Day 36: Attention All Puzzlers!

If you’re anything like this Apo Blog author, your morning is not complete until you solve the “Wordle” (and read the previous day’s blog post, of course…). For those of you poor souls who do not know what I’m talking about, Wordle is a miniature word puzzle that the New York Times publishes each day. The objective is to guess the day’s five-letter word in just six tries; so in the spirit of Wordle, we have assigned each of our groups a five-letter word to sum up their day’s adventures in the wild and wonderful world of Apogee! Enjoy, dear reader (and then give today’s Wordle a shot if you haven’t already).


Maine Coast Junior (MCJ)

The Wordle is… ADIOS!

Today, our MCJers said “adios” to their new Apogee pals and headed homewards. We’ve loved seeing their smiling faces on the blog each day, and we’re so impressed by all that they accomplished in their week together (Community service! Hiking! Kayaking! The list goes on!). We wish them well with the rest of their summers, and we hope to have them join us for Apogee 2023!

Cape Cod & the Islands (CI)

The Wordle is… SHORE!

Our intrepid CI crew continued their journey down the idyllic Massachusetts shore and crushed one of their longest days of riding all trip (25 miles— can you believe it?!). After making it to camp, they enjoyed an afternoon exploring beautiful Provincetown together. This group has loved falling asleep to the sound of waves crashing outside of their tents, but tomorrow they’ll arrive in the bustling city of Boston to celebrate their accomplishments in style!


New England Mountains & Coast A (NEMCA)

The Wordle is…KAYAK!

Today, our NEMCA team sea kayaked around Orr’s Island. In the words of trip leader Carlton, the weather was “perfect” and the group was able to take a dip in a cove about half-way through their paddle! After settling in at tonight’s campground, the group headed into Portland to enjoy their final dinner together and reminisce on the wonderful journey they’ve shared. Cheers to you, NEMCA!

New England Mountains & Coast B (NEMCB)

The Wordle is… BERRY!

Our legendary NEMCBers also got to start their day off with a scenic kayak! After getting their strokes in, the group explored a farmers market (and those with adventurous culinary palates sampled local oysters – pictured below). Afterwards, the group kept the good times rolling with an afternoon of blueberry picking (does it get more quintessentially Maine than that?!). They, too, just enjoyed a delicious final dinner in Portland together. We’ll miss you, NEMCB!

Colorado’s Rocky Mountains (CRM)

The Wordle is… ROCKY!

Our CRM group had a truly wonderful day together— they said a final goodbye to Rocky Mountain National Park, ate a hearty breakfast, and spent their morning doing community service work. In the words of trip leader Dana, “it was a lovely opportunity to give back to a place that has given us so much over the last nine days.” At press time, these smiling faces were heading into Boulder to explore and enjoy their much-anticipated final dinner together. Kudos to you, CRM!

Caribbean Service (CS)

The Wordle is… RIVER!

Today, our CS crew wasn’t afraid to get their hands dirty doing service in Utuado! They helped plant a new garden bed and then were rewarded for their efforts with a tasty, home cooked lunch. Afterwards, they took a dip in the river and capped off the day’s adventures with a talent show!

Maine Coast College Essay (MCCE)

The Wordle is…ESSAY!

Okay, that was a gimme…but true, nevertheless! Today the group printed out drafts of their essays and moseyed on over to Portland. They celebrated each other’s hard work by reading their essays aloud for one another and then enjoyed a final dinner and some ice cream. We know that this group is more than ready to tackle their college applications this fall!

California Mountains & Coast (CMC)

The Wordle is…OCEAN!

Today, our third and final CMC crew assembled in San Francisco! They got to know each other in the van ride up to this evening’s accommodations, and they’re looking forward to sea kayaking in the Pacific Ocean tomorrow. We have a feeling that there are great things in store for this group!

Alaska Mountains & Coast A (AKMCA)

The Wordle is…START!

We can hardly believe it’s trip start day for our AKMCA friends! At press time, the group was assembling in Anchorage and gearing up for their first backcountry excursion tomorrow. We can’t wait for leaders Mac and Molly to snap some pictures of these young adventurers tomorrow!

Alaska Mountains & Coast B (AKMCB)

The Wordle is…BEGIN!

Much like their AKMCA counterparts, the AKMCB crew is meeting up with new trip mates in Anchorage and getting to know one another before they begin their kayak adventure tomorrow! We’ll keep an eye out for pictures from leaders Alex and Nellie, but until then, we’ll try to imagine this group playing games, sitting around the campfire at their first campsite, and snuggling up in their tents for their first night together!

Costa Rica Mountains & Coast (CRMC)

The Wordle is…SLOTH!

Today our CRMC friends explored Manuel Antonio National Park with two fantastic guides, who introduced them to some of the incredible biodiversity that Costa Rica has to offer. Trip leader Andrew reported that the group saw lizards, sloths, birds, insects, and countless other creatures! After finishing their hike, the crew enjoyed some time at the beach, cracked open some fresh coconuts, and played a rousing (but sportsman-like) game of soccer.

Northwest Explorer (NWX)

The Wordle is…RAFTS!

If you guessed that our NWX crew went rafting, you would be spot on! The group hung up their hiking boots for the day and let the white waters whisk them down river. After getting off the water, the team spent the afternoon chilling out back at camp and resting up for their next backcountry section. We likely won’t get pictures of these smiling faces for the next bit as they’ll be out of service, but we look forward to hearing all about their adventures in the mountains!

Pacific Coast (PC)

The Wordle is…GIANT!

Our PC crew spent the day climbing out of Crescent City and have officially entered the land of the redwoods! They will be admiring the giant sequoias of northern California for the next few days as they continue pedaling their way down the Pacific coast. If they’re lucky, they might spot an elk or two near their campground tonight before resting their eyes and legs for another day of riding!


Alps Explorer A (AXA)

The Wordle is…BLANC!

Those die-hard Wordle players among us surely know that per the standard rules of the game, the puzzle’s answer will only ever be an English word; but, if there was ever an occasion to make an exception to said rule, surely it would be to celebrate our AXA crew’s incredible views of the famed Mont Blanc today! This lucky group explored the picturesque town of Chamonix and hiked as the French do (which is to say, with a croissant in each hand!).

Alps Explorer B (AXB)

The Wordle is… HIKER!

Our AXB crew is now a few days into the Tour de Mont Blanc, and it’s safe to say that each group member is officially a tried and true hiker (and they have the quad muscles to prove it)! On today’s journey, they passed by Notre-Dame de la Gorge, a famous pilgrimage chapel in the area. They don’t have service at their campground, but we’re excited to catch a glimpse of their adventures tomorrow!

Pyrenees Mountains and Coast (PMC)

The Wordle is…HELLO!

Folks, it’s Day One of PMC! Our PMCers said “hello” to one another (we would say “hola”, but alas, it does not have five letters…) for the first time in Barcelona today. They traveled to Stiges, enjoyed a “wonderfully cool” swim, explored their first Spanish grocery store, and are now sleeping peacefully at their first campsite. Sweet dreams, PMC!