Day 43: Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

By: Emily Sturtevant and Hannah Gensheimer

It’s truly hard to believe that it’s Day 43 of our many summer adventures. Where has all of the time gone? Today we said goodbye to some of our new friends on Maine Coast Junior as well as our America Coast to Coast crew. And while we still have many trips out there, our groups are enjoying their final days on the last few days of their travels as well. With a bittersweet sigh, we are here to share pictures from another wonderful day with Apogee.

Maine Coast Junior (MCJ3):

And that’s a wrap! After hiking and biking in Acadia National Park, kayaking in Frenchman Bay, and exploring Portland’s Old Port everyone is heading home to turn in their sleeping bags and tents for beds and hot showers. With new friends and lots of fun stories, we hope everyone had a great time and enjoys the rest of their summer!


New England Mountains and Coast (NEMC3):

Beautiful Maine summer weather for our NEMC crew as they rafted Maine’s Dead River today (which did not, thankfully, live up to its name…). Isa and Aaron’s group got geared up this morning and had a rafting lesson before hitting the water for the afternoon. Tomorrow the group will head south and spend their time working with Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program where they will help or in the community garden.


Cape Cod and the Islands (CI3):

After enjoying the past week on the Cape, Alyssa and Kevin’s crew is hitting the big city of Boston. The group will have the morning to spend in Provincetown exploring and taking pictures before hopping on a ferry to Bean Town. Tonight and tomorrow the group will take time to walk around as a group before they all head their separate ways.


Vermont to Montreal (VM3):

As the group ventured from the quiet, rural farmlands to the hustling and bustling city, Freddy and Anna’s all-star bikers’ excitement grew. They have made it to Montreal and are celebrating the feat that they just accomplished – biking over 200 miles through Vermont and Canada. Everyone will spend today and tomorrow exploring the city and enjoying each other’s company.


Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEX3):

They came, they saw, they conquered. These hikers have spent they last couple of days in Baxter State Park, seeing the beast that is Mount Katahdin and today they tied up their boots and summited Maine’s tallest mountain. Tonight the group will rest well knowing they completed this amazing adventure before they hit they van to head to south for their final dinner in Portland. We’ll have the pictures to prove it tomorrow!

Caribbean Service Adventure (CSA3):

Another jam-packed day for these tropical do-gooders. This morning the group did their last day of service, spending it working with the Reach for Success students at a local thrift shop that gives proceeds to cancer research. They will spend this evening kayaking in one of the brightest bioluminescent bays in the world together. Tomorrow they will pack up and head pack to the main land for their last dinner together in Old San Juan.


California Mountains and Coast (CMC3):

Our CMCers are out of the back country and are being welcomed back into civilization today! They had a fairly easy hike this morning to get back to their van, and spent the afternoon transiting out to the California coast where they will spend their next couple of days! Here are some pictures from their past few days.


Coast to Quebec (CQ2A):

Our CQ2A crew got to spend the entire day off of their bikes exploring the old streets of Quebec City – a city filled with delicious food, great music, and even a Pirate Festival (see pictures below). Kirk and Rosa’s group had a fantastic time today and are celebrating riding all the way to Canada with a delicious meal out on the town!


Coast to Quebec (CQ2B):

Welcome to Quebec City! And what better way to explore the old French town than with a little bit of local food and plenty of time taking in the city on foot. The group enjoyed the day by exploring in many of the souvenir shops, watching street performers, and consuming some delicious poutine. Zack and Kate tried very hard to get us some pictures from today but struggled to get a WIFI connection strong enough to send them through. We promise great pictures tomorrow!

Montana Service Adventure (MSA2):

Welcome to Whitefish, MSAers! They cycled hundreds of miles, completed numerous hours of community service work, and now they are ready to kick their feet up and enjoy Whitefish. This morning’s ride was a short and fairly easy 29 miles, making it into town for lunch in the park and a final mail stop. Well done, MSA2!


Northwest Explorer (NWX2):

It was the group’s final day on the water today as they paddled off of Cypress Island today back towards the mainland. They’ve enjoyed 3 gorgeous days kayaking, and will be celebrating their final full day together tomorrow exploring Seattle.


Pacific Coast A (PC2A):

They made it to the land of Golden Gates, hippies, and steep rolling hills! It was a short 32 miles into San Francisco today, and the group was welcomed into their hostel with mail from friends and family. Congratulations, PC2A, on cycling 600 miles down the gorgeous coastline. It’s time to celebrate!


Pacific Coast B (PC2B):

Yippee! They have arrived to San Francisco! Our PC2B group was up early this morning and got into the big city by lunch time. After cycling over 600 miles, the short 37 mile into SF this morning was easy for the strong bikers. They arrived to their hostel and well spend their final full day tomorrow exploring around the city.


Alps Explorer A (AX2A):

It’s an Apogee record for our AX2A group as they finished the TMB earlier than any group has thus far, completing their 17 km hike by 10:30 AM today! They then caught the train into Geneva to celebrate this amazing accomplishment of finishing the TMB and their incredible European hiking adventure. They will spend their final full day exploring around the city of Geneva, taking in the sights and enjoying a meal out on the town.


Alps Explorer B (AX2B):

This group has now completed some of the most incredible hikes throughout the Swiss Alps, and this crew has rocked every single one. This morning our AX2B group has a more relaxed morning, exploring some small hikes around Fiesch before taking the train to Geneva. It’s hard to believe it, but tomorrow is the groups last full day together. Time flies when you’re hiking in Europe… or so they say.


America Coast to Coast (ACC):

Saying goodbye today is probably one of the most bittersweet days of the summer for many of these guys. Over 2,700 miles, this group has become more than a group of friends, they have become a family. And after 43 days together, this group is saying goodbye and heading home to their real families. We cannot put into words how proud we are of each and every one of you. Thank you for sharing your amazing adventure with us!