Day 41: Operation Carpe Diem

With agents around the globe, Apogee Adventure spies search the world for spontaneous experiences, comradery, and good times. Simply put, our agents have the license to have the best summer ever. 

Incoming updates from our operatives in the field: 


Alaska Mountains & Coast A (AKMCA)

AKMCA’s mission continues to go smoothly as they sleuth around the backcountry leaving no trace and soaking up the mountain fresh air. Our logistics team informs us that tomorrow our intrepid agents will emerge from the backcountry. While we excitedly wait for photos, we are confident that these spies are making the most of the forest!

Alaska Mountains & Coast B (AKMCB)

What makes a great secret agent? Unique skills! AKMCB exemplified this philosophy by hiking up a glacier and learning about ice climbing. With the support of excellent guides, AKMCB met the challenge with the coolness that one would expect from glaciers and spies. After a rewarding afternoon, our team returned to camp where mail awaited them. Hopefully none of it was in invisible ink!

Alps Explorer A (AXA)

Every hardworking spy needs a bit of rest and relaxation, especially after two weeks of alpine exploration! Our Alps Explorer team spent the day in Courmayeur, casing the little alpine town for the best gelato. Our intelligence suggests they found the target. Besides exploring the vibrant “centro” of the town, the crew also engaged in a training exercise known as soccer. We are confident that they are keeping their eye on the ball as they prepare for views that not even our spy planes can experience.

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI)

A secret agent is nothing without cool gadgets! Our scientists have equipped CL spies with advanced two wheel transportation devices known as B.I.K.Es. Today they took these tools for a spin traveling to a ferry terminal where they took a boat out to Martha’s Vineyard. As they got used to carrying weight and navigating the roads, our agents began to learn what it meant to work as a cycling team! Mission control is excited to follow their expedition as they begin to explore the islands! (We were having a hard time getting photos from our CI agents to load, so check back in the morning!) 

Caribbean Service (CS)

Our secret agents aren’t just limited to protecting secrets – they also get out there and serve the community! Equipped with top of the line gear (aka rakes, shears, pickaxes, and more), they helped a local non-profit clear the area of an over hundred year old school that has since been disguised as a museum. Afterwards, they investigated a local wading spot and did some very covert splashing. They headed back to their lodgings for some well-earned pita pizzas and a movie night! (Watching James Bond, perhaps?)

Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)

This agent team is at a location deep in Costa Rican rainforest! After waking up in paradise, they headed straight to volunteer in the gardens. They go straight to work on their top secret mission of building wooden boxes for planting the organization’s hydroponic garden. After their morning volunteering, the group had the afternoon to themselves to explore all the eco-lodge has to offer, including wading in the Savegre River, tortilla making, and word is that they will head out for a night hike tonight! Since they are so deep in the rainforest and the limited solar powered wifi is pretty spotty, we did not get a photo today, but Mission Control know there will be lots when they hike out on Sunday!

Golden State Adventure (GSA)

The team has been assembled. The duffels have arrived. The vans have been loaded. It’s go time for our GSA group! From arrivals to setting up camp, our newest agent team had a busy first day itinerary. We’re so excited to see where they’ll go over the next week. From all of us at mission control, best of luck and happy travels!

Iceland Mountains & Coast (IMC)

Mission accomplished. IMC has done it! From ice caves to sea kayaking, IMC has shown time and again that they can make the most of those long northern days! Today they celebrated by making a splash at the famous Blue Lagoon, one of Iceland’s premiere geothermal attractions.  After toweling off, they did some reconnaissance around Reykjavick before heading to a much anticipated final dinner. While the evening was celebratory, mission ends can also be bittersweet. From everyone at headquarters, we send our well wishes for safe flights, caring goodbyes, and joyful returns! 

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXA)

As DEXA bids Acadia National Park adieu, their next challenge awaits on the Appalachian Trail in Northern Maine. This backpacking portion is sure to be full of group bonding, inside jokes, and wilderness learning. What many spies do not realize is just how many gadgets you may need out in the field! Movies and shows rarely give credit to a spy’s best friend: adjustable shoulder straps!  With backpacks full and more adventures on the horizon, HQ wishes DEXA the best on their backcountry portion.   

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXB)

The mission calls our aquatic adventurers back from their kayaking escapades. The target: Acadia National Park. The goal: To see one of the most beautiful national parks in the country!

After waving goodbye to their kayaks, our DEXB agents resupplied and mentally prepared to be blown away for tomorrow’s day hike. Whether by land or sea, we’re proud of the flexibility of our DEXB squad. HQ is excited to receive further transmissions of their continuing success!  

Northwest Explorer (NWX)

We’ve been impressed by the NWX team’s skill at being undercover! With today being their last day in the backcountry, we wonder what stories we’ll hear when they emerge.  Our intelligence suggests: amazing vistas, lifelong memories, and anecdotes for days. HQ is looking forward to the coming debrief, we could not be prouder of our NWX team!

Pacific Coast (PC)

Before the trip began, we had no idea that every single one of the PC team had a secret identity. Through our intelligence team, we discovered that each of them could double as Tour de France champions! Or at least we have reason to believe so since they crushed the highest climb along the Pacific Coast. After 60 miles and 4500 feet of climbing, the PC team continues to inspire mission control. We hope tomorrow’s rest day will give them the recovery they need to finish the final portion of this awesome operation. 

Pyrenees Mountains and Coast (PMC)

We hope the PMC group enjoys their Nalgenes of water shaken not stirred since today they did their first hike in the Pyrenees! This introduction to the loop known as the Carros de Foc or “Chariots of Fire” is sure to leave them wishing for more. After bagging some incredible vista views, the group made their way down to a beautiful mountain hut for a well deserved lunch. We can’t wait to hear from the agents over the next few days as they travel from hut to hut, exploring one of the most beautiful places on earth. (Look close for that rainbow!) 

Vermont to Montreal A (VMA)

At the Apogee spy agency, our agents take pride in being able to traverse all terrains. VMA was no exception as they expertly transitioned from land to water. In exploring by kayak, they saw all sorts of wildlife. 

Paddling wasn’t enough for this stupendous team! Our reports indicate that they also went into Burlington to explore. What will they see next? Will it be Canada?

Vermont to Montreal B (VMB)

As a spy agency we often have to hack our way into computer networks to gain valuable information. Like did you know that pancakes are the best way to wake up for a bike ride? VMB certainly took this information to heart with a pancake wake-up! After a gorgeous bike ride to Burlington with some postcard worthy views of Lake Champlain, VMB did some beach clean-up! We ran the numbers on our super computer and discovered that this could quite literally be the perfect day. We’re sure that this won’t be the last as they continue to cruise towards Canada!