Day 33: Going All Out

Today CC and Jack are starting their third round of California Mountains and Coast, which means that for one brief day, all 30 of our leaders are on trip. This is the first time that has been the case since much earlier in the summer, and we are thrilled to have so many trips rolling. ECC is just finishing up in Venice while ACC rocks through Arizona and the rest of our trips go all out, enjoying the last few weeks of the Apogee summer to the fullest. Let’s get to it!

NEMC: Phil and Emma’s strong climbers bagged another peak today: Mount Pierce! They enjoyed gorgeous views of the “Prezzys” (the Presidential Range) at the top. Plus, last night was a birthday! Nothing like birthday candles to brighten a night at camp…


CI: Our Cape Cod group will bid Martha’s Vineyard farewell today and head for the lovely island of Nantucket. Despite some ominous forecasts, the crew is stoked to check out Nantucket Center, go for some bike rides, and hit the beach. And they’ll have a roof to sleep under! Here’s a group shot before getting on the ferry:


VMA: Quintessential Vermont. Noah and Rosa’s group took a break from riding to snap this photo in front of a typical Vermont covered bridge. The weather is beautiful and everyone is riding strong!


VMB: Ahhh, lovely. VMB has also been enjoying perfect weather, beautiful lakes, and scenic farmland. There are plenty of opportunities for swimming, and the crew is feeling great. Onward!


DEX: Out of the backcountry! Izzy and John’s team did great on their Appalachian Trail backpack and are now celebrating their successes in Millinocket. They even have a birthday to celebrate in addition! Chris and Cait are driving up right now to join for the Katahdin hike tomorrow. Looks like they’ll be well-nourished and ready to go!


CQA: Ben sent us this picture with the explanation, “learning about the legend of the flying moose.” What would Coast to Quebec be without a little bit of Moose education? And of course, these power-bikers crossed the border into Canada today! Three cheers for a border crossing sign! Bonjour, Canada!

CQA IMG_7263

CQB: Rafting day!! Postyn seems to have found a bit of wi-fi for pictures at the rafting center–the group had donned their whitewater gear and were ready to go bright and early this morning. Tomorrow, Canada!


CMC: Today is the CMC trip start! A good number of the crew is still in-flight, but here’s an airport shot of everyone else waiting. We’ll post a full group picture if we get one later on. These guys can’t wait to get paddling and hiking!


CSA: Today the CSA bunch was working with local students to help clean up a school. They are loving the projects and connecting with other kids on Vieques. And they are rocking Hannah’s JammyPack! …Google it folks, that thing is amazing.


PC: Below we have an assortment of amazing pictures from Ally and Tim’s group…  First, Ninja Surfers and a celebratory SpongeBob pinata from yesterday’s day off the bikes. The biking shot shows the last of the cow pastures as the team rides into the Redwoods–an exciting milestone! And, of course, a demonstration of team berry-picking skills. Rock on!




NWXA: Kelly, Garth, and their fierce group of hikers are out of photo-sending range, but are loving the North Cascades and psyched to head back into the backcountry. This time it’s a slightly longer trip into the backcountry so we might not see pictures for a little bit, but judging from the high quality of the last round, I know we can look forward to some beautiful shots!

NWXB: Mia and Jeremy’s group has been having a ball and are stoked to head out for their sea kayaking portion. They also made a friend “grow-a-turtle” and enjoyed some ice cream yesterday. Here’s a shot of the students reviewing the map for their kayak, plus several of everyone just hangin’ out. Beautiful blue skies!


ACC1: Nothing like nine miles of downhill after several days of climbing! Alexis and Nick’s ACC group is cruising across Arizona and have been rewarded with some serious descending. Don’t these guys look great in their matching jerseys? Tomorrow is their day off in Prescott–the last day off before San Diego! Amazing how far they’ve come.


ACC2: This morning, Mike and McKayla’s group was still climbing…but with weather and scenery this good, they are not complaining! Morale is high with just a few more days until Prescott. Roll the ride! 


ECC: Venezia! This is it, folks, the moment we’ve been waiting for. David and Anna’s crew is basking in their glory and enjoying every minute of their time in beautiful Venice. They have had such an amazing time… saying goodbyes will be sad. But for now, they are just enjoying the canals, the food, and each other’s company. Congrats on a great ride, everyone!