Day 45: Commencement

Dearest Apogee family, this is it for the summer. Susie here, blogging for the last time in 2013. Now that the last of our trips are getting on flights, there are very few updates to share; instead, I want to take a moment to recap some of the awesome things our students and leaders have accomplished this summer.

In New England, cyclists jumped on bikes, packed panniers, and set up tents, ready to tackle their rides to Boston, Quebec and Montreal, many of them for the first time ever. Nearby, our northeastern hiking trips summited the highest peaks in New England, paddled off the shore of Maine, and rafted like pros. 

Out west, we watched as our PC and MSA groups pedaled their way through beautiful terrain, bonding and doing great service before reaching their final destinations. Their hiking counterparts in California and Washington embraced the beauty of the backcountry and paddled in the Pacific, discovering things about the outdoors as well as about themselves.

In Puerto Rico, our CSA crews had an amazing time and did excellent work helping out at schools, on farms, and on wildlife preserves.

And, last but not least, our Coast to Coast trips–two across America and one across Europe–had the experiences of a lifetime as they joined their peers to tackle an entire continent. They completed their goals with flying colors. 

Schools and universities refer to their graduation ceremonies as commencement: the beginning of the rest. As we close our Apogee season, we wish you all the best as you commence your next chapters. We hope to see you again! As I sign off the blog on behalf of Chris, Cait, Chad, and Kevin, I want to give a hearty congratulations and thanks to everyone who has joined us this summer–we hope you have reached your personal Apogee. We couldn’t be prouder.

And, of course, the final pictures:

IMG_3324 (1)

Mia and Jeremy’s NWXB saying goodbyes in the airport


Goodbye group hug! Kelly and Garth’s crew says goodbye as well.


CMC enjoying San Franscisco yesterday


One last final dinner photo from CC and Jack