Day 36: The Bench Warmers are Here!

Good evening dear Blog readers.  Cait and Kevin (the blog bench warmers) are taking the field tonight as our starting line up of Annika, Chad & Shem are all enjoying days off.  How could this be?  Who created the office staff schedule?  Cait was a Math Major at Dickinson College, and Kevin was a Geology Major (also a Dickinson grad – Go Red Devils!).  So in a nut shell, the entertaining and witty commentary that you’ve been reading and enjoying this summer, (always provided by Annika…sometimes by Chad) isn’t our strong suit.  We’re good at calculations but not much more.  So we’re going to let the pictures do the talking this evening.  Enjoy!

CI3:  Our Cape Codders are gearing up for a day of surfing tomorrow, playing in the waves, and enjoying some great beach weather.  Our summer staff photographer, Garrett (affectionately known as Gare-bear), will be joining them, and we’re hoping for some great blog pictures!  Stay tuned.

IMG_6736 IMG_7119

NEMC3:  These guys climbed Mt. Washington yesterday in style.  Nobody gave them strange looks as they were hiking to the top…for true.  Tomorrow is all about rafting the Kennebec River!


VM3:  The Vermonsters continue their northward journey towards Montreal.  Tomorrow morning is kayaking on Lake Champlain with our professional guides, followed by an afternoon spent exploring Burlington by foot.  Not a bad way to spend a day.  For tonight, this crew is looking forward to having breakfast for dinner and sand for dessert (vanilla pudding, vanilla oreos, and gummies)!


CMC3:  These kiddos were busy hiking, napping, stretching, and playing in the sand today.  Emma and Dylan reported a great day out in sunny California, and are looking forward to rafting tomorrow!

IMG_6898 IMG_2992 IMG_1090

 mermaid and merman!


 One of the most beautiful nap spots there is!


CSA3:  Getting their hands dirty!  Will and Lucy’s all-stars spent this morning digging an irrigation ditch as part of one of their many service projects.  Looking good guys!

IMG_8411 IMG_1916 IMG_3136

Our CSAers definitely win best Pelican impersonation of any group…ever!

MSA2:  Our Montana rockstars spent some quality time this morning working at the Blackfeet Boys and Girls Club.  They helped clean up the facilities and also worked with their staff on some upcoming events. Tomorrow they reach Glacier National Park!


NWX2:  Backcountry hiking for these folks. They should be enjoying the splendor of the North Cascades at this very moment.  By Sunday we should have loads of pictures to post.  Until then, stay tuned…

PC2A:  When a challenge ride comes their way, these guys break out face paint to get fired up.  Almost 60 miles today!  Well done team!


PC2B:  Trevor and Kate’s crew spent most of their day volunteering at the Eureka Food for People, Food Bank.  These guys worked hard to help organize, stack, and sort food to make it accessible for those in need.  Well done!


AX2:  CC and Jack’s group is spending their last full day in France today before they ditch the “Bonjour” for “Buongiorno.”  Italy beckons!  No foto di oggi, ma noi stiamo sperando in qualche buona quelle domani (that’s no photos for today, but we’re hoping for tomorrow).

ACC1:  4 More Days of Riding!!  It doesn’t seem possible, but it’s true.  They enter California this afternoon and start their crossing of the Mojave Desert at dawn.  Our ACC support staffer, extraordinaire, Tim Murphy, will be on hand every 10 miles with water and snacks to fuel the group forward.  We’re hoping to post some great pics of their desert ride tomorrow!

IMG_7648 IMG_5416

ACC2:  FINAL REST DAY BEFORE SAN DIEGO!  Sam and Ally’s ACC’ers are chillin’ out, maxin,’ relaxin’, and enjoyin’ some well deserved rest before their final push to the Pacific.  Kevin, who’s writing this, is especially excited to join the crew on Tuesday when they climb out of the desert and into the coastal mountains behind San Diego.  Today these guys are sitting poolside, eating snacks from care packages sent by families and friends (thanks families and friends!!) and making gifts for their Secret Santa’s – grand reveal is tonight!