Day 40: This…Is…Apogee!

This…is…Jeopardy (Apogee edition)! Now, entering the studio are today’s contestants: AKMCA, AKMCB, AX, CI, CRMC, CS, DEXA, DEXB, IMC, NWX, PC, PMC, VMA, and VMB! They are competing for a reputation that will be cemented in the history books and a major kudos that will solidify their legacy as legends. Ready…go!


Alaska Mountains & Coast A (AKMCA)

ALASKA MOUNTAINS AND COAST A (200 points): What can you find our AKMCAers doing today? 

What is… taking the challenging, yet rewarding, Williwaw Lakes Loop into the embrace of the backcountry yet again! 

ALASKA MOUNTAINS AND COAST A (600 points): How long is the Williwaw Lakes Loop, where is it, and what is the highest peak on the trail? 

What is… 16.5 miles! It begins in the mountains just above Anchorage and takes you to numerous Williwaw Lakes, which are all clustered below the north face of Mount Williwaw – the highest peak in the Front Range!  

ALASKA MOUNTAINS AND COAST A (1,000 points): Why can’t the campers keep themselves out of the backcountry? 

What is… because they have a knack for adventure, an innate eagerness towards nature, and an uncanny ability to crush any obstacle that gets in their way! We look forward to sharing photos of their backcountry adventure when they return!

Alaska Mountains & Coast B (AKMCB)

ALASKA MOUNTAINS AND COAST B (200 points): What is the squad up to today? 

What is… kayaking! They are spending their second day in a row on the serene Alaskan waters, paddling their way into Seward and returning to camp! 

ALASKA MOUNTAINS AND COAST B (600 points): What is Seward most known for? 

What is… being a port city with picturesque views and vibrant wildlife. Seward is surrounded by peaks, the fjords are a whale and porpoise habitat, fishing boats fill Seward Harbor, and it is conveniently located directly east of Mount Marathon! 

ALASKA MOUNTAINS AND COAST B (1,000 points): What is the general attitude of the campers on AKMCB? 

What is… exuberant! All reports from camp allude to an increasingly cohesive group, an abundance of laughter, a newfound respect for the outdoors, and widespread excitement for activities!

Alps Explorer (AX)

ALPS EXPLORER (200 points): What can you find our AX team doing today? 

What is…having a big breakfast of pancakes and hashbrowns this morning, followed by a cable car to Helbronner (11,358 ft) and a soccer game in the afternoon! Not a bad rest day!

ALPS EXPLORER (600 points): How long is the Tour du Mont Blanc and what countries does it pass through? 

What is… 103 miles (165 km) with 6.2 miles (10 km) of ascension/descension! The Tour du Mont Blanc passes through parts of Switzerland, Italy, and France! 

ALPS EXPLORER (1,000 points): What are the vibes like on the Alps Explorer trip right now? 

What is… exceptional! Despite inevitable sore calves, hamstrings, and glutes, the squad is absolutely loving the trip so far! The hikes have been surreal, the group is getting along perfectly, and they can barely wait for the next day to come!

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI)

CAPE COD AND THE ISLANDS (200 points): What are some things the CI squad has to look forward to on this trip?  

What is… a ferry and bike ride into Martha’s Vineyard, a day trip to Nantucket, perpetual cycling through the idyllic scenery of Cape Cod, and a ferry ride into Boston where they will explore the storied city! 

CAPE COD AND THE ISLANDS (600 points): Why does Apogee have an uncanny success rate in terms of getting groups to bond quickly and effectively? 

What is… because our leaders are inclusive, outgoing, and well-trained, because our kids have good attitudes and great vibes, because of a well-balanced trip structure, and because the nature of the trips we run are undeniably fun and exciting!

CAPE COD AND THE ISLANDS (1,000 points): What are the go-to games on arrival day for an Apogee trip? 

What is…Who Stole My Jedi Juice?, Big Booty!, the Five Fingers of Introductions, and Whoosh!

Caribbean Service (CS)

CARIBBEAN SERVICE (200 points): What is the Caribbean Service team up to today? 

What is… continuing to contribute to bettering the Puerto Rican community! They are doing service with Apoyo Mutuo Agricola where they are helping to build new farm roads. Today, the group picked an astounding 111 pounds of coffee beans! 

