Day 41 – Well, Hello Again

Howdy, stranger — Chad here.   After my repeated absences, culminating with almost a full week away whilst I was working on my tan with our coast-to-coast group in the desert, I suppose that I am the Guest Blogger these days.   So, with many thanks to Mia, the Queen of the Blog, I humbly climb back into the Apogee Observation Post to see what we can see.

After our Tuscan Service Adventure and Caribbean Service Adventures called it a wrap yesterday, we are down to four trips in the field.   As for pictures, we are batting .500 today — which would be outstanding in baseball, but we’re used to better statistics here in Apogee land.

Of our two FAILures (now, remember, they’re not really “failures,” just FAILures, it’s totally different!), Lucas and Anna’s PCBers just finished up lunch in Bodega Bay as I wrote this and were rolling through the stunning California countryside north of Point Reyes, looking forward to one last night in the tents before going back to the more banal world of beds in San Francisco tomorrow.

And our NWXers (pronounced phonetically, “nwexers”) are enjoying their last night on the water in Puget Sound.   When I heard from David yesterday, they were having an amazing time with their paddles.   Highlights included seals swimming along with and among our group, along with perfect weather on the Sound!

Andy, Danika and their Pacific Coastalicious Dynamos are rocketing down the coast and are now ensconced mere miles from the hallowed steel cables of the Golden Gate.   This picture shows them enjoying the fog in Point Reyes this afternoon.

Our Coast-to-Coasters, now, of course, at the other Coast and absolutely loving life in street clothes.   They sent the shot above from our sister organization in San Diego — we thought body piercing and adventure travel would dovetail nicely.   What do you think?

The below shot shows Pete (affectionately dubbed Bike Dad)  indulging in a world-famous In’n’Out burger this afternoon — after spending several days with the trip, I can tell you that the thought of the moment captured in the picture powered Pete up many a desert mountain during the last week!