Day 5: Ye Olde Apogee Blog

HEAR YE! HEAR YE! Gather round to hear the tale of thy mighty explorers, who boldly conquered many miles on this day by foot, pedal, and sea, who shared mirthful jests, boisterous laughter, and who supped upon hearty feasts on this most magical fifth day of adventure.


Alaska Mountains & Coast (AKMC)

Our fierce Alaskan Explorers faced the pass on the Williwaw Lake Loop today. With stomachs-a-full of morning grub, the day of backcountry hiking was but a stroll in the park for these young champions. Plenty of trail games kept the group merry, and they settled into camp with a feeling of pride akin to that of slaying a dragon.

Alps Explorer A (AXA)

The mighty trekkers of the Alps rested their weary legs in a Swiss alpine town today. They found themselves in the beautiful Stockalper Palace Gardens, (our royal adventurers felt right at home). After enjoying a well-deserved feast, the satisfied group said Gute Nacht, and snuggled in their chambers to rest up for the adventures of tomorrow!

Alps Explorer B (AXB)

Our illustrious adventurers boarded their train this morning, chocolate croissant in hand, and said goodbye to the beautiful land of Zermatt. Their eyes were trained on the horizon, for their quest begins tomorrow: the Tour du Mont Blanc beckons! What better way to get their mindset right than some mini-golf (or as they say in the Alps, petit-golf) at the campsite before bed?

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI)

Martha’s Vineyard enjoyed the presence of the lovely Cape Cod pedalers today. Games and entertainment more hilarious than the king’s finest jester befell the group, which steadily continued as they peregrinated through ye olde town of Oak Bluffs. The group will sleep soundly tonight, for they will have the rhythm of the ocean as their lullaby.


Caribbean Service Puerto Rico (CSPR)

On this fine Caribbean day, our noble explorers joined the Corredor Ecologico del Noreste at dawn, toiling till midday amidst nature’s embrace. Following their service, they journeyed to El Yunque, ascending to great heights after hearing tales of what lofty views they promised. Thus, their day unfolded, filled with good labor, discovery, and the camaraderie of shared adventure.

Caribbean Service Virgin Islands (CSVI)

Discovery abounded as our adventurers toured a great coral lab and explored ye olde Fort Christiansvaern. Come midday, so too would this group of Caribbean explorers pick fresh fruit! After a day complete with such exciting enterprise, the group felt a heat that could only be eased through the magical powers of ice cream and frolicking in the rain. As eventide drew near, they retraced their steps to their domicile, ready for supper, ablutions, and a well-deserved slumber.


Colorado’s Rocky Mountains (CRM)

Mindful of elk known to grace our travelers’ campsite at dawn, the group embarked upon yon rocky trails. Following our trekkers’ exhilarating hike, they journeyed through the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park, traversing onward to Estes Park. Along this lofty and renowned route, they paused at the Alpine Visitor Center, perched at the highest elevation among all Visitor Centers in the realm. Trail Ridge Road, the highest continuous paved road in our nation, unveiled vistas and wonders, marking a day rich in exploration and grandeur.

Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)

At the break of day, our group’s spirits did soar as they readied themselves for a soar of their own, for they would soon deftly defy gravity on a thrilling zip-line adventure. Their trusty guides, punctual as the rooster’s crow, fetched them from their lodgings swiftly after they broke fast, transporting them to heights where adrenaline mingles with wonder. In the afternoon, the travelers embarked southward through Costa Rica’s heartland, bound for San Gerardo de Rivas. Nestled in Chirripó’s shadow, this quiet village beckoned, promising serenity beneath Costa Rica’s loftiest peak.

Europe Coast to Coast 1 (ECC1)

The best cyclists in all the land sped across the continent on this fine day, and it’s not those fools in the Tour de France whom we speak of! For ECC1, the day began with a navigation through The Hague and its many bustling streets. They then made haste along the coastal route to Maassluis, where they embarked on their first ferry crossing. These wheelborn wayfarers were lucky to have avoided an encounter with frightening sea monsters. This swift and enjoyable change of pace invigorated the group’s spirits. The flatter terrain and scenic vistas provided a memorable backdrop as the group completed their final day in the Netherlands.

