Day 37 – And then there were Seven…

Dear Faithful Blog Readers,

This is going to be a fairly abbreviated entry, largely in part because our own Assistant Director, Mike Lessard, is being celebrated for his 24th birthday with a surprise party.  And it starts in minutes!  Should be fun!

Onto the trips:

Our Northwest Explorers are still in the North Cascade Mountains, but emerge tomorrow from the backcountry.   They hopefully will be in touch with news and a picture before we post tomorrow’s blog entry.

TSA – I spoke to Cait today, and their group reached the Mediterranean around 1:30 PM local time!   She said things were great, and that everyone was enjoying some quality time at the beach and in the water.   No picture today, but the leaders will definitely have Wifi when they reach Rome tomorrow.  We’re hoping they can send along a few pictures.  Stay tuned…

Our Cape and the Islanders have made it to Boston.  They’re enjoying AC and comfortable beds tonight at their hostel, and they’re pumped about exploring Boston together by foot tomorrow.

Our PC2A group arrived into Mendocino about 40 minutes ago.   Today they left the California Redwoods for the California coast line.   Tomorrow they’re off the bikes on a sea kayak tour of some coastal sea caves.

PC2B is quickly closing in on their destination tonight near Leggett, CA.   Anna reported that it was hot there today, but that everyone pulled together and did well.   They sent in this shot from this morning in the heart of the Redwoods.  Not sure what is going on below, but clearly they’re impressed by the trees.

CSA spent the day catching some sweet Puerto Rican waves with their professional instructors.  Yar dude!

And last but certainly not least, our Coast to Coasters.   The group entered California yesterday (you can make out the CA & OR on the welcome sign behind them) and had 90+ miles today through the Mojave Desert.   Chad is out there in his rental car slinging water and salty snacks every 10 miles or so.   Typically at this time of year temperatures are well above 100 degrees, but today, with the cloud cover and even some rain, the group enjoyed temperatures in the low 90’s.   Only 3 more days of riding before they hit the Pacific!