Day 45: Over and Out

By: Annika Nygren

Day 45: Why must all good things come to an end? The greater portion of the day was spent catching early morning flights and saying tearful goodbyes as our students departed from their leaders and split off in their separation directions to go back home. Where did the last six and a half weeks go? I cannot believe how quickly this summer went by!

From our islanders surfing, biking and doing service on the Cape to our hikers crushing the White Mountains (specifically THE mountain, aka Mount Washington… hey, hey, tallest peak in the Northeast) on NEMC as well as DEX cruising up Katahdin (whattup highest peak in Maine and last stop on the Appalachian Trail). But don’t forget our pseudo New Englanders who started in the nearby woods of Freeport and Vermont’s Lake St. Catherine and crossed through the state to roll through customs and into Canada- we won’t forget you CQ and VM! And of course our tropical team CSA in Puerto Rico, hopping between islands, becoming one with the surf and endlessly lending a helping hand to their surroundings. Flying over to the west coast we can’t glance over MSA, riding the Going to the Sun road and helping out with the wildlife along the way. Bumping out further to the coast explorers of both NWX and CMC conquered hikes and back country portions in Yosemite, Olympic, and North Cascades National Parks; not to mention rafting and sea kayaking galore! And how could we forget our PCers? Riding in style through the Red Woods and crossing the quintessential SF GG-bridge #abreevsforever. Another big plane ride from home base over the Atlantic to Europe leads us to reminisce about AX‘s journey on the Tour du Mont Blanc (let’s be real, the pictures speak for themselves), and ECC braving the Alps and crossing through six (!) countries from north to south. And before the big finale, let’s not forget our little MCJs, biking and hiking through Acadia as well as sea kayaking in Maine waters. Now, onto our oldest and most intellectual crowd, our MCCEers writing up a storm as well as hitting the water and exploring the surrounding area for the past week bringing a smile to our faces. And last, but definitely not least, it’s time to highlight our ACC groups who dipped their wheels in the Atlantic a mere six weeks ago before sprinting into the Pacific Ocean just a few days ago…  nine states and some 2700+ miles later.

PHEW! What a summer, and that does not even capture all the magic. Apogee Adventures, it has been an honor and a privilege to write for you. Without all the fabulous leaders, students, families, behind-the-scenes office work and the famous dynamic duo “Chevin” (Kevin and Chad, of course), my job would not have been so exciting, fun and rewarding! You are all the absolute best. It is times like this when I get really emotional and struggle to find the words to say how lucky I feel to have been a part of something so special. I think it is safe to say that Apogee summer 2014 was a HUGE success, and we are all ready for another round of awesomeness in just 309 days or so! Before my tears start to drown my computer, I’m going to sign off with a so long, farewell, adios, auf wiedersehen, adieu!

Until next year Apogee!

P.S. Here are few last minute photos! We didn’t get shots from everybody, but if you haven’t seen it yet, check out MCCE’s video to upcoming music sensation “Kanye.”






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