Day 40: Coming into the Home Stretch

Hi all! Welcome to Blogtown USA, where the living is easy, pictures are plentiful, and trips are wrapping up. Today you’ve got Cait, Chris and Susie holding down the fort, so tune in, chill out and enjoy your stay!

CI: Apogee t-shirts and pink headbands for the win! Kirk and Laura’s group were super sad to say goodbye today; it’s been a simply amazing trip with an even more amazing group. 


NEMC: Final night food fiesta! Emma and Phil’s gang gathered at Flatbread in Portland yesterday to celebrate an awesome trip. Today the goodbyes commence…but never fear! Everyone now has 11 new pen pals from across the country!


VMA: Welcome to the land of kilometers! Rosa and Noah’s gals and guys enjoyed the peculiar experience of going through customs on bikes and are looking forward to enjoying the well-earned spoils of Montreal tomorrow!

image image

VMB: Ohhhhh Cannnnadaaa! The VMers rocked their way to a ten AM border crossing this morning…now they’re in the land of croissants and poutine! Tomorrow=Montreal!

IMG950867 IMG_0856 IMG950866

CSA: Caribbean livin’ at it’s best. The CSAers are enjoying a beautiful rest day at Cabo rojo- there might even be a movie later on tonight!


CMC: It’s Yosemite time! These guys won’t be able to send pictures from their backcountry hike in Yosemite National Park, but we have good news! There are more pictures from the past few days to enjoy!

IMG_7703 IMG_5706 IMG_4293

NWXA: Garth and Kelly’s group are enjoying their return to the civilized world after six days in the backcountry- though judging by these photos, the time spent off the grid was amazing. Tonight they trade views of the mountains for views of the gorgeous strait of Juan de Fuca. Stunning.

IMG_2690 IMG_2921 IMG952655 IMG952676

Kelly and Garth, ladies and gentlemen. They’ll be here all week.

NWXB: Backcountry, backcountry, backcountry! We should have pictures on Thursday…

PC: Ally and Tim’s superstars are still cruising down the beautiful California coast, but are in a notoriously spotty area for 3G. We’ll post pictures if any come through. Only a few more days until San Fran!

ACC1: THE BIG DAY. The very, very, super-gigantic-huge day. They started with their wheels in the Atlantic back in June and now their tires are wet once more, only this time it is in the sweet water of the Pacific in San Diego. They arrived at the beach a little after 2 PM local time!  We couldn’t be more proud of this crew! 

photo 1 (1) photo (1)

ACC2:  T minus two days. The bit is feeling the bite. It’s close. They can taste it.