Day 38: Milestones

Greetings, dear Apogee readers, Susie here on this lovely Saturday. It’s another day of big milestones in Apo-land. One of our NWX groups is entering the backcountry while the other strides through its last day on trail, NEMC has arrived on the coast of Maine, Cape Codders have reached Boston, and ACC riders are cruising toward the finish line at unbelievable paces. And of course, everyone else is loving the weather, the trails, the road, and the rivers. Let’s get to those pictures!

CI: Boston bound! This is it, folks, they have arrived! Our Cape Codders did great on their ride up to Provincetown and are now in Boston after a great trip on the bikes! Now, they’ll have time to explore the city and hang out before saying their goodbyes.


NEMC: Phil and Emma’s crew arrived in Brunswick today just in time for the peace fair… they joked with the office that they had painted their van, but alas, not every van can be as beautiful as this one. They also made friends with some oxen before heading to do some gardening for their community service project.


IMG_4075Learning about invasive critters and hydrating at the same time!

VMA: The ride for VMA today is just. so. cool. They rode along a bike trail that used to be a railroad line right between Lake Champlain’s islands. There is even a ferry just for bikes partway through the trail. SO cool. 


VMB: These guys have a day off the bikes today to enjoy Burlington and do some trail maintenance for their community service project. Lookin’ good!


CMC: Even though Jack and CC’s group isn’t in the backcountry yet, their service isn’t good enough at Big Trees to send us pictures. They are just loving the unbelievable forest on a big day hike today, and will get ready for their big hike in Yosemite tomorrow. Exciting!!

CSA: Hannah wrote me this morning, “Quick dip after service work at the Salvation Army!” These guys are loving life, soaking up the sun, and doing great work.


PC: These guys have spotty service as they cruise down the coast to Mendocino, but are feeling good and enjoying the ride. The Redwoods are beautiful, and today they are tackling Leggett Mountain, the highest climb on the US Pacific coast! If we can get a picture later on, we’ll post it.

NWXA: You know the drill, folks, these guys are still in the backcountry! Tonight is the last night, though–we should have some great photography to look forward to!

NWXB: And speaking of the backcountry – that’s just where Mia and Jeremy are headed this afternoon in Olympic National Park. They are so so so excited. Here’s one last pic of the gang before we begin the long wait for the post-hike pictures (on Thursday….):


ACC1: Look at those mountains! These guys are super close to Palm Springs and just two days of riding away from San Diego. How amazing…


ACC2: I got this text from Mike this morning: “62 miles, 3.5 hours. In at 9:00.” Well, folks, I don’t think there is much more to say here. What to do after getting in so early, you ask?

IMG_0443Rest afternoon movie anyone?