Day 40: Coleader Combos

As I’m sure all our cultured and knowledgeable readers know, leadership is very important. That’s why Apogee hires the very best, and why we spend so much time making sure that every leader is paired with their perfect co-leader. Today we asked all of our co-leaders out in the field to submit a “celebrity name”, or a fun combination of their two names. Let’s forge ahead and hope that hilarity ensues!


Maine Coast Junior (MCJA & B)

The Maine Coast Junior A & B trips met in Wakefield today to start an epic, week long journey before the Apogee summer ends. Though they may not know each other now, there is no better bonding experience than a week in nature! Enjoy it kiddos!

The co-leader celebrity names for these two trips are “Raeddy Luckerman” and “Kamichelrin Scroyle” for A and B respectively!

Here is MCJB!

And here is MCJA!

And a bonus picture from MCJ4A of a sunset dip!

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI)

Today our Cape Cod and the Islands-ers put down their surf boards and hopped on their bikes. On their trusted steeds they completed a super solid 24 miles on their way to Provincetown, Massachusetts. Enjoy the views of the Atlantic from your campground tonight, crew!

Co-leader celebrity name: “Taylia Wurtsengreen”

New England Mountains & Coast (NEMC)

The NEMC group packed up and moved to a new campground in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Despite all the travel this morning, the group rallied to do a tough (but not too tough, don’t worry) day hike as they soaked in New England’s natural beauty.

NEMC’s co-leader celebrity name is “Jalex Brantlberg.”

Caribbean Service (CS)

The Caribbean Service crew spent another full day in Vieques today, where they cleaned the cafeteria of a local Viequense elementary school. Thanks for helping guys! Enjoy Vieques! 

Co-leader celebrity name: “Nijole Scmidtison.”

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE)

Our group of writers has gotten the opportunity put pen to paper in their writing session this morning! Surely their fearless leaders are helping them improve their essays thematically, grammatically, metaphorically, figuratively and literally! Hooray for writing! They then headed to the hidden beach by Morse Mountain. What a great day!

It seems that today the leaders taught the kids about repetition, since they submitted the following quote: “BEACH DAY BEACH DAY BEACH DAY BEACH DAY BEACH DAY BEACH DAY BEACH DAY.”

Co-leader celebrity name: “Alec Alvason”

Maine Coast Photo (MCP)

The Maine Coast Photo group woke up early in order to beat the tourist rush at the botanical gardens today. Not only did they get more personalized advice from professional photographer Jaime, they also got the opportunity to take pictures in a butterfly garden! How enchanting… They spent the rest of their day at the hidden beach by Morse Mountain!

The co-leader celebrity name for this trip is “Cladro Millardahan”.

Maine Farm to Table (MFT)

The Maine Farm to Table enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before heading to work on a local farm where they worked for the morning. The afternoon was spent hiking up to the Blueberry Flats and cooling off in a local swimming hole, before heading home for a farm fresh dinner that would tickle anyone’s palate.

Co-leader celebrity name: “Nooyla Harrolly”

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXA)

Our DEX A crew enjoyed an extremely early morning hike in order to see the sunrise from the top of Cadillac mountain. Absolutely stunning. The crew spent the rest of their day preparing for their upcoming backcountry section on the Appalachian Trail. Great work crew!

Co-leader celebrity name: “Grarth Robman”

Maine’s Downeast Explorer (DEXB)

The Downeast Explorer B group hiked out of the backcountry today, and back into the unpredictable and stress-inducing chaos of the real world. Though these fantastic kiddos surely enjoyed the modern pleasures of real life (such as showers), they definitely miss being surrounded by the awe inspiring wilderness of the AT.

Co-leader celebrity name: “Ericia Johuntson”

Vermont to Montréal A (VMA)

The Vermont to Montreal A group crossed an international border on what has been the longest day of their trip so far (33 miles). As these kiddos moved north up Grand Isle and off of Lake Champlain, they say goodbye to the USA and bonjour to rural Quebec. Great job kids!

The co-leader celebrity name for this trip is either “Donorgan Prattore” or “Morgovan Fioratt”… take your pick!

Vermont to Montréal B (VMB)

The VMB squadrant got back on their trusty steel steeds today, as they headed off the sandy shores of Lake Champlain in Burlington. The group took the world’s longest bike causeway (a former railroad that has now been converted into a bike path) all the way to a short ferry ride in the middle of Lake Champlain. Enjoy your last day before you hit Canada, team!

The co-leader celebrity name for this trip is “Less Healogue”.

Costa Rica Language & Service (CRLS)

The Costa Rica Language and Service trip spent the morning in the classroom improving their language skills in an academic setting. The group spent the afternoon doing service with a local senior home, before checking out the natural beauty of the area they have the pleasure of being in.

