cyclists

The PCers enjoyed an absolutely beautiful ride through the Redwoods today. Each mile that these cyclists crushed was rewarded by spectacular sylvan scenery. The uphill was no match for these bold bikers! In addition to some stunning forest views, the crew also enjoyed some elk sightings! With miles crushed and dinner downed, the PC team will sleep soundly tonight.

Pyrenees Mountains and Coast (PMC)

Day 3 on the Carros de Foc: Hikers Discover Spectacular Views

The Carros de Foc treated our Pyrenees Mountains and Coast crew gooood today! The inside scoop from our sources (cough cough…the pictures) suggest that a stunning hike was had. After crushing an uphill right out of the gate, the group was rewarded by some flat and downhill sections along with those spectacular sights. A beautiful mountain refuge greeted them at the end of their hike, where they enjoyed a delicious dinner and will sleep deeply tonight. The squad will wake up well-rested tomorrow for another great day on the CdF! Stay tuned!


Vermont to Montreal (VM)

Vermont to Montreal Day 7: Cyclists Bike Over Water?

This just in, folks! Our VM crew enjoyed a stunning ride along the Causeway this morning, where they took one beautiful bike path across Lake Champlain! If that wasn’t cool enough, they supplemented the day’s awesome cycling journey with a brief ferry ride. They made their way to their campground for the evening, which will be their last one on this side of the border! A delicious dinner and cozy night’s sleep means that this group is ready to make their journey to Canada tomorrow!