CARIBBEAN SERVICE (600 points): What exotic animals can you expect to find in the countryside of Puerto Rico? 

What are… frogs, bats, mongooses, iguana, and herons! 

CARIBBEAN SERVICE (1,000 points): What do the students on the Caribbean Service all have in common? 

What is…a passion for service, a rock n’ roll attitude, and an inherent willingness to learn and grow!

Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)

COSTA RICA MOUNTAINS AND COAST (200 points): Where can you find the squad on a beautiful day like today? 

What is…transit day! The gang is retreating deep into the Costa Rican jungle. They will spend the afternoon hiking through the mesmerizing jungle scenery with a guide that will show them the lay of the land. Not too shabby of a home for the next couple of days! 

COSTA RICA MOUNTAINS AND COAST (600 points): What sound reverberates throughout the campsite that our CRMCers slept at last night?

What is…the sound of rushing water from the waterfall right on site! White noise who?! 

COSTA RICA MOUNTAINS AND COAST (1,000 points): What did the CRMCers do on their lengthy transit into the jungle? 

What is…Spotify roulette (everybody adds songs to a playlist and the group has to decide who played what song), two truths and a lie, and the coveted cow game (churches double your cows and graveyards kill other people’s cows)!

Iceland Mountains & Coast (IMC)

ICELAND MOUNTAINS AND COAST (200 points): What did the hair makeover that the IMCers underwent on the transit to Reykjavik achieve for the group? 

What is…snazzy new style that will lead the next fashion revolution, an overwhelming sense of comradery, and discovering new sides of themselves that they didn’t know existed. 

ICELAND MOUNTAINS AND COAST (600 points): Are there any pit stops that would be cooler than stopping at the waterfall like the squad did today? 

What is…no. This is literally the coolest pitstop ever. We are flabbergasted and discombobulated at the sheer awesomeness of it.  

ICELAND MOUNTAINS AND COAST (1,000 points): What is Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland and the gang’s home for the next couple of days, known for? 

What is…being the country’s largest city and home to the National and Saga museums, which trace Iceland’s rich Viking history. The Hallgrimskirkja church and rotating glass dome give way to gorgeous sweeping hills and a view of the majestic seaside. There is also a geothermal Blue Lagoon spa which exemplifies the country’s volcanic activity!

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXA)

MAINE’S DOWNEAST EXPLORER A (200 points): What kind of fun activities is the squad getting into today? 

What is…getting up bright and early to do a sunrise hike on Champlain Mountain! The pictures are absolutely stunning and from what we’ve heard from camp, they are nothing compared to the real thing! Holy moly! 

MAINE’S DOWNEAST EXPLORER A (600 points): How does the gang prepare for the backcountry odyssey they are about to set off for? 

What is…a big pizza dinner! Upon arrival at their new campsite, the team scarfed down pie after pie, looking excitingly forward to the journey that lies in front of them on the Appalachian Trail! 

MAINE’S DOWNEAST EXPLORER A (1,000 points): What do I need to know about the Appalachian Trail?  

What is…a 2,200 mile hike through fourteen different states, which just so happens to be the longest “hiking only” footpath in the world! The AT is also the longest-running and largest volunteer conservation project in the world! The elevation gain/loss of hiking the entire AT is equivalent to hiking Mt. Everest sixteen times! Our DEXters are looking forward to tackling a piece of AT starting tomorrow. 

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXB)

MAINE’S DOWNEAST EXPLORER B (200 points): How can you better the environment and do a fun activity in the same day? 

What is…kayaking from beach to beach and picking up trash along the way! Conveniently enough, that’s exactly what the DEXB squad was up to today! Can someone say “leaders of future generations”?!

MAINE’S DOWNEAST EXPLORER B (600 points): What is the most peaceful way to spend a night in Maine? 

What is…island camping under the stars! In another weird coincidence, that is exactly what the squad will be doing tonight! Sleeping under the stars is “scientifically” more rejuvenating than any other sleeping environment (data unavailable). 

MAINE’S DOWNEAST EXPLORER B (1,000 points): What is the proper attire on an Apogee kayaking trip? 

What is…a water skirt and a life jacket: a stylish combination that is sure to make a fashion statement anywhere you go. A true splash of an outfit! (bandanas and sunglasses optional).