The co-leader celebrity name for this trip is either “Elizamark Housadams” or “Lizark Adamnhouse”.

Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)

The Costa Rica Mountains and Coast trip had an exciting and action-packed day today, as they packed up their stuff and hiked deep into the Costa Rican jungle. They will be staying with a local family that runs a conservation program, where they will get the authentic Costa Rican jungle experience. They will also get the luxury of eating fresh, home cooked meals over the next few days. What an incredible experience! Now that they’re in the jungle, we won’t get any more photos from this crew for a few days.

California Mountains & Coast (CMCA)

The California Mountains and Coast A group got to enjoy a full day in the Big Basin Redwoods backcountry today, as they lugged food, gear, and clothing through the isolated California wilderness. Enjoy being off the grid while you still can, and relish in the fact that the weight on your shoulders is just your full backpack and nothing more.

California Mountains & Coast (CMCB)

The CMC B team also spent the day unplugged from the real world as they continued on their backcountry section. They can’t send in pictures because of lack of service, but we are anxiously awaiting a glimpse of the beauty of one of California’s most beautiful state parks.

Northwest Explorer (NWXA)

The Northwest Explorer A group got the chance to finally rest up, after what was surely a tough backcountry section in the Cascades. Though this fantastic group of awesome kids didn’t hike today, a lot of their time was spent preparing for the upcoming kayaking portion of their trip, as well as exploring the charming town of Bellingham.

The co-leader celebrity name for this trip is “Cladie”.

Northwest Explorer (NWXB)

The Northwest Explorer B group spent yet another day in the beautiful backcountry of Olympic National Park. Take in the views and enjoy being unplugged from society for a little while NWX B, but most of all keep crushing it like you have been.

Pacific Coast (PCA)

The Pacific Coast A cruised like nobody’s business over 50 miles in what was a relatively easy day of riding for these fit kids. Although they did hit a few steep climbs, they were short and sweet, and our riders easily crested them before getting to their scenic campsite where they will enjoy the sun setting over the Pacific.

The co-leader celebrity name for this trip is “Jessarter Kravanders”.

Pacific Coast (PCB)

After a grueling 60 miles yesterday, the sore but always energetic Pacific Coast B trip enjoyed an extremely well deserved rest day. After sleeping in they enjoyed being lazy in camp and exploring Mendocino, a small town north of San Francisco. Make sure you get some good sleep tonight team – you’ve got another 50 miles tomorrow!

Co-leader celebrity name: “Jace DeWard”

Scottish Highlands (SH)

Our Scottish Highlanders were in for yet more gorgeous hiking as they complete a solid 10 miles on their way to the small lakeside town of Kinlochleven. These hikers are sure to enjoy the views today, as well as the first grocery store they’ve seen in a while.

The co-leader celebrity name for this trip is “Shisa Duliandro”.

Alps Explorer (AXA)

The Alps Explorer A group was treated to what can only be described as “intense” views. We always include a lot of pictures from our Alps squads, but the sheer cliffs, jagged peaks and magnitude of the scale of the views in this part of the world cannot be captured by words or photos. After taking in some of the most beautiful views of the planet, the crew was treated to a 4 course meal at a Rifugio. What a day!

Co-leader celebrity name: “Jareane Ringlebaum”

Alps Explorer (AXB)

The Alps Explorer B group finished their second to last day of walking along the Tour de Mont Blanc today. It was an easy 9 to 10 miles (doesn’t sound that easy to me honestly), and our kiddos absolutely crushed the hiking (even though they had to eat lunch under a tarp to avoid the rain) and got the afternoon to go swimming after the trek! What a great day!

The co-leader celebrity name for this trip is “Sach Merod”.

America Coast to Coast (ACC1)

Take a seat folks, because Apogee’s America Coast to Coast 1 trip has arrived to San Diego and reached the Pacific Ocean. The magnitude of this accomplishment cannot be overstated. After having biked in excess of 2500 miles since dipping their back wheels in the Atlantic, the crew crossed an entire continent! Serious congratulations and kudos from everyone in the Apo-sphere. You guys make us proud.

The co-leader celebrity name for this trip is “Temily Grubeman”.

America Coast to Coast (ACC2)

ACC 2 spent the day riding a super solid 64.5 miles to make it to camp today. The end is in sight for this killer group of kiddos, as they embark on their penultimate day of riding tomorrow morning. Get some rest team! The end is near.

The co-leader celebrity name for ACC2 is either “Tezra Ward-Glusard” or “Sauron” depending on who you ask.