Europe Coast to Coast 2 (ECC2)

Hot on the heels of their companions, ECC2 cycled to Wassenaar from Haarlem. Inspired by their brave riding, we have written for them this poem.

Their journey did unfold 

as flat, coastal, and fair to behold. 

The company did too found ease 

upon their trusty, laden steeds. 

The hearts of these young cyclists were stirred

with anticipation for the miles ahead, 

whose beckon they had heard.

Golden State Adventure (GSA)

The group embarked on a few miles of hiking this morn, concluding ere the hour of lunch. Leaving our trailer snug at camp, the gang ventured forth to navigate the small and windy roads of Point Reyes.

The afternoon passage to the Drakes Estero Trailhead, a scant twenty minutes distant, was graced by a wondrous Cypress Tree tunnel. The Estero trail spanned approximately two miles each way, offering a serene sojourn amidst nature’s embrace.

Iceland Mountains & Coast (IMC)

Upon the Icelandic shores, this trusty fellowship of travelers ventured towards not one, but TWO majestic waterfalls. The hiking gods showed their favor for this adventurous group after completing so many treks in the form of a rainbow and many sightings of Icelandic sheep and horse. Having accomplished such brave feats of strength, these wayfarers reposed in their campground’s hot tub before preparing the evening’s bounty.

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE)

Fresh from revels of birthday merriment yesternight, this group embarked upon their writing adventures early this morn. Having completed their first scriptorium, they took to the briny water in great vessels built for the task. Hark! We have a voracious group of mariners (sea-kayakers) on our hands!

New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC)

Today, the group ascended Cathedral Ledge under the expert guidance of Cathedral Mountain Guides. The cliffs echoed with their laughter and determination as our fearless explorers scaled the rugged rock faces, each foothold and handhold a testament to their growing skills and courage. Together, the group forged memories as enduring as the granite they conquered, and the slumber was as restful as the calm after a tempestuous storm, where peace reigns undisturbed upon the tranquil sea.

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEX)

Verily, the Downeast Explorers hath readied themselves for an epic stretch of days in the backcountry. The group spent the morning getting themselves prepared, filled with eager anticipation and hunger (for adventure – we heard that lunch was delicious). The afternoon afforded occasion for beach exploration and a refreshing plunge into some Maine waters. Bags art packed, groceries art shopped, and the group is ready; their newfound mascot Frederick the Lobster will lead them to great heights!

Northwest Explorer (NWX)

Our Northwest Explorers fell asleep to the sound of the tumbling Hoh River beneath a clear sky full of regal stars. They awoke to the singing of birds, the striking beauty of the aquamarine river, and the knowledge that before them was a day of rainforest exploration! We eagerly await their tales of adventure when they return from the magical land of Olympic National Park to the cell-service land of Port Angeles. Stay tuned for backcountry photos and tales aplenty. 

Pacific Coast (PC)

The Pacific Coast riders made their way from Port Orford to Humbug today on a quintessentially Oregonian ride. The roads were broad, the hills generously spaced, and the spirits soared high as a Western Meadowlark, Oregon’s state bird! The satiated riders settled safely into camp and are excited for all that tomorrow will hold.

Pyrenees Mountains and Coast (PMC)

On this day these fearless adventurers journeyed over land and sea. Having doubled their means of travel, their pilgrimage was twice rewarded, once by views of all the realm and again by an afternoon natation. Thy bold venturers look forth to their brave traverse across the Pyreneen land, which awaits them in the coming days. Thus, preparation abounds on the morrow! Fare thee well, PMC!

Vermont to Montreal (VM)

Our travelers departed Branbury State Park upon this morn, pausing at Middlebury College (hail to co-leader Winter’s scholastic abode!) ere their journey to their afternoon camp. They reveled amidst a myriad of games, feasted upon ample and delicious fare, and shared laughter in abundance. Much mirth was had by all on this fine day!