Northwest Explorer (NWX)

NORTHWEST EXPLORER (200 points): How does a group who didn’t know each other just weeks ago enter the backcountry, having nothing but the gear on their backs, and come out a cohesive group crushing any obstacle in their way?

What is…a rockstar group of campers, caring and knowledgeable counselors, and an unmatched eagerness to embrace nature and come out of the woods champions! 

NORTHWEST EXPLORER (600 points): What is the squad doing today?

What is…going on an “incognito-mode” hike of 3.5 miles in the backcountry of beautiful Northern Cascades National Park! Just two more days until they emerge from the wilderness and we get to see all the pictures they’ve been taking and all the memories they’ve been making! 

NORTHWEST EXPLORER (1,000 points): What should I know about the Northern Cascades National Park? 

What is…being home to 260 prehistoric sites, some dating older than 8,500 years old! The northern Cascades National Park holds historic archeological sites including mines and mining camps, fire lookouts, sheep herder camps, sawmills, homesteads and even a “lost” hotel!

Pacific Coast (PC)

PACIFIC COAST (200 points): Where can you find our PCers today? 

What is…riding through the hills on the banks of the Eel River for forty-seven miles! The calves, hammies, and glutes are sore from this lengthy ride as they make their way South! Hurrah! 

PACIFIC COAST (600 points): What are the vibes of the squad at this point of the trek?

What is…ecstatic, excited, eager, eerily enthusiastic, and electrified!   

PACIFIC COAST (1,000 points): How many miles of biking will the squad have ridden at the end of the trip? 

What is…a staggering 603 miles! The campers are going to come back with the legs of an Olympic track star! No lollygagging on this trip!

Pyrenees Mountains and Coast (PMC)

PYRENEES MOUNTAINS AND COAST (200 points): What did the gang do today? 

What is…a transit/rest day! After some much deserved siesta time on the bus, they finally arrived in the mountains! Some of them went grocery shopping while the other crew members got started on their mountains of laundry. There was even a charcuterie board for dessert! The squad is excited for their first Pyrenees hike and Refugi meal tomorrow!  

PYRENEES MOUNTAINS AND COAST (600 points): What does the group dynamic look like at this point in the trip?

What is…socially cohesive, lively, energetic, excitable, and ready to tackle the next couple of days! 

PYRENEES MOUNTAINS AND COAST (1,000 points): How long is the Pyrenees Mountain Range? What do I need to know about it? 

What is…270 miles (430 kilometers)! It stretched from the Mediterranean Sea in the east to the Atlantic Ocean in the west. Many of the mountains in the Pyrenees are more than 9,000 feet (2,740 meters) tall. The highest peak is Pico de Aneto, which rises 11,169 feet (3,404 meters). It also serves as the border between Spain and France!

Vermont to Montreal A (VMA)

VERMONT TO MONTREAL A (200 points): Who let the dogs out and where are they going? 

What is…Apogee Adventures! We let the dogs out! And they skedaddled their way into scenic Burlington, Vermont on a 12 mile ride! The ascension north continues! 

VERMONT TO MONTREAL A (600 points): What are examples of things that are not happening on this VMA trip? 

What is… getting into kerfuffles, giving the leaders malarkey, being nincompoops, and cattywampus bike riding! 

VERMONT TO MONTREAL A (1,000 points): What makes Canada the most unique country in the world? 

What is…having the longest coastline in the world, being home to more than half of the world’s lakes, having a literacy rate of 99 percent, and having the world’s longest national border!

Vermont to Montreal B (VMB)

VERMONT TO MONTREAL B (200 points): What are our VMBers up to today? 

What is…absolutely crushing 28 miles to Shelburne and earning some gorgeous mountain views on the way! Then they played games at camp, made a dent in their mountainous piles of laundry, had a replenishing dinner, and went to bed excited for the next few days of biking! 

VERMONT TO MONTREAL B (600 points): What is the attitude of the campers at this point during the trip?

What is…delighted, inspired, passionate, and happy! 

VERMONT TO MONTREAL B (1,000 points): What lake is home to the oldest fossil reef in the world and a lake monster that is almost 500 million years old?  

What is…Lake Champlain! Legend has it that there is a Loch Ness Monster-esque sea creature named “Champ” that patrols the waters. Our group will be keeping an eye out for it throughout their travels!